Ricardian equivalence

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  • This note presents the neoclassical growth model in discrete time. The model is based on microfoundations, which means that the objectives of the economic agents are formulated explicitly, and that their behavior is derived by assuming that they always try to achieve their objectives as well as they can: employment and investment decisions by the firms are derived by assuming that firms maximize profits; consumption and saving decisions by the households are derived by assuming that households maximize their utility....

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  • In a simple world of full Ricardian Equivalence, households increase their savings by the present value of future taxes needed to repay government debt. Their desired bond holdings thus rise by the exact increase in government debt issuance. Private consumption declines to offset the increase in public expenditure, leaving GDP unchanged. The long-term interest rate therefore remains constant. 5 In this stylised view, changes of the government debt/GDP ratio should not affect the future path of interest rates, nominal or real, in any way at all.

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  • Chapter 10 Ricardian Equivalence 10.1. Borrowing limits and Ricardian equivalence This chapter studies whether the timing of taxes matters. Under some assumptions it does, and under others it does not. The Ricardian doctrine describes assumptions under which the timing of lump taxes does not matter.

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