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  • The use of literature in foreign language teaching has greatly increased over the past few years. The materials and activities that derive from literary texts are a great aidto learning in that they appeal to the learners’ imagination, increase motivation and,above all, create a rich and meaningful context. Among the techniques available tothe teacher, storytelling is one of the most frequently used, especially with beginnersand false beginners.

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  • The current trend of active retirement is growing. This book shows you what you can do in retirement to make extra cash. Plus, it includes the essentials on getting started, with valuable tips in all areas of business and an extensive resource list. Forget fixed income—yours can grow in 202 ways! Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can’t earn some extra cash.

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  • Th e Handbook of Employee Benefi ts and Administration is one of the fi rst books that comprehensively covers the administration of employee benefi ts in public sector organizations. Th ere is a rich array of chapters from leading scholars and practitioners in the fi eld examining the contextual issues of employee benefi ts, health and retirement benefi ts, fi nancial management and benefi ts, and contemporary issues in employee benefi ts. Th is book is unique as it covers both the social aspects of employee benefi ts and the fi nancial elements.

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  • If you are involved in business training or coaching, this really is the only book you will ever need. Before now, coaching was a muddle of single-model approaches, so finding the right model to get the best results was never certain. In Performance Coaching, Dr. Angus McLeod brings together the fundamentals of all the best practices in coaching and builds up from this foundation. Unlike so many of the coaching books already on the market, this book is for the coaches, not for the clients.

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  • One-dimensional nonlinear systems, although simple in form, are applicable in a surprisingly wide variety of engineering contexts. As models for engineering systems, their richly complex behavior has provided insight into the operation of, for example, analog-to-digital converters [1], nonlinear oscillators [2], and power converters [3]. As realizable systems, they have been proposed as

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  • Mobile robots are the focus of a great deal of current research in robotics. Mobile robotics is a young, multidisciplinary field involving knowledge from many areas, including electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering, computer, cognitive and social sciences. Being engaged in the design of automated systems, it lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, computational vision, and robotics. Thanks to the numerous researchers sharing their goals, visions and results within the community, mobile robotics is becoming a very rich and stimulating area. ...

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  • Over the past several decades a need has arisen to enable humans to communicate with machines in order tocontrol their actions or toobtaininformation. Initial attempts at providing human-machine communications led to the development of the keyboard, the mouse, the trackball, the touch screen, and the joy stick. However, none of these communication devices provides the richness or the ease of use of speech which has been the most natural formof communication between humans for tens of centuries. Hence, a need has arisen to provide a voice interface between humans and machines....

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  • Signals generated by chaotic systems represent a potentially rich class of signals both for detecting and characterizing physical phenomena and in synthesizing new classes of signals for communications, remote sensing, and a variety of other signal processing

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  • This volume is the second of a series, the first of which is "THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH." As that book is intended solely for those who want money, so this is for those who want health, and who want a practical guide and handbook, not a philosophical treatise. It is an instructor in the use of the universal Principle of Life, and my effort has been to explain the way in so plain and simple a fashion that the reader, though he may have given no previous study to New Thought or metaphysics, may readily follow it to perfect health. While retaining all essentials,...

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