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  • "A sincere, intelligent question can make the difference in your life, your work and with all of your relationships. Learn the art of questions, and see how much richer your life will be. Dorothy Leeds will show you the way in The 7 Powers of Questions".

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  • But you know what really makes it sting? They barely even worked for it. The average employed Canadian works 85 hours fewer each year than the average American -- more than two full workweeks. And that may be the lesson that Canada has for the United States: Working 24/7 isn't the road to prosperity, much less happiness, and there are numbers to prove it. In fact, across rich countries, it turns out there's no close link between the average hours people put in at the office and how much they make. So go ahead: Take that vacation...

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  • My research uses the economic approach to analyze social issues that range beyond those usually considered by economists. This lecture will describe the approach, and illustrate it with examples drawn from past and current work. Unlike Marxian analysis, the economic approach I refer to does not assume that individuals are motivated solely by selfishness or gain. It is a method of analysis, not an assumption about particular motivations. Along with others, I have tried to pry economists away from narrow assumptions about self interest.

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  • It should be able to provide the much-needed services, treatment and support to a larger proportion of the nearly 450 million people suffering from mental disorders than they receive at present: services that are more effective and more humane; treatments that help them avoid chronic disability and premature death; and support that gives them a life that is healthier and richer – a life lived with dignity. We can also expect greater financial returns from increased productivity and lower net costs of illness and care, apart from savings in other sector outlays.

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