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  • An enduring challenge in personalized medicine is to select right drug for individual patients. Testing drugs on patients in large clinical trials is one way to assess their efficacy and toxicity, but it is impractical to test hundreds of drugs currently under development.

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  • Genomic analysis of drug response can provide unique insights into therapies that can be used to match the “right drug to the right patient.” However, the process of discovering such therapeutic insights using genomic data is not straightforward and represents an area of active investigation.

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  • The urgent need to ensure the conservation of biological diversity is now widely recognised, but the role of an intellectual property rights regime as an instrument for biodiversity conservation is poorly understood and often hotly debated. This volume is a detailed analysis of the economic and scientific rationales for the use of a property rights-based approach to biodiversity conservation. It discusses the justification for, and implemen- tation of, intellectual property rights regimes as incentive systems to encourage conservation.

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  • Chapter 4, Drug orders. This chapter begins with the seven rights of medication administration, abbreviations, and controlled substances. This chapter shows the various ways in which drug orders may be written and how to interpret physicians’ orders and prescriptions. It emphasizes safety and shows how drug orders and prescriptions can easily be misread, giving added detail to detecting errors and forged or altered prescriptions.

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  • Results of post there was a dramatic rise in the appropriate perception of benefits of implementing right business activities. This rate increased from 34.7% to 59.1% for pharmacists (5-year training) and from 27.1% to 35.8% for intermediate pharmacists (2-year training). Since these changes, there have been increases in percentage of implementation of 06 business activities with the corresponding rates from 33% to 51.4% for pharmacists and from 27.1% to 39.1% for intermediate pharmacists.

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  • Định nghĩa “quan hệ lao động theo ý muốn” (employment at will) Mối quan hệ giữa sa thải bất hợp lý (wrongful discharge), bảo vệ công bằng (just cause) và quy trình đảm bảo công bằng (due process) Quyền tự do ngôn luận của nhân viên (employees’ free speech rights) và an ninh trong việc truy cập hồ sơ nhân viên (access to employees’ records) Các vấn đề về giám sát nơi làm việc (worpkplace monitoring), công tác điều tra của chủ doanh nghiệp (employer investigation), và công tác kiểm tra việc sử dụng chất kích thích (Substance Abuse and Drug testing) Sổ tay...

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  • INTRODUCTION Contrary to popular belief, pharmacy is not limited to counting and dispensing pills. Pharmacy is a rewarding profession in the health care system that involves working closely with doctors and patients. No matter what health field you step into, there will always be a need for pharmacists. They provide their expertise on the composition, use, and manufacturing of a drug, as well as its physiological and chemical interactions. Pharmacy offers flexible work schedules, a broad spectrum of opportunities, direct patient contact, and top salaries right out of college!...

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  • Agree that in consideration of and as a condition of acceptance of my participation in the Event, for myself, my executors and administrators, hereby waive all and any claim, right or cause of action against the Council which I or they might otherwise have, arising out of my injury or loss of any description whatsoever which I may suffer or sustain in the course of or consequence upon my participation or participation in the Event. Understand that while participating in the Event, I agree to abide by any rules; participate with care for other participants and members of the general...

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  • Over the past few decades, research in …nancial economics has taken a high e¤ort to increase the understanding of the volatility patterns of stock market returns. Indeed, good knowledge of return volatility is crucial for portfolio choice, risk management and derivatives asset pricing. Perhaps the most robust empirical regularity of stock return volatility is volatility clustering. As …rst noted by Mandelbrot (1963) when referring to stock market returns, "large changes tend to be followed by large changes, of either sign, and small changes tend to be followed by small changes".

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  • AI refers to several different procedures, all of which involve inserting sperm into a woman’s body, the differences referring to whether the sperm is placed in her vagina, uterus, cervix or fallopian tubes. AI can also be combined with hormonal drugs to stimulate production of multiple eggs to increase likelihood that one of them will be fertilized. AI can be done at home with a syringe or in a medical setting. Sperm used for AI is usually “washed,” which separates the sperm from the semen and eliminates dead or slow sperm and other chemicals that may impair fertilization.

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  • Gender has thus been one of the most politicized issues in Afghanistan over the past 100 years, and attempts at reform have been denounced by opponents as un-Islamic and a challenge to the sanctity of the faith and family. During the years of turmoil, concerns about women's security led to the imposition of ever-stricter interpretations of socially acceptable female behavior, supported by the most conservative reading of the holy scriptures. Despite the rhetoric, women suffered from very serious human rights violations throughout the conflict.

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  • There are multifaceted, complex and inter-related issues underlying both of these phenomena. One area that is gaining attention and being increasingly analyzed and acted upon by grassroots women’s organizations is the interplay of women’s access to, control and ownership of land and housing and HIV. Ownership of housing and land are significant components of a woman’s overall well-being and security.

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  • Latinas stand at a unique historical juncture in the reproductive justice movement. A new wave of Latinas are coming of age, changing the political and social landscape of this country. Without question, Latina civic and political influence will grow exponentially over the next decade, making their involvement and leadership in the reproductive rights movement a prerequisite for success. The need for reproductive justice for Latinas has never been greater.

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  • Biological sciences in nursing has seen a change in status over the last 20 years. As a nurse educator, I became aware that with the introduction of the ‘nursing model’ all signs of biology were banished from the curriculum. Anatomy and physiology were thought to be akin to the ‘medical model’, and as such they fell outside the nurse’s territory. At all costs, nurses had to be seen as autonomous practitioners in their own right.

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  • Socio-Ecological Landscape Units (SELU) are produced in turn from LCFU and other geographical dimensions such as relief, belonging to a river basin, or proximity to the sea. LCFU are agglomerated with a methodology which maps dominant land‑cover types. Large forests or agricultural areas will constitute a SELU in their own right while smaller units will be part of a larger zone characterised by its dominant land cover. The Dominant Land Cover Types are then classified according to river basins and relief classes (e.g. coastal, lowland, highland, mountain).

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  • I am way past grammar school, believe me, but the words “Go look it up” still strike terror in my heart. Not because I do not like to look up new terms—far from it. The problem is that I cannot look up just one! I get side- tracked right away by intriguing entries that I just might want to use someday. In the interest of expediency, it is much easier to have someone tell me the meaning. Medicine has its own unique breed of terms, founded from Greek, Latin, and who knows where else. The cur- rent Stedman’s Medical Dictionary is a two-volume set… a place where I could...

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  • in this i’ll tell you about my own struggles to find the right combination of freedom, money and time. i’ll share some of the lessons about creativity, work and life i learned the hard way. if they are new to you, i hope my words will help you learn them more quickly than i did. but before we go any further i’d just like to clarify what i mean by a ‘creative person’. i mean someone who takes a creative approach to work and life. someone who works hard, but because they love what they do, it doesn’t really feel...

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  • Most women in prison are mothers and usually the primary or sole carer for their children. Research from many countries has shown that, when fathers are imprisoned, the mother usually continues to care for the children. However, when a mother is imprisoned, the father often does not continue to care for the children, resulting in large numbers of children being institutionalized (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2008).

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  • It is also important for banks to adopt a strategy to educate customers about their products and services, empower them to take the right financial decisions and get customers to recommend the bank’ s products and services to friends and family. This will enable banks to extend their reach to prospective customers. It is also critical that banks inform and educate customers about the transformation agenda. This is critical, especially in the event of a temporary service interruption, as the bank progresses on the transformation journey.

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  • The goal of the National Drug Policy is to provide right drugs to the right patients in the right quantity at the right time and affordable prices. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH&SW) has been making effort to achieve this goal through various ways including receiving donations from various donors during emergency situation or as development aid. Unfortunately, there have been no official guidelines to assist the donors and recipients on Good Donation Practices.

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