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  • This work employs ANSYS fluent CFD tool to calculate thrust generated a rotor covered by a ring surface using in UAV. The aim of this paper is to characterize the effects of geometry parameters of the ring surface such as diameter and height on the thrust of the rotor.

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  • The microstrip ring resonator was first proposed by P. Troughton in 1969 for the measurements of the phase velocity and dispersive characteristics of a microstrip line. In the first 10 years most applications were concentrated on the measurements of characteristics of discontinuities of microstrip lines. Sophisticated field analyses were developed to give accurate modeling and prediction of a ring resonator. In the 1980s, applications using ring circuits as antennas, and frequency-selective surfaces emerged...

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  • The mechanical strength of Zircaloy-4 increased with the formation of the ODS layer. The ring-tensile strength of Zircaloy-4 increased from 790 to 870 MPa at room temperature, from 500 to 575 MPa at 380C, and from 385 to 470 MPa at 500C. Strengthening became more effective as the test temperature increased. It was noted that brittle fracture occurred at room temperature, which was not observed at elevated temperatures.

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  • This paper presents some research results to determine the impact of grinding parameters on grinding wheel’s wear and part’s accuracy in grinding profile for ball bearing's inner ring groove. Firstly, the distribution diagrams of part’s tolerance zone and grinding wheel’s wear at different cutting conditions has been used to determine important outputs in the profile grinding process for the inner ring groove of the ball bearing.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về lâm nghiệp được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp Original article đề tài: Solar activity, global surface air temperature anomaly and pacific decadal oscillation recorded in urban tree rings...

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  • The paper presents the results of research and application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIT) to predict part’s surface roughness value, part’s oval level value and grinding stone’s wear value in grinding profile for ball bearing's inner ring groove according to parameters such as normal feet rate, the speed of part, the depth of cutting and the number of grinding parts in a grinding cycle.

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  • In this study, the fifteen isolates of Trichoderma were obtained from rhizospheric soil samples of rice, soybean and mungbean from various locations of Pantnagar and Dehradun. These isolates were characterized based on their cultural and morphological characteristics. The cultural characteristics like colony colour, presence or absence of concentric rings, surface topography, pigmentation on the lower side of the plate, time of first appearance of green conidia and their growth at various temperatures were determined on the basal medium Potato Dextrose Agar.

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  • Infiltration is a dynamic process, variable in time and space and plays a vital role in the replenishment of soil water which is responsible for the growth and development of crops. Modelling of infiltration equation involves in finding out coefficients in the expressions for the curves infiltration rate and accumulated infiltration verses time and other parameters. The present study is aimed at determining the best fit infiltration model.

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  • A Carpentier annuloplasty ring was sutured. With the ring in position, the chordae were retrieved from the ventricle, and both needles were woven into the prolapsing segment, straddling the point of maximal prolapse. Two or three bites were taken through the coaptation surface to the line of coaptation. The two arms of the suture were tied on the atrial surface with a slip-knot to bring the leaflet to the annular plane, and a clip was placed across the knot. Pericardial pledgets could be used if the leaflet tissue seems fragile.

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  • The seat or seal rings provide the seating surface for the disk. In some designs, the body is machined to serve as the seating surface and seal rings are not used. In other designs, forged seal rings are threaded or welded to the body to provide the seating surface. To improve the wear-resistance of the seal rings, the surface is often hard-faced by welding and then machining the contact surface of the seal ring. A fine surface finish of the seating area is necessary for good sealing when the valve is closed.

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  • A gate valve is a linear motion valve used to start or stop fluid flow; however, it does not regulate or throttle flow. The name gate is derived from the appearance of the disk in the flow stream. Figure 4 illustrates a gate valve. The disk of a gate valve is completely removed from the flow stream when the valve is fully open. This characteristic offers virtually no resistance to flow when the valve is open. Hence, there is little pressure drop across an open gate valve. When the valve is fully closed, a disk-to-seal ring contact surface exists for 360°, and good sealing is...

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  • Fornaro et al. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2010, 5:50 TECHNICAL NOTE Open Access An interactive surgical planning tool for acetabular fractures: initial results Jürgen Fornaro1, Marius Keel2, Matthias Harders3, Borut Marincek1, Gábor Székely3, Thomas Frauenfelder1* Abstract Background: Acetabular fractures still are among the most challenging fractures to treat because of complex anatomy, involved surgical access to fracture sites and the relatively low incidence of these lesions.

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  • Due to decreasing muscle tone the jowls may begin to sag, leading to a "double chin". Nose may lengthens slightly and may look more prominent. The ears may lengthen slightly in some women. The eyebrows and eyelashes become gray. The skin around the eyelids becomes loose and wrinkled, often making a "crow's feet" pattern. The eye socket loses some of its fat pads, making the eyes look sunken and limiting eye movement. The lower eyelids may appear baggy, and drooping eyelids are fairly common. The outer surface of the eye (cornea) may develop a grayish-white ring called arcus corneus or...

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  • Several proteins that interact with cell surface glycolipids share a common fold with a solvent-exposed aromatic residue that stacks onto a sugar ring of the glycolipid (CH–pstacking interaction). Stacking interactions between aromatic residues (p–pstacking) also play a pivotal role in the assembly pro-cess, including many cases of amyloid fibril formation.

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  • Split wedge gate valves, as shown in Figure 7, are of the ball and socket design. These are self-adjusting and self- aligning to both seating surfaces. The disk is free to adjust itself to the seating surface if one-half of the disk is slightly out of alignment because of foreign matter lodged between the disk half and the seat ring. This type of wedge is suitable for handling noncondensing gases and liquids at normal temperatures, particularly corrosive liquids.

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  • The* paper presents the results of research and application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIT) to predict part’s surface roughness value, part’s oval level value and grinding stone’s wear value in grinding profile for ball bearing's inner ring groove according to parameters such as normal feet rate, the speed of part, the depth of cutting and the number of grinding parts in a grinding cycle.

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  • The present study was conducted on the cervical vertebrae of three adult emu birds. The vertebrae were 17 in number. The atlas was ring shaped, the body of the axis presented anteriorly, a triangular dens and short thick transverse processes laterally and whose root presented a large foramen transversarium. There was a gradual increase in the length of the body of cervical vertebrae from third to seventeenth. The anterior end of the bodies showed a transversely concave and dorso-ventrally convex articular surface, while the posterior end showed a reverse condition.

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  • Mycoplasmas are one of the smallest bacteria and are divided into two groups, haemotropic and non-haemotropic mycoplasmas. Hemotrophic mycoplasmas (hemoplasmas) are uncultivable cell wall-less bacteria, previously known as Haemobartonella and Eperythrozoon species. They are gram-negative, obligate red cell parasites and it is considered as pleomorphic. They can be seen as rod, spherical, or ring-shaped organisms and are found individually or in chains across the red cell surface. Hemoplasmas can cause acute hemolytic anemia in dogs and cats.

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  • The present study was carried out on the third to fifteenth coccygeal vertebrae of six specimens of adult Blue bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus) of either sex. The Cy3-Cy6 presented complete arches and spinous processes. The transverse processes and cranial non-articular processes were present in Cy3-Cy6 and then reduced in caudal part of the series. The transverse processes were found to be plate like that were directed downward, backward and exceeded beyond the level of the posterior articular surface of the body in Cy3.

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  • Papaya is attacked by several diseases like, anthracnose, powdery mildew, black spot, brown spot and papaya ring spot. Among the emerging diseases in papaya, black spot disease caused by Asperisporium caricae is most lethal. Both leaves and fruit of papaya can be affected by the black leaf spot caused by Asperisporium caricae. The fruits were affected on the surface, reducing the fresh-market value. This disease can affect papaya plants at any stage of their growth. Periods of wet weather may increase the development of the disease.

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