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  • As more and more firms start to do business internationally, multinational rivalry1 has naturally emerged as a field of interest among researchers in different disciplines (Ghoshal, 1987). Consequently, a large body of work has explored topics such as market entry (Buckley & Casson, 1998; Davis, Desai, & Francis, 2000), foreign direct investment (FDI) (Graham, 1990; Knickerbocker, 1973) and technology diffusion (Gupta & Govindarajan, 2000; Kim & Kogut, 1996) of multinational enterprises (MNEs).

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Concepts strategic management" has contents: Strategic management and strategic competitiveness, business level strategy, competitive rivalry and competitive dynamics, merger and acquisition strategies, the internal organization - resources, capabilities, core competencies, and competitive advantages,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Strategic management" has contents: Strategic management and strategic competitiveness; the external environment - opportunities, threats, industry competition, and competitor analysis; competitive rivalry and competitive dynamics; acquisition and restructuring strategies,...and other contents...and other contents.

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  • The history of football is the story of rivalry and opposition. Indeed, the binary nature of football, involving rival teams and opposing identities, precedes the modern game of ‘association football’ (or ‘soccer’) and its codification in 1865. During the Middle Ages, the various European forms of ‘football’ were often violent affairs involving rival social groups (Magoun, 1938).

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  • Chapter 5 - Competitive dynamics. Studying this chapter should provide you with the strategic management knowledge needed to: Define competitors, competitive rivalry, competitive behavior, and competitive dynamics; describe market commonality and resource similarity as the building blocks of a competitor analysis; explain awareness, motivation, and ability as drivers of competitive behavior;...

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  • CASE The Personal Computer Industry in 1998 Introduction The Macroenvironment The Demographic Environment The Political Environment The Social/Cultural Environment Technological Developments The Global Environment Assessing the Impact of the General Environment The Competitive Environment The Five Forces Model of Industry Attractiveness Threat of New Entrants Bargaining Power of Buyers Bargaining Power of Suppliers The Nature of Rivalry in the Industry Threat of Substitutes Strategic Groups and the Industry Environment Defining the Strategic Group Strategic Groups in the Personal Computer ...

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  • There are awfully many introductory expositions of economics available. Why bother to write another? Well, think of economics as a gigantic architecture with deep cellar vaults and high towers. It has gorgeous dining halls, remote chambers, and balconies that allow breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. In this allegory, the author of a textbook is a guide and the readership a group of visitors taken on a tour of the complex. The architecture is large and the time the visitors may spend is short (moreover, they are easily bored and tire fast).

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  • Trong các loài hoa cắt hiện nay, chỉ đứng sau hoa hồng, hoa cúc là một trong những loại hoa được ưa chuộng và trồng phổ biến ở nước ta (Linh Xuan Nguyen, 1998). Hoa cúc được ưa chuộng bởi sự đa dạng về chủng loại và màu sắc; phong phú về kiểu dáng, khá bền và phù hợp với nhiều mục đích sử dụng. Hơn thế, cây cúc được điều kiển ra hoa để tạo nguồn sản phẩm hàng hoá liên tục và ổn định quanh năm (John, Harold, 1999).

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  • Most expressions can be used in different tenses with different people or things. For example, the expression "to put to rest" can be used in the present, "1 want to put it to rest," in the future, "he will put his argument to rest," or in the past, "they finally put their rivalry to rest."

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  • Be sold to a dog trader - beaten with strong club The death of Curly Be sold to Francois & Perrault (mail carriers)- learn to survive Fierce rivalry between Buck and Spitz - lead dog Makes record time – exhausted Be sold to Hal, Charles & Mercedes (gold hunters) =Awful situation

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  • The first group had their curiosity satisfied fairly early. A year later, however, the cyber position remains unfilled, even though there’s been enormous activity around the issue of cyber security: international incidents, the establishment of Cyber Command, inter-service rivalries and related budgetary maneuvers, a constant roster of Beltway conferences and task-forces…. Through it all, information-security and network-security professionals kept their heads glued to their screens, working.

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  • The purpose of this book is twofold. We realise to-day, as never before, that the fortunes of the world, and of every individual in it, are deeply affected by the problems of world-politics and by the imperial expansion and the imperial rivalries of the greater states of Western civilisation. But when men who have given no special attention to the history of these questions try to form a sound judgment on them, they find themselves handicapped by the lack of any brief and clear resume of the subject. I have tried, in this book, to provide such a summary,...

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  • We realise to-day, as never before, that the fortunes of the world, and of every individual in it, are deeply affected by the problems of world-politics and by the imperial expansion and the imperial rivalries of the greater states of Western civilisation. But when men who have given no special attention to the history of these questions try to form a sound judgment on them, they find themselves handicapped by the lack of any brief and clear resume of the subject.

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  • ENGR AV ING is one of the fine arts, and in this beautiful family has been the especial handmaiden of painting. Another sister is now coming forward to join this service, lending to it the charm of color. If, in our day, the "chromo" can do more than engraving, it cannot impair the value of the early masters. With them there is no rivalry or competition. Historically, as well as æsthetically, they will be masters always. Everybody knows something of engraving, as of printing, with which it was associated in origin. School-books, illustrated papers, and shop windows are the...

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  • Sometimes single events alter the course of history; other times, a chain reaction of seemingly lesser occurrences changes the path of nations. The intense rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union that emerged immediately after World War II (1939–45) followed the second pattern. Known as the Cold War, the rivalry grew out of mutual distrust between two starkly different societies: communist Soviet Union and the democratic West, which was led by the United States and included Western Europe....

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  • I believe it was the 1992 season while doing a Saturday College Football ESPN scoreboard show when Tim Brando decided to nickname me the “Pony. ” Brando ’ s one of the more talented announcers I ’ ve ever worked with. He ’ s full of bull most of the time, but he loves college football — and that passion comes across to the fans. I guess Tim fi gured that since I played for the SMU Mustangs and that my teammate Eric Dickerson and I were referred to as “ the Pony Express, ” my new name should be the Pony. The name stuck and has paved...

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  • In 1999, I was exactly where you may be right now. I decided to give the whole “fantasy football” thing a try, even though I had no idea how to play. Back then, the online version of the game was just starting to take off, and Yahoo! just began offering its free league services. I did a bit of research and talked to a few buddies about strategy, but I mainly learned the game through trial and error(s). I had no definitive resource guide to help me get off to a good start in my fantasy football career....

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  • Another major global trend – and one not easily controlled – is the global rise in temperature. Most debates are currently focused on the extent of human agency and on the nature of the causes of climate change. Should climate change have the effects popularly predicted – by no means a fait accompli – then geostrategy will return as an important factor in interna- tional politics.

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  • This is the story of an event that exploits violence and promotes extravagantly irresponsible and destructive behavior among the persons who attend it. Thousands upon thousands of football fans from two states, their brains united into a single altered state, arrive annually at the Cotton Bowl stadium, bellowing exhortations for the spillage of blood. The Texas- Oklahoma game, which now has been conducted one hundred times, and all that surrounds it, has arisen into the manliest of spectacles and is genuinely about as politically incorrect as you can get.

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  • Moe Gibson stood alone, facing his locker, bawling like a baby. He had already removed his shoulder pads and the navy blue jersey emblazoned on both sides with No. 22, the one with his surname printed in large capital letters on the reverse and “Villanova,” in smaller type, along the front. Gibson, by now the only person remaining in the university’s spacious football locker room, cried for the name on the back of the jersey, and he cried for the name on the front.

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