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  • Many of the images reveal inaccessible places that few have seen and record animal behavior that has never been filmed or photographed before. With the help of this highly advanced technology and the world's premier wildlife photographers, the book takes us on a spectacular journey from the world's greatest rivers and impressive gorges, to its mightiest mountains, hidden caves and caverns, and vast deserts.

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  • Two hundred years ago, Lewis and Clark led their “Corps of Discovery” on an unprecedented expedition to explore the vast dimensions of the nation’s longest and largest river basin—the Missouri. Their central charge was to seek a water route to the Pacific Ocean to support commerce and development. Since those early days, the Missouri River and its tributaries have occupied a unique place in United States history.

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  • Leave Port Essington. Clarence Strait. Hope Inlet. Shoal Bay. Land for Observations. Explore a new Opening. Talc Head. Port Darwin. Continue Exploration. Mosquitoes and Sandflies. Nature of the Country. Its parched appearance. Large ant's nest. Return to Shoal Bay. Visit from the Natives. Remarks. Their teeth perfect. Rite of Circumcision. Observations on the Migrations of the Natives. Theory of an Inland Sea. Central Desert. Salt water drunk by Natives. Modes of procuring water. Survey the harbour. Natives on a raft. Anecdote. Bynoe Harbour. Well. Brilliant Meteors. Natives on Point Emery.

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  • From the early explorers onwards, visitors to the Arctic and to Antarctica have commented with great interest on the presence of lakes, wetlands, and fl owing waters. These environments encompass a spectacular range of conditions for aquatic life, from dilute surface melt ponds, to deep, highly stratifi ed, hypersaline lakes.

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  • This volume presents the narrative, from my point of view, of an important government expedition of nearly forty years ago: an expedition which, strangely enough, never before has been fully treated.

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  • As captivating now as it was more than four centuries ago, the reign of Elizabeth I—with its scandal, intrigue, and resilience—has sparked the imaginations of generations. In her sweeping historical debut, Ella March Chase explores a…

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  • MUH-HE-KUN-NE-TUK—the River That Flows BothWays. Native Americans revered the river and defined themselves by it for at least twelve millennia. Early European explorers and colonists renamed it many times: Mauritius; River of the Mountains; North River; Hudson River. It has been called America’s Rhine. Those who have lived or traveled along it, worked upon it, defended it, or simply beheld it, have valued this river out of all proportion to its meager 315 mile length.

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  • I cannot allow these volumes to go before the public, without expressing my thanks to the following gentlemen for assistance, afforded to me in the course of the composition of this work: To Captain Beaufort, R.N., F.R.S., Hydrographer to the Admiralty, for his kindness in furnishing me with some of the accompanying

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  • The aim of the present study was to explore the effects of health education program, related to the identification of healthy and unhealthy nutritional habits, physical activities and hygiene in children 4-5 years of age. Method and material: 125 children participated in an education program for a period of two months. For data collection, a specialized protocol was constructed with pictures in order to evaluate the children’s knowledge about healthy behavior before and after the implementation of the education program.

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  • Macroeconomic Principles (3-4 semester credits) Students address classical models of macroeconomic thought in assessing the economy as a whole and the critical factors impacting economic problems. Topics evaluate the works of economists such as John Maynard Keynes and others and investigate how overall levels of employment, production and growth are determined in an economy and of how interactions among nations influence activity worldwide.

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  • This course investigates theory and practice of financial management from a corporate perspective. Topics cover financial management objectives, principles of capital investment, project evaluation techniques, capital structure decisions, financing techniques, dividend policy, working capital management and elements of risk management.

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  • Prior to a trip to Canada, many think about a country with tremendously large areas containing some of the world’s most beautiful nature. Expansive forests, great lakes, roaring rivers and high mountains. True, this is all a big part of Canada’s trademark, but a number of cultural experiences await in the Canadian cities. Everything from small villages on the prairie, where only grain silos break the horizon, to modern cities with millions of inhabitants offering a hectic and, very lively, cultural milieu….

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  • IFA (“Institutions for Floods in Asia”) project focuses on institutional dimension of river floods risk reduction in the Asian countries that along with structural approaches constitutes the core in human responses to floods. IFA aggregates and compares results of country-based research in order to further explore the problem How to strengthen capacities and performance of institutions to reduce flood risks. Rich evidence for testing IFA approaches is provided from recent case-studies of big river floods in Bangladesh, Burma/Myanmar, Japan, Russia,......

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  • For this, credit is due to a set of economists and water quality engineers who were actively exploring the application of taxes to the problems of large, polluted watersheds. In the mid-1960s, large studies of the Delaware River Estuary were undertaken to assess, among other things, the desirability of using effluent charges to control pollutants. In 1967, Johnson reported that a “zoned” effluent charge program (where different tax levels were applied in different zones along the estuary) would cost half as much as a “uniform treatment” regulation.

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  • Imagine the North American wilderness as the explorers Lewis and Clark saw it: forests thick with chestnut trees in the East, prairies teeming with bison and rivers overflowing with salmon in the West. Now picture the continent today: superhighways link colossal cities, suburbs stretch farther and farther into the countryside, industrial farmland goes on for miles, and a few patches of greenery and a national park or two break up the monotony.

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  • Explore the Montana Pole Superfund site. • Examine methods for treatment of PCP contaminated soils and waters. • Explore the history, science and risk issues surrounding the Hudson River, NY PCB contamination.

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  • This book explores a relatively small, but interesting and anomalous, region of Alberta between the North Saskatchewan and the Battle Rivers. The Beaver Hills arose where mountain glaciers from the west met continental ice-sheets from the east. An overview of the hills’ physiography helps us to grasp the complexity and diversity of landscapes, soil types, and vegetation communities. Ecological themes, such as climatic cycles, ground water availability, vegetation succession and the response of wildlife, and the impact of fires, shape the possibilities and provide challenges to those who...

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  • In spite of many pleasant summers spent at Murray Bay one had never thought of it as having a history. The place and its people seemed simple, untutored, new. Some of the other summer residents talked complacently even of having discovered it. They had heard of Murray Bay as beautiful and had gone to explore this unknown country. When this bold feat was performed there was abundant recompense. Valley, mountain, river and stream united to make Murray Bay delightful. The little summer community grew.

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  • The writer came to Queensland two years before separation, and shortly afterwards took part in the work of outside settlement, or pioneering, looking for new country to settle on with stock. Going from Bowen out west towards the head of the Flinders River in 1864, he continued his connection with this outside life until his death in 1899. Many of the original explorers and pioneers were known to him personally; of these but few remain.

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