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Role of communications

Xem 1-20 trên 450 kết quả Role of communications
  • Lecture Mosby's paramedic textbook (4th ed) - Chapter 5: EMS communications. In this chapter you will learn about the following: Outline the phases of communications that occur during typical emergency medical services (EMS) event, describe the role of communications in EMS, outline the basic model of communication, define common EMS communications terms,...and other contents.

    pdf36p tieu_vu03 04-09-2018 7 0   Download

  • "International Business - Chapter 4: The Role of Culture" discuss the primary characteristics of culture, describe the various elements of culture and provide examples of how they influence international business, identify the means by which members of a culture communicate with each other.

    ppt32p theanhdth 10-10-2014 65 9   Download

  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: A realist evaluation of the role of communities of practice in changing healthcare practice

    pdf6p toshiba22 22-11-2011 17 2   Download

  • To help you specialized Agriculture - Forestry - Fishing with more data in the process of learning and working, you are invited to consult the thesis "The role of the community in irrigation management" below. Hopefully document useful service for you.

    pdf0p minhphamqb 03-12-2015 16 2   Download

  • At present, there seems to be a global consensus on the importance and inevitable roles of NTPFs. Despite this fact, there are also numerous problems that need to be considered in order to enhance the many positive roles of NTFPs. Among the problems are declining natural stocks, policies unconducive to environment al protection and poor access to "fair" market.

    pdf10p thaodien102 16-11-2015 25 1   Download

  • Foreigners learning Vietnamese often ask the question if there is a Vietnamese word which is equivalent to 'please‘ in English. An analysis of strategies for translating the word 'please‘ in the Vietnamese translations of the two novels The Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire shows that there is more than one way to say 'please' in Vietnamese language. This study indicates that the choice of strategies depends on the context and the role of communication of interlocutors.

    pdf10p jangni 13-04-2018 17 1   Download

  • The industrialist cannot make higher investment due to inadequate saving or they may fail to raise the fund, so the commercial banks and financial institutions lead them by lending money for them. Author wants to present the exhaustive review on the role of expert system in Banking Sector with special reference to loan evaluation for the large scale industries.

    pdf4p hongnhan878 12-04-2019 6 0   Download

  • The goals of this chapter are: To understand the basic elements of the communication process and the role of communication in marketing; to examine various models of the communication process; to analyse the response processes of receivers of marketing communication, including alternative response hierarchies and their implications for integrated marketing communication planning and strategy;...

    ppt51p shiwo_ding8 26-06-2019 3 0   Download

  • Huaqun Guo has introduced the emerging areas of vehicular networks in the forms of Intra-Vehicle, Vehicleto- Vehicle, and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications and edited this new book to reflect the advance information technologies that shape the modern automobiles. These new technologies on automotive informatics and communicative systems will enable a variety of applications for safety, traffic efficiency, driver assistance, as well as infotainment to be incorporated into modern automobile designs...

    pdf50p 123859674 02-07-2012 93 17   Download

  • We argue that the machine translation community is overly reliant on the Bleu machine translation evaluation metric. We show that an improved Bleu score is neither necessary nor sufficient for achieving an actual improvement in translation quality, and give two significant counterexamples to Bleu’s correlation with human judgments of quality. This offers new potential for research which was previously deemed unpromising by an inability to improve upon Bleu scores.

    pdf8p bunthai_1 06-05-2013 30 1   Download

  • After studying this chapter students will be able to: Explain how rules are used to facilitate communication, explain the role of protocols and standards organizations in facilitating interoperability in network communications, explain how devices on a LAN access resources in a small to medium-sized business network.

    pdf41p youcanletgo_01 29-12-2015 11 1   Download

  • Village conventions also bound individuals to organizations as well as connected organizations together. Every member of the village took part in many different institutions and they had a responsibility to abide by regulations of those institutions. Village conventions regulated both responsibilities of some organizations and “sorts of people” towards the village community.

    pdf15p thanos1 16-05-2018 18 1   Download

  • Family line plays an important role in forming Vietnamese culture, and remembering as well as praying for the anscestor are regular activities of Vietnamese people. This article describes and analyzes the customs of worshipping in Vietnamese family, the embedded belief in the course, rituals of building a cemetery a death anniversary. This characteristic has changed dramatically the historical course of the country, resulting in a formation of a specific culture of community of people with the same blood. Conservation of the culture therefore becomes very neccessary.

    pdf10p thanos1 17-05-2018 11 0   Download

  • This study examines the role of different knowledge economy components in economic growth as well as the simultaneous effects of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure, education, and innovation on economic growth of selected Asian countries over the 1990–2014 period, using Driscoll-Kraay estimation method and seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) and three stage least squares (3SLS).

    pdf28p danhnguyentuongvi27 18-12-2018 5 0   Download

  • The main objective of this research is to clarify the role of the scientific and technological information stations as “digital bridges” among regions in Dong Nai province. As mentioned in the introduction and background, the researcher decided to conduct this study with the following purposes.

    pdf19p thiendiadaodien_6 12-02-2019 4 0   Download

  • While the results of analysis indicate that private universities/colleges (subsequently abbreviated to PTS) under Coordinating Body for Private Colleges (subsequently referred to as Kopertis) Region V of Yogyakarta have implemented SMA, they have not fully considered the contingency factors. Strategic-type contingency factors and market orientation have significant effect on SMA at 5% and 10%, respectively. On the contrary, Deliberate Strategy has no significant effect on SMA in PTSes under Kopertis of Region V of Yogyakarta.

    pdf5p byphasse043256 22-03-2019 5 0   Download

  • his paper focuses on the feasibility, advantages and disadvantages of making use of contemporary WAN optimization technologies to overcome the challenges of degrading the performance of TCP in Ad-Hoc Networks. Moreover, the paper will also highlight the significance of the use of Ad-hoc networks by end users in accessing various cloud based services.

    pdf6p byphasse043256 23-03-2019 12 0   Download

  • At the beginning of work helping people hone communication skills, I was met with a lot of skepticism. People do not appreciate the initiative to escape from the boredom. But then I receive confidential calls for help from someone who has a good reputation.Communication is an active process of information exchange between the speaker and the listener to achieve a certain purpose. Typically, communication through three states: 1. Exchange information, contact psychology 2. Mutual understanding, 3. Impact and influence each other....

    pdf175p hoanganhquangninh 10-11-2011 189 108   Download

  • This book presents a high level technical overview of the emerging technologies o optical communications and networking systems. It is intended as an introduction to the field for optical communication systems or network professionals, such as higher degree research students, academics and design engineers. Although it is intended for professionals who already have some technical background, it is nevertheless relevan to anyone wishing to understand optical communication systems or networks....

    pdf232p contentnew 12-04-2012 237 34   Download

  • OSI Transport Layer. In this chapter, we examine the role of the Transport layer. The Transport layer also encompasses these functions: Enables multiple applications to communicate over the network at the same time on a single device. Ensures that, if required, all the data is received reliably and in order by the correct application. Employs error handling mechanisms. Learning Objectives–Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to: Explain the need for the Transport layer.

    pdf47p thanhtung_hk 03-11-2010 95 26   Download


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