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  • This paper attempts to discuss the role of Community based, nongovernmental and private institutions for the management of municipal solid waste in Kathmandu Valley. It is based on secondary information available from different sources. Studies reveal that private institutions, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Non Governmental Organizations are collecting about 60% of the total waste generated within Kathmandu Valley from door-to-door of the generators. These institutions are also contributing to reduce about 40% of the municipal cost for the collection of waste.

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  • The specific research methods of this include an analysis–synthesis method, a logical - historical method, a comparative method to present scientific arguments about Ho Chi Minh's point of view. The Communist Party of Vietnam can apply this view to improve the efficiency of community policing in the future, such as raising awareness of cadres and party members about the importance and the role of community policing.

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  • Lecture Mosby's paramedic textbook (4th ed) - Chapter 5: EMS communications. In this chapter you will learn about the following: Outline the phases of communications that occur during typical emergency medical services (EMS) event, describe the role of communications in EMS, outline the basic model of communication, define common EMS communications terms,...and other contents.

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  • "International Business - Chapter 4: The Role of Culture" discuss the primary characteristics of culture, describe the various elements of culture and provide examples of how they influence international business, identify the means by which members of a culture communicate with each other.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: A realist evaluation of the role of communities of practice in changing healthcare practice

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  • To help you specialized Agriculture - Forestry - Fishing with more data in the process of learning and working, you are invited to consult the thesis "The role of the community in irrigation management" below. Hopefully document useful service for you.

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  • At present, there seems to be a global consensus on the importance and inevitable roles of NTPFs. Despite this fact, there are also numerous problems that need to be considered in order to enhance the many positive roles of NTFPs. Among the problems are declining natural stocks, policies unconducive to environment al protection and poor access to "fair" market.

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  • Foreigners learning Vietnamese often ask the question if there is a Vietnamese word which is equivalent to 'please‘ in English. An analysis of strategies for translating the word 'please‘ in the Vietnamese translations of the two novels The Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire shows that there is more than one way to say 'please' in Vietnamese language. This study indicates that the choice of strategies depends on the context and the role of communication of interlocutors.

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  • The current paper was a quantitative study examining the mediating role of E-WOM when it comes to content marketing and its connection with green purchasing intentions in Jordan. The underpinning theory in this study was the social communication (SC) theory. A survey questionnaire was used to collect relevant data, after being distributed to the general managers.

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  • The industrialist cannot make higher investment due to inadequate saving or they may fail to raise the fund, so the commercial banks and financial institutions lead them by lending money for them. Author wants to present the exhaustive review on the role of expert system in Banking Sector with special reference to loan evaluation for the large scale industries.

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  • The Vietnam revolutionary reality shows that the power of national solidarity including religious solidarity was promoted and it brought success of the revolution. Beside pointing out the role of religions, this article focuses on analysing the religious values in connecting community and society, in building society in general and Vietnam society in particular. Based on the data, the author proposes the basic tasks of the religious policy of the Communist Party of Vietnam and State in order to reach success in the national innovation at present.

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  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra, a planned scheme of Indian Council of Agricultural Research plays vital role by organizing various mandatory programmes to the women for their empowerment in respect of knowledge and adoption of technology for the augmentation of crop production, food security, livelihood security, etc. KVK emphasizes on women empowerment through formation and functioning of SHG and providing training on entrepreneurial training which helps them to develop self confidence, attitude, motivation, economic independence, decision making, leadership, social mobility, etc.

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  • Until now, there is no adequate definition of specific indications of an early and priority request for chest CT. To reveal and identify the number of community acquired pneumonia (CAP) under diagnosed by chest X-ray (CXR) and uncovered by CT-scan (CTS) in Lebanese hospitalized adult patients.

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  • The purpose over this study remains to offer a theoretical basis aimed at the training of communication throughout the organizational change. Though a durable attention over analyzing communication through the organizational change is noticed, there is little practical study on the subject. Through this theoretical study a framework is offered in which how to study communication through organizational change and how it can stop resistance to change.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to provide a conceptual framework for the study of communication during organisational change. Although there is an enduring interest in studying (internal) communication during organisational change, there is still little or no empirical research on the topic.

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  • The thesis studies the role of the state in Vietnam's tourism development after forming the AEC, thereby proposing some solutions to promote the role of the state for Vietnam's tourism to develop effectively in the AEC event.

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  • Determined composition, distribution, behavior and the role of malaria transmission of Anopheles in Xuan Quang 1 and Phu Mo communes, Dong Xuan district, Phu Yen province, 2017. Evaluated the personal protection effectiveness and community acceptance with NIMPE mosquito coil at the study site, 2019.

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  • The goals of this chapter are: To understand the basic elements of the communication process and the role of communication in marketing; to examine various models of the communication process; to analyse the response processes of receivers of marketing communication, including alternative response hierarchies and their implications for integrated marketing communication planning and strategy;...

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  • The review aims to answer the role of microbes to fight climate change, greenhouse gas reduction and how will that role involve in the future as a mitigation option.

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  • Huaqun Guo has introduced the emerging areas of vehicular networks in the forms of Intra-Vehicle, Vehicleto- Vehicle, and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications and edited this new book to reflect the advance information technologies that shape the modern automobiles. These new technologies on automotive informatics and communicative systems will enable a variety of applications for safety, traffic efficiency, driver assistance, as well as infotainment to be incorporated into modern automobile designs...

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