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  • This paper reviews the use of diagnostics in buildings, both in commissioning and in operations and maintenance. The difference between fault detection and fault diagnosis is defined. The kinds of fault that can arise at different stages of the building life cycle are described and the ways that these different kinds of fault can be detected are discussed. Other issues addressed include manual and automatic methods and whole building vs. component-level approaches.

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  • The putative CLL precursor could be an antigen-experienced CD27+ B cell, expanded either in the course of a GC B-cell T-dependent or T-independent response by chronic antigen- stimulation through extrinsic or autoantigens. Over time, genetic abnormalities may accumulate in the genome of these chronically stimulated B cells and lead to the outgrow of clones with MBL phenotype. Additional genetic aberrations may be incorporated in the course of proliferation leading to the oncogenic hit that transform these precursor in bona fide CLL cells. ...

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  • No one knows more about a broad range of prescription drugs and other medications than your pharmacist. Pharmacists study all the aspects of prescription drug therapy, with an emphasis on safe patient care. The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree requires at least two years of col- lege followed by four years of professional pharmacy study. To keep their licenses, pharmacists must take several new courses every year to every two years, depending on the state they are licensed in. Some pharma- cists take extra training to specialize in such areas as geriatric pharmacy. ...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'iep goals and objectives bank (redmond, oregon)', tài chính - ngân hàng, ngân hàng - tín dụng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • “I completed my BBS in International Business through a combination of campus and distance learning papers. Prior to the BBS, I was employed as a computer systems engineer and wanted to change direction – to move across to the business side of the industry. I found that I had no real knowledge of how businesses worked or what skills were needed to succeed in the business world. Study by distance learning provided great flexibility in completing the degree while working. I am now a Senior Corporate Account Manager for Microsoft New Zealand.

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  • Most likely some method parameters have to be changed or adjusted during the life of the method if the method performance criteria fall outside their acceptance criteria. The question is whether such change requires revalidation. In order to clarify this question upfront, operating ranges should be defined for each method, either based on experience with similar methods or else investigated during method development. These ranges should be verified during method validation in robustness studies and should be part of the method characteristics....

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  • Each basic food group5 is the major contributor of at least one nutrient while making substantial contributions of many other nutrients. Because each food group provides  a wide array of nutrients in substantial amounts, it is important to include all food groups in the daily diet. Both illustrative eating patterns include a variety of nutrien dense foods within the major food groups. Selecting a variety of foods within the grain, vegetable, fruit, and meat groups may help to ensure that an adequate amount of nutrients and other potentially beneficial substances are consumed.

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  • When starting a global project in a new country, or when new project team members have a cultural origin that you never experienced before, the cultural dimensions can be a first source of reference to understand their general mindset, and the cultural patterns likely to be found in their culture. A second step is to read different sources of information on the country, not only to show the team members that you care for their culture, but to really understand how they live, think, and what the main sources of cultural and economic richness are. The third step...

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  • The most basic yet comprehensive component of a strong institutional image is a unified visual presentation. Collectively, all elements of the University of Kentucky must present to the world a consistent image that reflects our quality, professionalism and mission. The University of Kentucky name carries heavy responsibility. It stands as the sum of the institution’s many parts and embodies the authentic, recognizable essence of this institution. It must reinforce to many diverse audiences a definitive and unique impression.

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  • Opposition—usually but not always from conservative, religious sectors of society—in many countries has blocked or severely hampered the spread of sexuality education. As Senderowitz (2000) points out, of the range of YRH interventions, school-based programs typically are the most exposed to criticism and opposition. Sexuality education programs usually unfold in the public sector, are highly visible, and are often under the control of local authorities and thus more open to revision or elimination.

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  • Commercial existence shows that there exists extensive ―dependence and solidarity‖ to varying degrees between all speculative business. It must be remembered that speculation dominates the entire economic system since it underlies and drives work, lending and trade. Every rise or fall of asset values consequently affects the entire economic system (stock market, banks, companies, society) since all economic transactions are interconnected.

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  • The senior staff members for the systematic review jointly developed the design of the evidence tables. Evidence tables were designed to provide sufficient information to enable readers to understand the study and to determine study quality. In our design, we gave particular emphasis to essential information to answer our KQ s and to determine study quality.

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  • Further, Mamede and Schmidt (2004) found that reflective practice in medicine in their study had a five-factor structure: deliberate induction, which involves the physician taking time to reflect upon an unfamiliar problem; deliberate deduction, which occurs when a physician logically deduces the consequences of a number of possible hypotheses; testing, which involves evaluating predictions against the problem being explored; openness to reflection, occurring when a physician is willing to engage in such constructive activity when faced with an unfamiliar situation; and, meta-reasoning, w...

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  • Sedation is the important factor in comfort of brain trauma patients. Insuffient sedation causes hypertension, tachycardia, hypoxia, hypercapnia and uncomfortable with ventilator. On the other hand excess sedation causes hypotansion, bradycardia, coma, respiratory depresion, ileus, renal insufficiency, veinous stasis and immunosupression. For the patients in the critical care unit firstly nonpharmacological method should be experinced for sedation. The patients should be frequently oriented.

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  • The authors decided to describe in detail the relationship between the clinical disability of locomotor system and functional dysphagia. They provided detailed anatomic and functional characteristics of the esophagus including the extrinsic and intrinsic innervations. Moreover, they had concentrated on the reflex part of swallowing involving both the afferent and efferent pathways. The afferent signals apparent during the swallowing reflex are directed from sensitive fibers of the trigeminal nerve, n. glossopharyngeus and n. vagus....

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  • There has been a steady decrease in the number of women who smoke while pregnant during the last 15 years. This is partly due to an overall decline in smoking rates among all women of childbearing age and partly due to interventions targeting women during the prenatal period. However, while many women quit smoking during pregnancy to protect their unborn children from the effects of tobacco, more than half will resume smoking within a few months of giving birth. 1 The negative health effects caused by smoking and inhaling second hand smoke are well known.

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  • The paper seeks to assess how a major policy regime change – such as the introduction of the currency board in Bulgaria – affects the flow of bank credit to the corporate sector. An attempt is made to identify the determinants of corporate credit separately from the viewpoint of lenders and borrowers. The estimated credit supply and credit demand equations provide empirical evidence of important changes in microeconomic behavioral patterns which can be associated with the policy regime change.

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  • Looking ahead, meeting the President’s target will position the United States as a global leader in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge clean energy technologies. It will ensure continued growth in the renewable energy sector, building on the progress made in recent years. And it will spur innovation and investment in our nation’s energy infrastructure, creating American jobs. Creating a market for new technologies will be central to charting a path to a clean energy future – but there is more we need to do.

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  • Recognizing that financial resources for on-going maintenance may be limited, City and County of Denver recommends that artists consider highly durable, low- maintenance materials for public art projects. Semi-finalists in their competitions are encouraged to consult with conservators when developing proposals. The final design of each selected artist may be reviewed by the City’s Interagency Maintenance Task Force, which includes professional conservators, to ensure that maintenance requirements have been adequately addressed....

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  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) can objectively evaluate daytime sleepiness. When used as diagnostic prosedure of central hypersomnia it should be done during the day after polysomnographically documented adequate night sleep, which lasts at least six hours and after two weeks of regular sleep. (Carscadon & Dement, 1982, American sleep disorders association, 1992) (ICSD-2, 2005). Evaluation of MSLT starts 1,5-3 hours after morning awakening and consists of 5, or at least 4 records of polysomnography, each lasting 20minutes (Littner et al., 2005).

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