Rotor control

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  • The objectives of the thesis: Propose algorithms for controlling speed and flux of AC motors; propose rotor speed and flux estimation algorithms for speed sensorless controlller of AC motors.

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  • An optimal state feedback controller is then designed in order to directly formulate the performance objectives of the control system and provides the best possible control system for a given set of performance objectives. Zero steady-state error of system outputs is also given by the means of integrators which are added into the system. As a result, MIMO system’s responses achieve quick stabilization and good performances.

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  • In this paper, a Model Reference Adaptive Systems (MRAS) based an Adaptive System is proposed to a Twin Rotor MIMO System (TRMS). The TRMS is an open-loop unstable, nonlinear and multi output system.

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  • This paper proposes the angle tracking control method for Twin rotor multi-input multipleoutput (TRMS) using the input-to-state stability theory (ISS) for nonlinear systems. To apply this theory, the model of TRMS is rewritten by an Euler-Lagrange forced model with uncertain parameters and input disturbances.

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  • D.C. motors General Fundamental equations and performance Wound-field motors Permanent-magnet motors Operating principles Commutation Rotation Compensation D.C. PM commutation Construction of the D.C. motor D.C. motor frame D.C. motor armature Brush gear Mountings D.C. PM design Rotor inertia Permanent-magnet materials 2 A.C. induction motors General Fundamental equations and performance Electrical characteristics of induction motors Torque characteristics Voltage-frequency relationship Increased voltage Reduced frequency Slip-ring induction motor Speed-changing motors A.C.

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  • The classic text on helicopter aerodynamics, "Aerodynamics of the Helicopter" has been in continuous print for over fifty years. Clearly written and well illustrated, the book focuses on fundamental physical relationships without a highly complex mathematical development. The emphasis on fundamentals makes the book an ideal - indeed, necessary - first step towards more advanced study.

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  • The SPM Synchronuos Motor Protection and Control relay controls starting, synchronizing, and protection of collector - ring and brushless type synchronuos motos. The SPM control functions for starting synchronuos motors include accorate sending of motor speed and rotor...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Aerodynamics of wind turbines hansen" has contents: General introduction to wind turbines, aerodynamics, momentum theory for an ideal wind turbine, shrouded rotors, the classical blade element momentum method, control regulation and safety systems, optimization.

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  • Bài báo khảo sát và đề xuất hệ thống điều khiển động cơ xoay chiều ba pha phối hợp phương pháp ước lượng tốc độ tự thích nghi và thuật toán điều khiển sử dụng mạng nơron để khắc phục tính bất định của nhiều tham số trong mô hình động lực của động cơ như điện trở của rotor, cũng như hệ số ma sát và tải thay đổi khi hệ thống hoạt động.

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  • Bài báo này trình bày Xây dựng mô hình trạng thái gián đoạn của động cơ KĐB-RLS thích hợp với điều khiển thời gian thực làm tiền đề để thiết kế điều khiển số cho hệ truyền động điện động cơ xoay chiều ba pha KĐB-RLS. Mô hình trạng thái gián đoạn (TTGĐ) là xuất phát điểm khi thiết kế hệ thống điều khiển (ĐK) thời gian thực và có ý nghĩa quyết định tới chất lượng của hệ thống ĐK số (Digital Control) của động cơ KĐB Rotor lồng sóc (KĐB-RLS).

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  • Maintenance costs, as defined by normal plant accounting procedures, are normally a major portion of the total operating costs in most plants. Traditional maintenance costs (i.e., labor and material) in the United States have escalated at a tremendous rate over the past 10 years. In 1981, domestic plants spent more than $600 billion to maintain their critical plant systems. By 1991, the costs had increase to more than $800 billion, and they were projected to top $1.2 trillion by the year 2000.

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  • This volume, based on the proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Unsteady Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity of Turbomachines and Propellers aims at promoting an international exchange of current research in unsteady flow phenomena in turbomachines and propellers.

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  • CHAPTER 11 PNEUMATIC AND HYDRAULIC MACHINE AND MECHANISM CONTROL DESIGNS AND OPERATING PRINCIPLES OF TYPICAL PUMPS These pumps are used to transfer liquids and supply hydraulic power. 1. WITH BUT TWO MOVING PARTS, the rotors that turn in the same direction, this rotary pump has reduced friction to a minimum. The rotors rotate against flexible synthetic rubber cushions that allow sand, grit and other abrasives to flow freely through the pump without damage. It is a positive displacement pump that develops a constant pressure and will deliver a uniform flow at any given speed.

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  • Some characteristic simulation and experimental results are given in this Section, that illustrate behaviour of rotor flux oriented induction machines. Current-fed indirect rotor flux oriented machine is discussed at all times. Both the scheme of Fig. 3.11 with indirect vector control and the scheme of Fig. 3.9 with direct vector control are under consideration. Consider at first the scheme of Fig.

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  • Summarising the procedure: speed loop is held open, d-axis current command is set to rated and q-axis current command of the alternating square waveform is imposed. If the rotor time constant value in the controller is correctly set, speed response has to be triangular function. Figure 3.21a is valid for the correct (rated) value of the rotor time constant and speed response is a triangular function in this case.

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  • This paper investigates models of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and applications of FACTS devices for improving the rotor angle stability. FACTS devices are applicable in shunt connection Static Var Compensator (SVC), in series connection Thyristor-Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC), or in the combination of both.

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