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  • When it comes to exercising, the problem with most people is that of taking time out from their busy schedules, lack of adequate gymnasium facilities and diversity of work assignments. This book was writen for Royal Canadian Air Force personnel, who needed to keep fit even from the confines of their barracks. The Five Basic Exercises (5BX) Plan presented in this booklet is designed to show you how to develop and hold a high level of physical fitness, regardless of who you are or where you may be located. The scheme is not dependent on elaborate facilites or equipment. The...

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  • Very surprising it seems to assert that the Mother Country knows very little about the finest colony which she possesses--and that an enlightened people emigrate from sober, speculative England, sedate and calculating Scotland, and trusting, unreflective Ireland, absolutely and wholly ignorant of the total change of life to which they must necessarily submit in their adopted home.

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  • Ageing tends to be associated with a growing burden of disease and prolonged heavy drinking is itself a cause of health problems such as liver disease, raised blood pressure, and some forms of cancer. Alcohol misuse may also lead to an increased likelihood of falls, incontinence, cognitive impairment, hypothermia and self-neglect. These sorts of problems may be regarded by health professionals and members of the family merely as signs of ageing.

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