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  • BÀI 13: RTTI, I/O, EXTERN VÀ PREPROCESSOR DIRECTIVE (tiếp theo) Các chỉ thị tiền xử lí : định nghĩa một macro (quá dễ rồi) #include: bao gồm một tập tin hay macro vào chương trình (quá dễ rồi) #undef: hủy bỏ định nghĩa một macro, macro đó có thể định nghĩa lại bằng #define ...

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  • BÀI 13: RTTI, I/O, EXTERN VÀ PREPROCESSOR DIRECTIVE RTTI (Runtime type identification) Trong Java, để biết một object có phải là một instance của một class hay không, ta dùng instanceof if(os instanceof ostream) ...

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  • With the creation of the partially independent CodeGear business unit within Borland and the subsequent sale of the business unit to Embarcadero Technologies, Delphi has seen a significant increase in investment and is once again a growing and vibrant product thanks to its new technical features and to a developer community gaining in morale and affection, after a few years of slow growth and terms of capabilities and dwindling passion.

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  • The precursors of object-oriented programming can be traced back to the late 1960's: Classes, inheritance and virtual member functions were integral features of Simula67, a programming language that was mainly used for writing event-driven simulations. When Smalltalk first appeared back in 1972, it offered a pure object-oriented programming environment. In fact, Smalltalk defined object-oriented programming. This style of programming was so innovative and revolutionary at the time that it took more than a decade for it to become a standard in the software industry.

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