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  • An effective procedure for automatically acquiring a new set of disambiguation rules for an existing deterministic parser on the basis of tagged text is presented. Performance of the automatically acquired rules is much better than the existing handwritten disambiguation rules. The success of the acquired rules depends on using the linguistic information encoded in the parser; enhancements to various components of the parser improves the acquired rule set. This work suggests a path toward more robust and comprehensive syntactic analyzers. ...

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  • Automatic acquisition of translation rules from parallel sentence-aligned text takes a variety of forms. Some machine translation (MT) systems treat aligned sentences as unstructured word sequences. Other systems, including our own ((Grishman, 1994) and (Meyers et al., 1996)), syntactically analyze sentences (parse) before acquiring transfer rules (cf. (Kaji et hi., 1992), (Matsumoto et hi., 1993), and (Kitamura and Matsumoto, 1995)). This has the advantage of acquiring structural as well as lexical correspondences. ...

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  • This paper proposes an approach to full parsing suitable for Information Extraction from texts. Sequences of cascades of rules deterministically analyze the text, building unambiguous structures. Initially basic chunks are analyzed; then argumental relations are recognized; finally modifier attachment is performed and the global parse tree is built. The approach was proven to work for three languages and different domains. It was implemented in the IE module of FACILE, a EU project for multilingual text classification and !E. ...

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  • In this paper, we explore ways of improving an inference rule collection and its application to the task of recognizing textual entailment. For this purpose, we start with an automatically acquired collection and we propose methods to refine it and obtain more rules using a hand-crafted lexical resource. Following this, we derive a dependency-based structure representation from texts, which aims to provide a proper base for the inference rule application.

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  • The Uniform Rules for Collections, 1995 Revision, ICC Publication No. 522, shall apply to all collections as defined in Article 2 where such rules are incorporated into the text of the “collection instruction” referred to in Article 4 and are binding on all parties thereto unless otherwise expressly agreed or contrary to the provisions of a national, state or local law and/or regulation which cannot be departed from.

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  • To acquire noun phrases from running texts is useful for many applications, such as word grouping, terminology indexing, etc. The reported literatures adopt pure probabilistic approach, or pure rule-based noun phrases grammar to tackle this problem. In this paper, we apply a probabilistic chunker to deciding the implicit boundaries of constituents and utilize the linguistic knowledge to extract the noun phrases by a finite state mechanism.

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  • This paper presents an effective approach to discard most entries of the rule table for statistical machine translation. The rule table is filtered by monolingual key phrases, which are extracted from source text using a technique based on term extraction. Experiments show that 78% of the rule table is reduced without worsening translation performance. In most cases, our approach results in measurable improvements in BLEU score. that a source phrase is either a flat phrase consists of words, or a hierarchical phrase consists of both words and variables. ...

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  • This paper describes an architecture to convert Sinhala Unicode text into phonemic specification of pronunciation. The study was mainly focused on disambiguating schwa-/\/ and /a/ vowel epenthesis for consonants, which is one of the significant problems found in Sinhala. This problem has been addressed by formulating a set of rules. The proposed set of rules was tested using 30,000 distinct words obtained from a corpus and compared with the same words manually transcribed to phonemes by an expert. The Grapheme-to-Phoneme (G2P) conversion model achieves 98 % accuracy. ...

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  • This paper describes an ongoing effort to parse the Hebrew Bible. The parser consults the bracketing information extracted from the cantillation marks of the Masoetic text. We first constructed a cantillation treebank which encodes the prosodic structures of the text. It was found that many of the prosodic boundaries in the cantillation trees correspond, directly or indirectly, to the phrase boundaries of the syntactic trees we are trying to build.

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  • The definitions of the basic concepts, rules, and constraints of centering theory involve underspecified notions such as ‘previous utterance’, ‘realization’, and ‘ranking’. We attempted to find the best way of defining each such notion among those that can be annotated reliably, and using a corpus of texts in two domains of practical interest. Our main result is that trying to reduce the number of utterances without a backwardlooking center (CB) results in an increased number of cases in which some discourse entity, but not the CB, gets pronominalized, and viceversa.

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  • Importance evaluation is one of the most challenging problems in the field of text processing. In the paper we focus on the notion of importance from a computational standpoint, and we propose a procedural, rule-based approach to importance evaluation. T h i s novel approach is supported by a prototype experimental system, called importance evaluator, that can deal with descriptive texts taken from computer science l i t e r a t u r e on operating systems. The evaluator relies on a set of importance rules that are used to assign importance values to the different parts...

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  • The speech synthesis group at the ComputerBased Education Research Laboratory (CERL) of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champalgn is developing a diphone speech synthesis system based on pltch-adaptive short-tlme Fourier transforms. This system accepts the phonemic specification of an utterance along with pitch, time, and amplitude warping functions in order to produce high quality speech output from stored dlphone templates.

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  • Current approaches to generating multi-sentence text fail to consider what the user may infer from the different statements in a description. This paper presents a system which contains an explicit model of the inferences that people may make from different statement types, and uses this model, together with assumptions about the user's prior knowledge, to pick the most appropriate sequence of utterances for achieving a given communicative goal.

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  • In this paper we present a framework for text mining using descriptive phrase extraction. The framework follows the general knowledge discovery process, thus containing steps from preprocessing to the utilization of the results. We apply generalized episodes and episode rules data mining method.

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  • Whereas previously the emphasis had previously been on comparing original and translation, often with a view to establishing what had been ‘lost’ or ‘betrayed’ in the translation process, the new approach took a resolutely different line, seeking not to evaluate but to understand the shifts of emphasis that had taken place during the transfer of texts from one literary system into another.

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  • Inside Writing was constructed on the premise that there is really only one reason for learning the essential rules of English grammar—to become better writers. In this text, we constantly stress that all college students are writers and that the aim of any college writing course—developmental or otherwise—is to improve writing.

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  • The Internet is connecting advertisers and marketers to customers from boston to bali with text, interactive graphics, video and audio. If you're thinking about advertising on the Internet, remenber that many of the same rules that apply to others forms of advertising apply to electronic marketing

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  • During the emergence of sociology as an academic discipline the questions about the origins, status and functions of constitutions were widely posed. Indeed, for both thematic and methodological reasons, the analysis of constitutions was a central aspect of early sociology. Sociology developed, however ambiguously, as a critical intellectual response to the theories and achievements of the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century, the political dimension of which was centrally focused on the theory and practice of constitutional rule....

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  • This paper proposes a forest-based tree sequence to string translation model for syntaxbased statistical machine translation, which automatically learns tree sequence to string translation rules from word-aligned sourceside-parsed bilingual texts. The proposed model leverages on the strengths of both tree sequence-based and forest-based translation models.

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  • Our goal is to identify the features that predict the occurrence and placement of discourse cues in tutorial explanations in order to aid in the automatic generation of explanations. Previous attempts to devise rules for text generation were based on intuition or small numbers of constructed examples. We apply a machine learning program, C4.5, to induce decision trees for cue occurrence and placement from a corpus of data coded for a variety of features previously thought to affect cue usage.

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