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  • The Internet is connecting advertisers and marketers to customers from boston to bali with text, interactive graphics, video and audio. If you're thinking about advertising on the Internet, remenber that many of the same rules that apply to others forms of advertising apply to electronic marketing

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  • You make them every day. What do I want for breakfast? Which shirt can I pull out of the dirty-clothes hamper to wear to school today? Should I finish my homework or play video games? Some choices don't make much difference in the overall scheme of things. Face it; who really cares whether you wear the blue shirt or the red one? Other choices are a major big deal. Figuring out what you want to be when you grow up is one of those all-important choices.

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  • The Secretary of State must have received notification of your driver education com- pletion and the notation must appear on your driving record before a driver’s license is issued. Students whose birthdays fall on certain dates are required to pass a driv- ing exam administered at a Driver Services facility even though they may have taken and passed a road test conducted by their driver education instructor. If you receive your driver’s license prior to the expiration of your instruction permit, you may not be required to pay an additional fee when applying for the driver’s license. ...

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  • In Illinois, most people under age 18 learn to drive in high school or at a commercial driv- er training school licensed by the Secretary of State’s office. Approved driver education classes include at least 30 hours of classroom study and six hours of behind-the-wheel training in a regular passenger vehicle. For information about driving a larger vehicle or a motorcycle, please refer to the Rules of the Road for Non-CDL Vehicles, Commercial Driver’s License Study Guide, or Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual, available at any Driver Services facility or at www.cyber- driveillinois.

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  • Languages are natural forms of communication; children quickly learn to communicate using their native language, and soon master the main rules of grammar or syntax without being taught. Indeed, we cannot communicate efficiently if we do not master the essential principles of grammar or syntax. If we imagine language as a big highway, the road and the cars are the words, but the grammar is the road signs and markings that tell the cars and lorries where to go and how to drive. Without roadsigns, a big highway would quickly descend into total confusion....

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  • Institute of Vietnamese Studies 院 越學 Viện Việt-Học The Song of a Soldier's Wife Chinh Phụ Ngâm Diễn Ca 征婦吟演歌 English Text by Huỳnh Sanh Thông Nôm Text by Ðoàn Thị Ðiểm Electronic version by Nguyễn Phương Lan Reviewed by Ðàm Trung Pháp Edited by Lê Văn Ðặng Viện Việt-Học XII-2002 The Song of a Soldier's Wife -translated by Huynh Sanh Thong When all through earth and heaven dust storms rise, how hard and rough, the road a woman walks! O those who rule in yonder blue above, who is the cause and maker of this woe? In our Great Walls1 drums beat and moonlight throbs. On Mount Kan-ch’uan...

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  • Life’s not easy being a Christian, holding on to those ideals, and still running a profitable business. In fact, as Christians we are held to higher standards and hamstrung in ways that our secular counterparts would never understand. Where they can cheat a little, the Spirit inside of us will accept only honesty. Where they can bend the rules, we must walk the straight and narrow. Where they can feel justified in closing a lop-sided deal, we must love our neighbors as ourselves. We’re handicapped in getting ahead. ...

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  • The European Commission has set, in its White paper on the European Transport Policy, an ambitious target of halving road deaths by the end of 2010. Police enforcement of rules covering speeding, drink driving and the use of seat-belts alone can help avoid 14 000 fatalities by 2010 in the EU-15 alone, according to Commission estimates (ICF, 2003). The European target of a 50% cut in annual road deaths by 2010 can only be reached if traffic law is enforced more effectively. That is why the European Commission has adopted a Recommendation on how Member States should improve their...

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  • Road traffic microsimulations based on the individual motion of all the involved vehicles are now recognized as an important tool to describe, understand, and manage road traffic. Cellular automata (CA) are very efficient way to implement vehicle motion. CA is a methodology that uses a discrete space to represent the state of each element of a domain, and this state can be changed according to a transition rule.

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