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  • The purpose of this book is to provide both the student and young professional design engineer with an overall guide to the amount of work involved in the design of a manually operated automotive gearbox, and the problems that can be encountered both during the design stages and in operation.

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  • can be done on a test rig out in the main works or sometimes even on the equipment while running normally. However, the basic idea is that pitch, profile and helix errors may combine with tooth bending, gear body distortions and whole gear body deflections to give an overall relative deflection (from smooth running) at the meshpoint between the gears. It is also difficult to convince gear engineers that there is a very big difference between roll (double flank) checking, which is extremely cheap and easy, and T.E. (single flank) checking since they give rather similar looking results.

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  • Deck seamanship In general, rigging is a large part of deck seamanship.The ship's standing rigging consists of lines, wires, turnbuckles, and other gear supporting and attached to the stacks, the masts, and the topside structure. Running rigging includes the rigging used in hoisting and lowering heavy weights or in positioning and operating movable deck gear.

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  • Financing new equipment -- from computers to phone systems to capital equipment and other gear you need to run your company -- is a major issue for many small business owners. Leasing, instead of purchasing, can be a cost-effective option, particularly if you don't have the cash on hand, but need the equipment. In fact, you might want to consider leasing even if you do have the cash to invest. By leasing, you might find that you can regulate your cash flow more effectively, because you have predictable, regular monthly installments as opposed to a single lump sum payment. Plus, leasing......

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  • When compared to the constant lubrication problems associated with chain drives, or the mechanical problems and high costs associated with gear drives, belts are the most cost-effective, reliable means of power transmission. However, optimum belt drive performance requires proper maintenance. The potential for long service life is built into every Gates belt. When coupled with a regularly scheduled maintenance program, belt drives will run relatively trouble-free for a long time.

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  • The Perl/Tk Pocket Reference is a companion volume to Learning Perl/Tk, an O'Reilly Animal Guide. Learning Perl/Tk is a tutorial for Perl/Tk, the extension to Perl for creating graphical user interfaces. With Tk, Perl programs can be window-based rather than command-line based, with buttons, entry fields, listboxes, menus, scrollbars, balloons, tables, dialogs, and more. And Perl/Tk programs run on UNIX and Windows-based computers. This small book is a handy reference guide geared toward the advanced Perl/Tk programmer....

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  • 1.1. Getting into Mac OS X When you first turn on a Mac that's running Mac OS X 10.5, an Apple logo greets you, soon followed by an animated, rotating "Please wait" gear cursor—and then you're in

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  • The venerable Warner Brothers antagonist Wile E. Coyote famously demonstrates a law of cartoon physics. He runs off a cliff, unaware of its ledge, and continues forward without falling. The Coyote defies gravity until he looks down and sees there’s nothing under him. His mental gears turn as he contemplates his predicament. Then: splat. Both the Internet and the PC are on a similar trajectory. They were designed by people who shared the same love of amateur tinkering as the enterprising Coyote.

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  • Sidsel Bjørneby from Human Factor Solution said in her lecture at the consensus conference that many libraries all over the country (in addition to their traditional tasks) also give courses to elderly people on the use of PC and internet. In addition to this, things function in such a way that elderly people at the library offer user support to other elderly people. There are also a number of other educational institutions running ICT education, but few of them run courses geared directly towards elderly people.

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  • Are you a programmer or computer enthusiast? Do you feel comfortable with methods, functions, and variables? Do you wish you knew more about how the computer made it all work? Now you can. From basic electronics to advanced computer hardware, you’ll learn the magic behind the gear that makes it all run.

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