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  • Search algorithms aim to find solutions or objects with specified properties and constraints in a large solution search space or among a collection of objects. A solution can be a set of value assignments to variables that will satisfy the constraints or a sub-structure of a given discrete structure. In addition, there are search algorithms, mostly probabilistic, that are designed for the prospective quantum computer.

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  • Once NOSE was running, we began converting the Gamma software. This process took 4-6 man months but lasted about 6 months as, in the process of the conversion, we discovered that the interface between the SCSI disk controller and memory was not able to transfer disk blocks larger than 1024 bytes (the pitfall of being a beta test site). For the most part the conversion of the Gamma software was almost trivial as, by porting NOSE first, the differences between the two systems in initiating disk and message transfers were completely hidden from the Gamma software.

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  • In a similar vein, Azuri Technologies has focused its attention on African villages that are too remote to have any connection to an electric power grid. Azuri’s technology uses solar cells and the latest lithium battery technology to run two powerful LED lights for up to eight hours, eliminating the need for expensive kerosene lamps. What makes Azuri unique is its business model. Instead of selling the system, Azuri leases it at a cost that even poor villagers can afford. The basic equipment is available for a nominal fee, and the customer then leases time on it by purchasing...

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  • Indeed, turning back the clock to that period, we see that the credit booms in Asian economies displayed much the same regularity.6 In the run-up to the Asian crisis, direct and indirect cross-border credit grew to account for a combined share of roughly one third of the total credit to non-banks in Indonesia and Thailand, and more than a quarter in Korea (Graph 2). Indonesian firms relied heavily on direct cross-border credit, especially in 1996–97 (albeit not to the same extent as borrowers in Ireland more recently).

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  • Describe the Mapes plow. Why is the motion in the soil of one and a half inches sufficient? How does the oxidation of the particles of the soil resemble the rusting of cannon balls in a pile? The sub-soil plow is an implement differing in figure from the surface plow. It does not turn a furrow, but merely runs through the subsoil like a mole—loosening and making it finer by lifting, but allowing it to fall back and occupy its former place. It usually follows the surface plow, entering the soil to the depth of from twelve to eighteen...

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