Rural architecture

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  • The writer of these pages ought, perhaps, to apologize for attempting a work on a subject, of which he is not a professional master, either in design or execution. In the science of Farm buildings he claims no better knowledge than a long practical observation has given him. The thoughts herein submitted for the consideration of those interested in the subject of Farm buildings are the result of that observation, added to his experience in the use of such buildings, and a conviction of the inconveniences attending many of those already planned and erected....

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  • This thesis is a combined volume containing three individual research papers, each written for submission to a different peer-reviewed journal. Each to some extent investigates community resiliency and vulnerability as they manifest in the past and present of Alaska Native foodways. The first paper, ‘Outpost Gardening in Interior Alaska’ examines the historical dimensions of cropping by Athabascan peoples as a part of local food system development and innovation; the second introduces the ‘Servicesoriented Architecture’ as a framework for describing ecosystem services,...

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  • The gallery arrangement for the Un-Private House was modeled after a house, with sections of the gal- lery and the associated furniture imitating the var- ious rooms and functions present in a house. The exhibit had 26 architectural projects on display, and there weremodels and other display pieces for each house distributed throughout the gallery on the ta- bles and other pieces of furniture. Figure 1 shows the layout of the gallery, with the entrance to the gallery in the upper right corner and the dining ta- ble as a round gray and white circle in the lower left.

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