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  • Table of Contents List of Tables List of Abbreviations and Acronyms Acknowledgements Preface Chapter 1: 1.1 1.

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  • One of the greatest challenges South Africa faces is rural poverty and education. This book graphically illustrates the conditions that make the dreams of a better life for all virtually unrealisable in rural areas. Through the voices of rural people themselves, the reader is told

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  • Most important, liberals have not realized that supporting the consumerist standard of living is a huge burden for most Americans, leaving us without enough time for our families and for our own interests. They have not realized that most of us would be better off if we could downshift economically and have more free time rather than consuming more. Environmentalists focus on the problems caused by economic growth, but they

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  • In much of Africa, people look to trade unions for leadership, especially at times of economic downturn. Although Africa’s wage-workers are relatively few in comparison to those in the informal economy, their experience of organisation and mass mobilisation and their position in the modern economy give them a strategic role in the politics of democratisation and development.

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  • State of the Nation: South Africa 2008 is the fifth volume in the annual series published by the HSRC Press. This volume will feature a range of pertinent and captivating contemporary viewpoints on South African politics, society, economy and international relations. As with earlier editions, commentary is drawn from the ranks of academics, political analysts, civil society and the research community.

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  • Compiled by the Democracy and Governance Research Programme, Human Sciences Research Council First published in South Africa by HSRC Press Private Bag X9182, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa Published in the rest of the world by Michigan State University Press East Lansing, Michigan, 48823-5202, United States of America © 2005 Human Sciences Research Council First published 2005 All rights reserved.

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  • State of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006 is the third in the HSRC’s exciting annual volume of essays on aspects of contemporary politics, economics, society and international relations in South Africa. This series has, in a relatively short period, become established as part of the annual South African scholarly calendar. Coverage in the media, international as well as South African, has been extensive; controversies have been stirred;

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  • From the outcome of the 2006 local elections and the state of public hospitals to environmental issues and concerns about tourism, leading South African intellectuals explore a variety of issues central to the country’s development in this annual collection of essays. Insightful discussions of contemporary South Africa also address key topics such as violence against women, prison reform, the vast Zimbabwean exile community, and the role of the post-apartheid church.

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  • .The research described in this report was supported by a grant awarded by the Office of Justice Programs, through the State of Ohio, Office of Criminal Justice Services, in a grant provided to the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and was conducted under the auspices of the Safety and Justice Program within RAND Infrastructure, Safety, and Environment (ISE).

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