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  • Mời các bạn tham khảo Form CV bằng tiếng Anh để biết cách viết một bản CV ấn tượng và trình bày rõ ràng nội dung của từng phần như: Cách giới thiệu về bản thân, quá trình học tập và kinh nghiệm làm việc của mình. Hi vọng đây sẽ là tài liệu hữu ích giúp bạn hoàn thành một CV đẹp mắt và ghi điểm với nhà tuyển dụng.

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  • Click here for a definition of marketing; ways to analyze market opportunities, plan a marketing program, launch new products or services, and put your marketing program into action; and the nature of direct marketing and relationship marketing. Click here to discover the steps for conducting market research.

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  • Dear _______, It is our great pleasure to advise you that a new sales representative will now be representing our firm in your area. He has been handling our accounts in various locales for some time and is extremely knowledgeable in this field. Your new representative is scheduled to visit your office in 10 days time.

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  • LISTENING Listen to the following conversation about a call connect system, or PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange). The conversation is between Tim Allison, a sales representative, and John Gibbs, manager of company in the south of England. 4.1. Complete the table. Functions a. Internal calls Instructions i. ii b. External calls i ii iv v c. Transferring calls i ii iv v d. Automatic call- back i ii iv Pick up the handset ... Pick up the handset ... ... ... Pick up the handset Wait for the internal dial-tone ... ... Dial your internal correspondent ... ... ...

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  • Providing clear, easily accessible information about a wide range of careers in the field, this reference gives comprehensive descriptions of 70 different jobs. The book is divided into six areas that represent the branches of the industry—racing, sales, transportation, repair/restoration, design/production, and other automotive careers. Career Opportunities in the Automotive Industry also offers extensive appendixes of associations, certified training programs and two-year schools, major car racing schools, and bibliographies of books and periodicals....

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  • Brand building goes far beyond creating awareness of your name and your customers promise. It is a voyage of building a corporate soul and infectiously communicating it inside and outside the company to all your partners, so that your customers truly get what your brand promises.

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  • 3.

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  • The major producers were developing new products that utilized digital copying technology as opposed to light/lens technology. Some analysts expected that market growth in the nineties would be driven by "smart" multifunction devices that combined copying, faxing, scanning, and electronic printing functions. Competitors with direct sales forces would have an advantage because the complexity and pricing of these machines was too high for effective dealer distribution. Color copying represented another potential growth area.

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  • As the editor of this book, I would like to give you some tips on how to make the best use of the information you will find here. Because you are considering a career change, you already understand the concept of managing your career for maximum enjoyment and self-fulfillment. The purpose of this book is to provide expert tools and advice so that you can manage your career. Inside these pages you will find resumes and cover letters that will help you find not just a job but the type of work you want to do....

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  • The Academy Awards have been broadcast on television since 1953, when the show was sponsored by RCA Victor and televised by NBC. (Levy, 24) The show is currently contracted to the ABC network and has consistently captured very large audiences. The impact of Academy Awards on films and their creators has been widely discussed. As Emanuel Levy notes, [W]inning an Oscar means not only prestige but hard cash at the box office. Winning the Best Picture award can add up to twenty or thirty million dollars in movie ticket sales....

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  • Cisco documentation and additional literature are available in a CD-ROM package, which ships with your product. The Documentation CD-ROM, a member of the Cisco Connection Family, is updated monthly. Therefore, it might be more up to date than printed documentation. To order additional copies of the Documentation CD-ROM, contact your local sales representative or call customer service. The CD-ROM package is available as a single package or through an annual subscription.

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  • Drum Up Business Many years ago, a large American shoe company sent two sales representatives out to different  parts of the Australian outback to see if they could drum up some business among the  Aborigines. 

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  • Internet customer service: customer service is always important and a good business website has good customer service. For example, it should allow customers access to their account, track their orders and allow them to talk to live sales representative if they desire to do so. Allowing customers’ control over their orders is expected and can make a huge difference. Most website designers think of a web site’s overall appearance and then about its functionality.

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  • Destinations are some of the most difficult entities to manage and market, due to the complexity of the relationships of local stakeholders (Sautter and Leisen,1999). Managing and marketing destinations is also challenging because of the variety of stakeholders involved in the development and production of tourism products. The destination experience is essentially comprised of regions, resources and amalgams of tourism facilities and services, which often do not belong to individuals.

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  • You may have noticed how each of the deliverables mentioned earlier represents one of two perspectives on the project: business or engineering. On many projects, these two views compete with each other. This is a fundamental planning mistake. Planning should rarely be a binary, or either/or, experience. Instead, it should be an integration and synthesis of what everyone can contribute. To make this happen, a project manager must recognize that each perspective contributes something unique that cannot be replaced by more of something else (i.e.

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  • Cisco documentation and additional literature are available in a CD-ROM package, which ships with this product. The Documentation CD-ROM, a member of the Cisco Connection Family, is updated monthly. Therefore, it might be more up-to-date than the printed product documentation. To order additional copies of the Documentation CD-ROM, contact your local sales representative or call Cisco Customer Service. The CD-ROM package is available as a single package or as an annual subscription. You can also access Cisco documentation on the World Wide Web at, http://www-china.

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  • Order the parts you need from our real-time inventory database. Simply complete a request for quotation form with your part information and a sales representative will respond to you with price and availability.

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  • Utility green pricing sales continue to exhibit some growth, but growth has slowed in the past two years, in particular. Collectively, utilities in regulated electricity markets sold about 4.8 billion kWh of green power to customers in 2008 (Table 9). Green pricing program sales to all customer classes grew by 11% in 2008, compared to rates ranging from 26% to 56% in recent years (Table 9 and Figure 4). The loss of the FPL program had a noticeable impact on sales. Without the termination of the FPL program, utility green pricing program sales would have grown at a rate of...

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  • The evidence does suggest that high-income households take tax increases into account in decisions about the timing of income and the form in which they receive income. For example, research on capital gains demonstrates that people may plan when they sell an asset if a pending law change will affect their taxes on income from the sale. Similarly, changes in the difference in tax rates between household and corporate income have been shown to produce shifts in the type of compensation taken by corporate executives and business owners....

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  • Maize in Ghana is extensively traded. Miracle (1966) estimated that in the mid-1960s, fully one-third of Ghana’s maize crop was being marketed—at the time an unusually high proportion for a subsistence crop in sub-Saharan Africa. The proportion has increased over the years with the rise of commercial farming. Today, at least half of the national maize crop is believed to enter the market (GGDP 1991; Alderman 1991).

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