Salt marshes

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  • Salt marsh is an emergent, interdial estuarine wetland system characterized by persistent plant species such as cordgrass ( Spartina alterniflora ). Saltmarsh has a fringe geomorphic setting, and the water source and hydrodynamics are predominantly surface or near surface bidirectional flows.

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  • Due to demands placed on natural resources globally and subsequent deterioration of the environment, there is a need to source and develop appropriate technology to satisfy this requirement. For decades mankind has largely depended on natural resources such as fossil fuels to meet the ever increasing energy demands. Realizing the finite nature of these resources, emphasis is now shifting to investigating alternate energy source governed by environmentally friendly principles.

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  • A scientist might call it an oviparous vertebrate. It could be a lifer for a twitcher, or a control for a ringer. It might be drumming or jugging, ina trip or a wisp. You could split it, dip out on it, or even cause it to explode. It is, of course, a bird. Birdwatchers' language is a mixture of science and slang. You might well hear nictitating membrane and marsh cowboymentioned in almost the same breath. If you read about or talk about birds you are bound to meet expressions like these, but discovering their precise meanings can be remarkably difficult.

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  • Coastal Ecosystems. Africa has three coastlines—along the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the Indian Ocean in the east. These shores consist of stretches of sand, soil, or rock. In general, plants and animals on Africa’s western coast are less varied and numerous than on the eastern coast. The coastal environments of Africa include coral reef, lagoon, mangrove, salt marsh, and seagrass ecosystems.

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