Sampled data systems

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  • Genomic global positioning system (GPS) applies the multilateration technique commonly used in the GPS to genomic data. In the framework we present here, investigators calculate genetic distances from their samples to reference samples, which are from data held in the public domain, and share this information with others.

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  • This research therefore was carried out in 2008 to unveil such details of financial challenges as relating to the colleges studied under challenges in the administration of teacher training colleges in the Volta Region of Ghana. Homogenous purposive sampling was used to select 132 participants from 4 selected colleges. Open-ended and close-ended questionnaire were used to collect data.

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  • Lecture Advanced control systems. After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: discrete time control systems and continuous time control systems, sampling process; z‐plane analysis of discrete time control systems: impulse sampling and data hold, reconstruction of original signals from sampled signals; concepts of state, state variables and state model (of continuous time systems);...

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  • Electrochemical noise measurements have been applied to electrochemical systems that show stochastic behavior. The standard area of study that benefits from this stochastic analysis is localized corrosion modes like pitting and crevice corrosion. Application of electrochemical noise measurements to battery systems, though rare, is recently becoming more popular. The present contribution first establishes a method of analyzing electrochemical voltage noise data for NiCd batteries, then follows four samples of batteries in terms of voltage noise throughout their lifetimes.

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  • The partial substitution of potassium atoms by strontium atoms in initial matrix K3Fe2(PO4)3 with formation of complex phosphates K3−2xSrx Fe2(PO4)3 (x = 0.75, 1.0, and 1.25) was determined using a solid-state reaction method. According to powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) data, the prepared phosphates with x = 1.0 and 1.25 crystallize in a cubic system (space group P213) and belong to langbeinite family compounds, while for the sample with x = 0.75 a mixture of langbeinite-type phase and a minor amount of K3Fe2(PO4)3 was obtained.

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  • The mammalian intestine is a complex biological system that exhibits functional plasticity in its response to diverse stimuli to maintain homeostasis. To improve our understanding of this plasticity, we performed a high-level data integration of 14 whole-genome transcriptomics datasets from samples of intestinal mouse mucosa.

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  • This paper investigates the interpersonal meaning of English and Vietnamese letters to the Editors by using Appraisal Theory, which focuses on the interpersonal metafunction of language. The data were chosen from 100 samples of letters to the Editors. Attitude system was employed to find out the similarities and differences in construing interpersonal meaning between English letters to the Editors (ELTEs) and Vietnamese letters to the Editors (VLTEs).

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  • The study sites were selected through multi stage random sampling technique. Khaltsi and Saspol block were selected for the study and from each block 36 households were selected and a total of 72 households were selected from both the blocks. The primary data about the study was collected from the household itself

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  • The off-line activation technique using a spectroscopic system consisting of a HPGe semiconductor detector with high energy resolution and a PC based 8192 channel analyzer (CANBERRA) was applied. The investigated samples were prepared from the 99.99 % purity PdO and irradiated at the electron accelerator Microtron MT-25 of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Dubna, Russia. The data analysis and necessary corrections were made to upgrade the precision of the experimental method.

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  • This research aims to learn factors inhibiting consumers to switch to prepaid electricity systems for their electricity consumption. A descriptive research carries out to answer the research problems. Sample consists of 100 people determined via a snowball sampling technique. Data collection is conducted using questionnaires and measured using Likert Scale of 1-5. Factory analysis is used as an analysis tool. The research results indicate that the main factor that becomes a barrier for electricity customers to switch to prepaid systems is habitual using factor.

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  • The goal of many proteomics experiments is to determine the abundance of proteins in biological samples, and the variation thereof in various physiological conditions. High-throughput quantitative proteomics, specifically label-free LC-MS/MS, allows rapid measurement of thousands of proteins, enabling large-scale studies of various biological systems.

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  • Metabolomics is a systems approach to the analysis of cellular processes through small-molecule metabolite profiling. Standardisation of sample handling and acquisition approaches has contributed to reproducibility.

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  • Many biological systems exhibit sustained stochastic oscillations in their steady state. Assessing these oscillations is usually a challenging task due to the potential variability of the amplitude and frequency of the oscillations over time.

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  • Identifying periodically expressed genes across different processes (e.g. the cell and metabolic cycles, circadian rhythms, etc) is a central problem in computational biology. Biological time series may contain (multiple) unknown signal shapes of systemic relevance, imperfections like noise, damping, and trending, or limited sampling density.

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  • Methods for the integrative analysis of multi-omics data are required to draw a more complete and accurate picture of the dynamics of molecular systems. The complexity of biological systems, the technological limits, the large number of biological variables and the relatively low number of biological samples make the analysis of multi-omics datasets a non-trivial problem.

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  • Next generation sequencing (NGS) produces massive datasets consisting of billions of reads and up to thousands of samples. Subsequent bioinformatic analysis is typically done with the help of open source tools, where each application performs a single step towards the final result.

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  • Reactome aims to provide bioinformatics tools for visualisation, interpretation and analysis of pathway knowledge to support basic research, genome analysis, modelling, systems biology and education. Pathway analysis methods have a broad range of applications in physiological and biomedical research; one of the main problems, from the analysis methods performance point of view, is the constantly increasing size of the data samples.

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  • The development of high-throughput experimental technologies, such as next-generation sequencing, have led to new challenges for handling, analyzing and integrating the resulting large and diverse datasets. Bioinformatical analysis of these data commonly requires a number of mutually dependent steps applied to numerous samples for multiple conditions and replicates.

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  • Mass spectrometry (MS) uses mass-to-charge ratios of measured particles to decode the identities and quantities of molecules in a sample. Interpretation of raw MS depends upon data processing algorithms that render it human-interpretable.

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  • This study illustrates how Toyota, one of the world’s largest automobile companies, emerged as a leading research and development (R&D) company in the rechargeable battery business in Japan. This study examines the 1990s–2000s period, during which Toyota accumulated substantial R&D capability in rechargeable battery technology. Several automobile companies, such as Toyota and Nissan, have engaged in research on rechargeable battery systems that are adaptable to electronic vehicles. Compared to Nissan, Toyota collaborated with several external partners.

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