Sanitary condition

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  • Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights states: 'No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment' and is one of its most important provisions. This is borne out by the fact that-along with Articles 2, 4(1) and 4(7)-it is a rule from which no derogation is allowed, not even in times of war or other public emergencies threatening the existence of a Contracting State (see Article 15(2)). By the same token, it is also one of the most difficult norms of the Convention to...

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  • My interest in work-related ill-health had more contemporary origins. I have had an academic and personal interest in women’s health in general for many years and in the early 1980s I became a member of a small women’s group who were concerned about the hazards women faced in their work.

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  • Attanasio and Lechene (2002) estimate Engel curves using municipality wage as an instrument for consumption. They find more reasonable results than when household income is used as an instrument. We follow them and use municipality wage as an instrument for total consumption. This obviously precludes the introduction of community fixed effects. In this case the main identification assumption is that municipality wage is not correlated with the error term once the effect of other covariates have been taken into account.

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  • Among the 6,049 reported cases in Fuyang City the gender ratio was 1.9:1. The age range varied between 28 days to 18 years of age, with 78% of the cases being 3 years of age or younger. All districts/counties in Fuyang City reported HFMD cases, with more than half the cases concentrated in 3 districts (Yingzhou, Yingdong and Yingquan). Epidemiological investigation revealed no contact between the 22 fatal cases, but environmental investigation of the cases' households revealed poor hygienic and sanitary conditions among these families.

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  • Ducks may be grown on dry mash, a combination of dry and wet mash or pellets. Ducks prefer wet mash due to difficulties in swallowing dry mash. The pellet feeding, though slightly costly, has distinct advantages such as saving in amount of feed, minimum wastages, saving in lobour, convenience and improvement in sanitary conditions. Ducks are good foragers. The use of range, pond or supplementary green feed, reduces the feed cost. DUCKS SHOULD NEVER HAVE ACCESS TO FEED WITHOUT WATER. During the first eight weeks, birds should always have access to feed, but later on they may be...

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  • Public health services in Hungary fall within the remit of the central government, in particular the Ministry of National Resources, which provides these services through the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (NPHMOS). The NPHMOS is responsible for public health; social medicine and health administration; supervising health service delivery; monitoring and evaluating sanitary conditions, epidemiological issues and changes in the population’s health status; and for health promotion and prevention....

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  • The major theme of this study component involves carrying out projections of demand for poultry feeds and its implications for wheat and maize production. For this purpose, the projection of poultry and poultry products has to be carried out first. Two approaches can be employed to estimate the medium and long- term demand for use of grain as poultry feeds. One approach involves projecting demand derived from the consumption of poultry products (meat and eggs). The approach may be called "Demand Approach" 2 .

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  • The complete or partial works included in this volume were scanned, transcribed, or typed from the originals, from copies of the originals, or from translations. In our search for classics in public health, we found that some works were reprinted several times, had updated versions of the originals or new editions with introductions or commentary, and appeared in different formats in a variety of places. We also found that some works were translated by different individuals, leading to discrepancies in the editions.

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  • The period of camping (March and May) being a rainy season, coupled with the location of the camp, poor sanitation and drainage system could all encourage the breeding of mosquitoes (the malaria vector). The diarrhoea prevalence rate of 31.5% is equally higher than the value reported for the normal population of Nigeria (being 28%) (UNICEF, 2005). Diarrhoea is a major killer of children per annum the poor sanitary condition and unsafe water sources may be responsible for the observed higher prevalence of Diarrhoeas.

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  • Solid waste management generates big challenges for society due to its large variability in production and composition, and because of its sanitary and environmental impacts. To contribute in facing this situation, this book includes a worldwide overview of experiences and conceptual and technical developments attained through research and development projects. In addition to minimizing generation, considered as the most desirable practice, it includes alternatives of valuation for potentially recoverable waste and strategies to reduce final conditioning and disposition risks.

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  • Curable noncompliance includes, but is not limited to: unauthorized pets, unauthorized guests, not keeping the dwelling sanitary, and parking in an unauthorized manner. In the case of a curable condition, your landlord must leave you a notice specifying the noncompliance and explaining that unless you take care of the noncompliance within seven days, the lease will end. However, if you commit the same noncompliance again within twelve months, your landlord may then evict you without another chance to cure. (Fla. Stat. § 83.56(2)(b))....

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  • This involves research and investigational work concerned with the development of new or revision of existing class and grade standards, including such matters as: (1) gaining cooperation of producer, trade and consumer organizations; (2) factfinding to arrive at the terms and conditions suitable to the needs of the various elements of the industry; (3) investigation for such factors as requirements for storing and handling, designation under which the commodity is usually marketed, changes in methods of preparation, harvesting and marketing, new means of preserving quality or cond...

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  • The Resident Physician, who shall also be the Superintendent, shall be the chief executive officer of the Asylum; he shall have the general superintendence of the buildings, grounds, and property, subject to the laws and regulations of the Trustees; he shall have the sole control and management of the patients; he shall ascertain their condition, daily prescribe their treatment, and adopt such sanitary measures as he may think best; he shall appoint, with the approval of the Trustees, so many attendants and assistants as he may think proper and necessary for the economical and efficien...

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