Sanitary environments

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  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a fascinating, fast developing and multidisciplinary domain with emerging technologies and applications. It is characterized by a variety of research topics, analytical methods, models, protocols, design principles and processing software. With a relatively large range of applications, RFID enjoys extensive investor confidence and is poised for growth.

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  • My interest in environmental pollution control microbiology began at MIT in 1948 when I realized that very little was known about this vital area of sanitary engineering technology. I became a serious student of environmental pollution control microbiology in 1950 when I began research on the microbiology and the biochemistry of floe-forming bacteria in activated sludge. I must admit that environmental pollution control microbiology has been my area of technical specialization since 1950. It has been a most interesting experience that I have never regretted.

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  • We will use whether or not the household owns animals, bikes and/or motorbikes. Households living in the rural part of the municipality might be more prone to own these assets. Moreover, they might have worse access to health and sanitary infrastructure. If this was the case, we expect that the importance of household consumption will be underestimated when we use the ownership of animals, bikes and/or motorbikes as instruments.

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  • The Resident Physician, who shall also be the Superintendent, shall be the chief executive officer of the Asylum; he shall have the general superintendence of the buildings, grounds, and property, subject to the laws and regulations of the Trustees; he shall have the sole control and management of the patients; he shall ascertain their condition, daily prescribe their treatment, and adopt such sanitary measures as he may think best; he shall appoint, with the approval of the Trustees, so many attendants and assistants as he may think proper and necessary for the economical and efficien...

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