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  • In Saviors and Survivors, Mahmood Mamdani explains how the conflict in Darfur began as a civil war (1987—89) between nomadic and peasant tribes over fertile land in the south, triggered by a severe drought that had expanded the Sahara Desert by more than sixty miles in forty years; how British colonial officials had artificially tribalized Darfur, dividing its population into “native” and “settler” tribes and creating homelands for the former at the expense of the latter; how the war intensified in the 1990s when the Sudanese government tried unsuccessfully to address the problem ...

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  • US Regulatory Status in the 1990s During the first part of the 1990s, the regulatory climate in the US cellular environment was fashioned by the components of the time. The migration from analogue to digital was underway. The TDMA/FDMA debate had finished and a decision had been made (with TDMA winning) and the TDMA/CDMA public relations wars were in full swing. CDMA was thought by some to be the saviour of the world, capacity wise, and others were firmly committed to TDMA and some even to enhancements of TDMA. A new US President took office in 1993 and one of...

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  • The „man‟ as the saviour and the „woman‟ as the victim are also prominently seen in Hindi cinema discourse. The heroine is a damsel in distress who has to be rescued by the hero if she is in trouble. Scene after scene of heroes rescuing their ladies from the clutches of villains have been captured by the camera. In recently released Ra-One (2011), the film‟s poster clearly depicts the hero (Shahrukh Khan) carrying the leading lady, Kareena Kapoor in his arms. It builds up his image as her saviour, something which the films story too follows. The woman...

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  • She was not an infant--an unconscious subject of grace. But the Saviour has led through a long sickness, and through death, a daughter of nineteen years, and has made her, and those who loved and watched her, say, We are more than conquerors. To speak of Him, and not to gratify the fondness of parental love, to commend the Saviour of my child to other hearts, and to obtain for Him the affections of those to whom He is able and willing to be all which He was to her, is the sole object of these pages. Listen, then, not to a parent's partial tale...

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  • The history of St. Saviour's takes us back to those distant days when Southwark was but a marsh, and when there was no bridge across the Thames. John Stow, historian and antiquary (1525-1605), was acquainted with Bartholomew Linstede, the last of the Priors, and gives the following account of its origin on his authority: East from the Bishop of Winchester's house, directly over against it, standeth a fair church, called St. Mary-over-the-Rie, or Overie; that is, over the water.

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