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  • Scientists who dedicate their research activity to biomaterials pass through the typical dichotomy that often characterizes the basic research. On one side is the wish of exploring new frontiers of chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, pharmaceutics and all other disciplines to which biomaterials can be applied. Constantly improving of scientific knowledge would feed the freedom of attempting new strategies for producing materials with always tailored and improved characteristics.

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  • In view of the fact that the present paper will doubtless reach many readers who may not, in consequence of the limited edition, have seen the preliminary volume on mortuary customs, it seems expedient to reproduce in great part the prefatory remarks which served as an introduction to that work; for the reasons then urged, for the immediate study of this subject, still exist, and as time flies on become more and more important. The primitive manners and customs of the North American Indians are rapidly passing away under influences of civilization and other disturbing elements.

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  • Research should focus on the development and production of new high-affinity, non-immunoglobulin protein scaffolds as an alternative to antibodies or oligonucleotides. Projects should aim at developing new, efficient and safe therapies by combining high specificity with stable production characteristics. Projects should include preclinical studies, methods for scale-up and GMP as appropriate, should combine academic, clinical and industrial expertise and implement a translational approach towards clinical trials (clinical proof-of-concept and/or phase I/II clinical studies).

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