Scientists from mars

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  • Several years ago, I was invited to write a review surveying the recent theoretical work on consciousness by authors in several fields, ranging from quantum physics and chemistry through neuroscience and psychology to philosophy and literature. A swift survey of the good new books lined up on top of my book- shelf (it numbers 78, today, January 28, 2004, and those are just the books) persuaded me that I should beg off the job. It has been a tumultuous decade, so rambunctious that several people are writing books just about the tumult.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Mars - Conrad Storad is a description of Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun. The text discusses Mars' distinguishing characteristics, its position in the solar system its composition and atmospheric conditions, its moons, and how scientists have learned about Mars over time. Color photos and diagrams enhance understanding of the text.

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  • IF YOU will look at any good map of Venus you will see that the land mass called Anlap lies northwest of the island of Vepaja, from which Duare and I had just escaped. On Anlap lies Korva, the friendly country toward which I pointed the nose of our plane. Of course there is no good map of Venus, at least none that I ever have seen; because the scientists of the southern hemisphere of the planet, the hemisphere to which Chance carried my rocket ship, have an erroneous conception of the shape of their world. They believe that Amtor, as they call it, is shaped like a...

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