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  • This studydescribesamodifiedcolorimetricassay foruricase activity in flexible 96-well microtiter plates using the uricase/ uric acid/horseradish peroxidase/4-aminoantipyrine/3,5-dichloro-2-hydroxybenzene sulfonate colorimetric reaction. The utility of this assay was demonstrated in a screen for mutant uricase enzymes derived from theuricasegene of the thermophilic bacteriumBacillus subtilisby a modified stag-gered extension process (StEP) mutagenesis. AnEscherichia coli library of StEP-derived uricase mutant clones was screened yielding two identical active mutanturicasegenes....

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  • Sodium borohydride (NaBH4) added kraft pulping was performed using European aspen (Populus tremula L.) chips and the effects of the NaBH4 addition on the physical and optical properties of pulps and resultant papers were investigated.

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  • Bean is an edible grain legume species with the greatest selectivity in terms of ecological conditions. Increasing the yield per unit area depends on identification and breeding of species resistant to different ecological conditions. In this regard, we aimed to evaluate mRNA levels of the PvLEA3 gene and lipid peroxidation levels in 7 different bean varieties subjected to NaCl and PEG stresses.

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  • A person's soft skill EQ is an important part of their individual contribution to the success of an organization. Particularly those organizations dealing with customers face-to-face are generally more successful, if they train their staff to use these skills. Screening or training for personal habits or traits such as dependability and conscientiousness can yield significant return on investment for an organization.[2] For this reason, soft skills are increasingly sought out by employers in addition to standard qualifications....

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  • The subsequent survey in the second demonstration, regarding the use of electronic music in a screening of Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages, yielded similar results. The survey found that 78.1 percent of the new group saw the elec- tronic music as enhancing their engagement with the film. A further 18.7 percent found that the music detracted, while only 3.1 percent remained neutral. In con- trast, only 50 percent of these students would have found a piano or organ score beneficial, while only 46.8 percent would have benefited from a symphonic score....

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  • Cancer Screening Screening is a means of detecting disease early in asymptomatic individuals, with the goal of decreasing morbidity and mortality. While screening can potentially save lives and has been shown to do so in cervical, colon, and probably breast cancer, it is also subject to a number of biases that can suggest a benefit when actually there is none. Biases can even mask net harm. Early detection does not in itself confer benefit. To be of value, screening must detect disease earlier, and treatment of earlier disease must yield a better outcome than treatment at the onset of...

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  • Manganese lipoxygenase was isolated to homogeneity from the take-all fungus, Gaeumannomyces graminis. The C-terminal amino acids and several internal peptides were sequenced, and the information was used to obtain a cDNA probe by RT/PCR. Screening of a genomic library of G. graminis yielded a full-length clone of the Mn-Lipoxygenase gene. cDNA analysis showed that the gene spanned 2.6 kb and contained one intron (133 bp). Northern blot analyses indicated two transcripts (2.7 and 3.1 kb). The deduced amino-acid sequence of the Mn-Lipoxygenase precursor (618 amino acids, 67.

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  • Moth bean [Vigna aconitifolia (Jacq.) Marechal] susceptibility to yellow mosaic virus (YMV) purged the crop from the farming system. Therefore, genotype-by-environment interaction (GEI) and biplot studies were undertaken to develop YMV-resistant moth bean cultivars from the germplasm.

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  • The Arabidopsis mutant axr1 is defective in both auxin and jasmonic acid responses. A screen for axr1-24 suppressors yielded sar1-5, an allele of previously described mutants that partially correct the auxin response defects in axr1. The new allele partially suppresses defects in jasmonate response in axr1.

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  • Rains during grain ripening in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) can cause preharvest sprouting (PHS), which drastically affects the grain yield and the baking quality of four. In the present study, to screen 7 cultivars and 4 lines of spring bread wheat for PHS, germination tests were conducted with seeds obtained from wet spikes harvested immediately afer natural rainfall.

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  • Presentation article this study focus on developing new rice varieties which are salt tolerant combine with high yield potentials, high quality using Molecular Markers and convensional breeding. The Saltol QTL introgresion lines were developed and selected through generations from Vietnam popular rice variety AS996 using markers assisted backrossing (MABC). After three backcross generations, the selfing generations were developed. Conventional breeding were used to select the high yield, high quality lines.

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