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  • A writer in the Boston Post has said of Mrs. Burnett: "She has a beauty of imagination and a spiritual insight into the meditations of childhood which are within the grasp of no other writer for children,"—and these five volumes would indeed be difficult to match in child literature. The new edition is from new plates, with all the original illustrations by Reginald B. Birch, is bound in a handsome new cover.

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  • I cannot permit this Edition of "The Ancient Church" to appear before the citizens of the United States without acknowledging my obligations to Mr Charles Scribner of New York. Mr Scribner was the first gentleman connected with the noble profession to which he belongs, either in the Old or in the New World, from whom I received encouragement in this undertaking; and his prompt and generous offers aided me materially in making arrangements for the publication of the work in Great Britain.

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  • MICROSOFT ® .NET DEVELOPERSAMPLE 1 4/29/09 1:12:02 PMEffective REST Services via .NET9780321613257Kenn Scribner, Scott Seely CHAPTER 3: Desktop Client OperationsEssential LINQ 9780321564160Charlie Calvert, Dinesh Kulkarni CHAPTER 3: The Essence of LINQ Visual Studio Tools for Office 20079780321533210Eric Carter, Eric Lippert CHAPTER 3: Programming ExcelConcurrent Programming on Windows9780321434821 Joe DuffyCHAPTER 3

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  • (BQ) Notable Sports Figures does not necessarily fill a void in biographical coverage of athletes when one considers the recent publication of several other sources, such as Encyclopedia of North American Sports History (2d ed., Facts On File, 2002) or The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives: Sports Figures (2002). Admittedly these two volumes are restricted to American or North American sports coverage, but after scanning the geographic index in Notable Sports Figures, it is quite evident that the emphasis is on American athletes.

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