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  • HTML is the predominant programming language used to create Web pages.?HTML5 has enhanced rich media, geolocation, database and mobile capabilities, and is now able to script APIs, making it a must-have for Web developers.?This convenient reference, comb-bound to lie flat, makes it easy to find the information you need in a hurry so you can get those terrific Web pages designed and online right now.

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  • I wrote this book for people who have some experience with JavaScript and no experience with Prototype. I mean for “experience with JavaScript” to cast a wide net: you may love JavaScript, or hate it, or love the language but hate browser scripting, or love both, or hate both.

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  • PHP is an open-source (and therefore free) scripting language for creating dynamic web pages. Since its creation in 1995, its popularity has grown to more than double that of the previously most used scripting language, Perl. In fact, PHP is now in the top five most popular and most used languages according a majority of surveys, which is hardly surprising because it is provided with most web hosting accounts, is easy to integrate into web pages, is extremely fast (given that it is interpreted), and it has built-in links to MySQL, the world’s most popular open-source database program....

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  • This book provides examples using the IQuery, ICriteria, QueryOver, and LINQ to NHibernate API’s within the context of an example Guitar Store inventory program. The reader is walked through the creation of a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database, the creation of a Visual Studio 2010 solution consisting of 3 projects (a Window Presentation Foundation (WPF), a Console Application, and a Class Library). Each one utilizes the .NET 4.0 framework. Then the reader is walked through the steps required to configure and use the many features available contained within NHibernate 3.2.

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  • HTML is the predominant programming language used to create Web pages. HTML5 is the most recent update to the HTML standard which is maintained and governed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). HTML5 represents a major change to HTML — arguably the most substantial change since the development of XHTML. HTML5 has enhanced rich media, geolocation, database and mobile capabilities, and is now able to script APIs. This book covers the fundamentals for developing Web sites using HTML5 by utilizing clear-cut tasks, code examples, step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-follow advice....

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  • This guide to Web programming teaches you how to extend the capabilities of the Apache Web server. It explains the design of Apache, mod_perl, and the Apache API, then demonstrates how to use them to rewrite CGI scripts, filter HTML documents on the server-side, enhance server log functionality, convert file formats on the fly, and more.

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  • Welcome to the exciting world of HTML5! If you’re an ASP.NET developer looking to turbocharge your ASP.NET applications with HTML5 features, you’ve picked the right book. Compared to its successors, HTML5 offers a much richer and complex set of features. HTML5 isn’t just about additional markup tags— it’s about APIs that you can program using client-side script. On one hand, HTML5 simplifies tasks that weren’t possible previously; but at the same time, it calls for a detailed understanding of HTML5 features and ways to integrate those features into your applications.

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  • Trong phần này, chúng ta sẽ tạo ra một ứng dụng Google Search Ajax sử dụng dịch vụ Google tìm kiếm địa phương. Ajaxsearch.jsp thêm Google Ajax Search API thư viện JavaScript. Chỉ định Google Ajax Search API quan trọng trong các thuộc tính src cho các thẻ script.

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  • 233 Chương 19: Một số COM Interop hữu ích ong đợi Microsoft .NET Framework sao lại tất cả các tính năng hiện có trong các thành phần COM là điều phi thực tế. Trong các chương trước, bạn đã biết cách mở rộng các chức năng của .NET bằng cách tận dụng các tính năng từ Win32 API, WMI, và các thành phần COM như Windows Script Host. Chương này sẽ xét một vài tính năng hữu ích hơn từ thế giới của mã lệnh không-được-quản-lý, bao gồm ADO kinh điển (mục 19.

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  • Mục lục: 1. Anatomy of the Game 2. Công cụ phát triển Linux 3. Linux Gaming API 4. Mastering SDL, 5. Linux âm thanh lập trình; 6. Trò chơi Scripting Trong Linux, 7. Gaming nối mạng với Linux, 8. Chơi game bằng bàn điều khiển Linux 9. Kết thúc Penguin chiến binh, 10. Mỗi một người đàn ông phân phối Linux.

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  • A few years ago I was browsing the computer section at a local bookstore when I bumped into another computer enthusiast. He introduced himself as a game programmer, mentioned a few of the projects he had worked on, and told me about his latest fascination: Linux. It meant little to me at the time, but I led the conversation away for future reference, and eventually I remembered the name and installed Linux on my home computer.

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  • 252 Chapter 11 Framework Components All the methods we use in this class are static methods. The methods you will probably be using most are the relative URI methods, and they are shown in Listing 11.1. Listing 11.1 Java Relative URI API static java.lang.String getRelativeUri(java.lang.String path) static java.lang.String getRelativeUri(java.lang.String path, boolean encode) static java.lang.String getRelativeUri(java.lang.String path, java.util.Map queryParams) static java.lang.String getRelativeUri(java.lang.String path, java.util.Map queryParams, java.lang.

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