Sea pollution

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  • The Baltic Sea is a unique basin, being productive with intensive fishing potential and has therefore been the object of many studies. It is a brackish, nontidal, relatively shallow and semi-enclosed sea. The Baltic is located at a high latitude, hence one of its characteristic features is ice. Another unique geographical pattern are the archipelagos located off the coast of Stockholm which consist of more than 25 000 islands. The relative ionic concentration of toxic substances e.g. chemical elements is generally higher in the low-saline Baltic Sea than compared to the North Sea....

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  • The study will contribute to the field of both economic and environment study as it will provide empirical basis to support or negate the EKC phenomenon for Asian countries. The empirical study will result in a quantitative association between income and environment pollution levels, particularly the relationship of income with three widely monitored air pollutants: PM-10, SO2 and NO2.

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  • A method was proposed for locating possible sources of oil pollution in the East Vietnam Sea. The method includes two stages. The first stage is called the raw stage. In this stage, based on the history of oil pollution at the Vietnamese coast and oil pollution footprint detected byremote sensing technique, numerical computation of wind and flow field in the sea was carried out.

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  • BEING CONSCIOUS of the need to preserve the human environment in general and the marine environment in particular, RECOGNIZING that deliberate, negligent or accidental release of oil and other harmful substances from ships constitutes a serious source of pollution, RECOGNIZING ALSO the importance of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil, 1954, as being the first multilateral instrument to be concluded with the prime objective of protecting the environment, and appreciating the significant contribution which that Convention has made in preserving the ...

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  • Elements of present-day sea use management have evolved over a long period. Basic to these are the principles of freedom of the seas, open access to resources, and sectoral management. There is, however, a necessary corrective to this Euro-centric view when the relationships between people and the marine environment are examined in several other cultures. Open access in Western society has experienced more recent restrictions as resource scarcities have arisen and new technological capacities have increased.

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  • Airborne suspended particulate matter can be of primary origin, i.e. emitted directly into the atmosphere or of secondary origin, i.e. formed in the atmosphere from gaseous species by either homogeneous or heterogeneous chemical reactions. Due to these different emission sources, particles have different chemical composition and size distributions. Depending on their size, particles have a different potential to be transported over either long or short distances [1]. Primary particles can be produced from either natural or anthropogenic sources.

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  • Breaking waves on the sea cause the ejection of many tiny droplets of seawater into the atmosphere. These droplets dry by evaporation leaving sea salt particles suspended in the air. Particles are also directly emitted by the bursting of air bubbles on sea surface Such particles are generally in the size range between 1 to 20µm. [19]. Whilst these particles are, in the main, rather coarse in size, a minor part of their mass is in particles small enough to have an appreciable atmospheric lifetime, which has been estimated as three days [20].

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về lâm nghiệp được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp Original article đề tài:"Ecophysiological responses of Mediterranean pines to simulated sea aerosol polluted with an anionic surfactant: prospects for biomonitoring"

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  • Particles with diameter between about 0.05 to 2.5µm contained in the so-called accumulation mode, are mainly formed by coagulation and generated from condensation processes. Particles in this size range can also be produced from secondary formation and natural sources such as sea spray or the resuspension of fine soil or dust, although less than 10% of mass concentration of the fine fraction (

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  • Comparing the total air pollution related health costs per capita (see Figure 14) the results of the three countries stay within the same range, although the central estimates indicate differences between the three countries. The highest per capita costs are shown for Austria. For the road traffic-related health costs, the per capita results differ much less between the three countries: The highest value is obtained in France with about 370 EUR per capita, followed by Austria with about 360 EUR per capita and Switzerland with about 310 EUR per capita.

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  • Phthalates are used to make plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) more flexible or resilient and also may be found in solvents. They are used in hundreds of products, including vinyl flooring, adhesives, detergents, lubricating oils, automotive plastics, plastic clothing such as raincoats, and personal care products such as soap, shampoo, hair spray, and nail polish. Before 1999, phthalates were used in pacifiers, soft rattles, and teethers (CDC 2005).

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  • Mangalore coast is a stretch of about 22 Kms at the western part of the Western Ghats of the Indian peninsula. This area is receiving huge quantity of pollution load from the major industries and factories located nearby. This pollution load is discharged into the sea either directly or through the major west flowing rivers of the region, Nethravathi and Gurupura. The pollution load includes runoff of the sediment, waste from oil refineries, nutrients and pesticides, iron ore residues from the nearby iron are company and chemicals from the chemical factory from the point source.

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  • Quirra is a small village located in the south-eastern part of the Italian Sardinia Island (Sardegna), in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. It is close to the sea shores (Capo San Lorenzo), and surrounded by other small villages like Perdasdefogu and Escalaplano. In that area, it is located the biggest military polygon of Italy and Europe, the "Poligono sperimentale di addestramento interforze del Salto Quirra" (“Salto di Quirra Polygon” and firing range).

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  • Littoral warfare is the use of combined forces, designed for operations in the sea-land-air environment, to influence, deter, or contain and defeat a regional threat through the projection of maritime power. It is an extremely complex and dynamic part of naval warfare. To be waged successfully, it demands long-term commitment to research and development, acquisition, threat assessments, tactical and operational analysis, training, education, and realistic fleet exercises.

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  • The second question requires that we build an understanding of how the policy instrument effects production and productive efficiency. Our approach is similar to recent stochastic frontier analyses with panel data (Cornwell et al. (1990), Kumbhakar (1990)), which allow intercepts and some coefficients of the production function to vary between firms and over time.

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  • Mexico City is one of the world s largest metropolitan areas, containing nearly 20 million inhabitants within the Valle de Mexico (also referred to as the Mexico City basin). The Valle de Mexico occupies ~1,300 km2 at a nominal elevation of 2,240 m above mean sea level, and is bordered on the east and west by mountains that rise 1,000 m above the valley floor, with low points to the north and south. Although its elevation is high, Mexico City s location at 19 degrees north latitude provides it with a temperate climate throughout the year.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Seamanship techniques" has contents: Marine instruments monitoring and measurement, meteorology, preventing collisions at sea, emergencies, fire fighting, search and rescue operations, ship handling – manoeuvring and mooring operations, tanker operations, the application of marpol and the prevention of pollution,... and other contents.

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  • Research objectives: To investigate basic methodology for mainstreaming CC issues into socio-economic development masterplan by applying SEA; and apply mainstreaming of CC issues into socio-economic development masterplan of Thua Thien –Hue province through SEA.

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  • The Mekong River Delta (MD), the most downstream part of the Mekong river, is known as the biggest "rice bowl" of Vietnam. Currently, 2.4 million ha are used for agriculture. During the rainy season part of the Delta is flooded. Along the 600 kmcoast, the sea tide strongly influences the water quality by sea water intrusion. In addition, an area of 2-million ha is covered by acid sulfate soils. Also, the MD is very densely populated with intense associated water pollution.

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  • But we are only now learning how to look after water. Acid rain has polluted as many as 18.000 lakes and our seas. And rivers are polluted with waste products. It is now very expensive to try to repair the damage which has been done. We have some hope for the future, though, because new sources of water have been discovered

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