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Searching and filtering

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  • Ebook Photoshop elements 4 for dummies: Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 11: playing with filters, effects, styles, and more; chapter 12: drawing and painting; chapter 13: working with type; chapter 14: getting it on paper; chapter 15: showing it on screen; chapter 16: making creations; chapter 17: ten tips for composing better photos; chapter 18: ten more project ideas; bonus chapter 1: exploring audio and video in elements; bonus chapter 2: setting up a web photo gallery; bonus chapter 3: viewing and searching metadata.

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  • This study develops an online unmanned UAV path-planning strategy for autonomous search and localisation of RF emitter. The UAV is equipped with Receiver Signal Strength (RSS) sensors to localise stationary radio frequency (RF) emitter. A high-fidelity non-linear measurement model of RF propagation in an urban environment is adopted for this purpose. The measurement model of the likelihood function is considered a Gaussian mixture.

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  • In 2020, PNNL completed a literature search for high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter age information. HEPA filters are used in many operations to remove particulate matter from effluent exhaust streams. They are thought to degrade over time both during proper storage and during normal operational service; however, the rate at which the filters degrade remains unknown.

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  • The search engine dramatically simplifies complex filtering tasks that previously required programming experience or specialty command-line programs. Critically, Bystro’s annotation and filtering capabilities are orders of magnitude faster than previous solutions, saving weeks of processing time for large experiments.

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  • The evaluation shows how the achieved solutions provide a great performance improvement (between 70% and 90% of filtering time reduction) in a centralized configuration and how they may be used to achieve efficient subgraph searching over very large databases in cluster configurations.

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  • Database search has been the main approach for proteoform identification by top-down tandem mass spectrometry. However, when the target proteoform that produced the spectrum contains post-translational modifications (PTMs) and/or mutations, it is quite time consuming to align a query spectrum against all protein sequences without any PTMs and mutations in a large database.

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  • The ability to efficiently search and filter datasets depends on access to high quality metadata. While most biomedical repositories require data submitters to provide a minimal set of metadata, some such as the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) allows users to specify additional metadata in the form of textual key-value pairs (e.g. sex: female).

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  • In the search for novel causal mutations, public and/or private variant databases are nearly always used to facilitate the search as they result in a massive reduction of putative variants in one step.

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  • This study presents a Fractional Order Proportional Integral Derivative Acceleration (FOPIDA) controller design methodology to improve set point and disturbance reject control performance. The proposed controller tuning method performs a multi-objective optimal fine-tuning strategy that implements a Consensus Oriented Random Search (CORS) algorithm to evaluate transient simulation results of a set point filter type Two Degree of Freedom (2DOF) FOPIDA control system.

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  • This paper aimed to present the findings of the first review that evaluates existing broadband measures of mental health and wellbeing outcomes in terms of these criteria. The following steps were implemented in order to select measures suitable for use in routine practice: literature database searches, consultation with stakeholders, application of inclusion and exclusion criteria, secondary searches and filtering.

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  • This paper presents an efficient design of non-uniform cosine modulated filter banks (CMFB) using canonic signed digit (CSD) coefficients. CMFB has got an easy and efficient design approach. Non-uniform decomposition can be easily obtained by merging the appropriate filters of a uniform filter bank. Only the prototype filter needs to be designed and optimized. In this paper, the prototype filter is designed using window method, weighted Chebyshev approximation and weighted constrained least square approximation. The coefficients are quantized into CSD, using a look-up-table.

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  • In order to narrow down the scope of target nodes sometimes using it, multiple keywords can be efficiently executed. In order to confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method, we conducted an experiment by simulation and we will also describe the results.

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  • This paper seek to analyze some kind of data in Instagram and make it easily when people want to search on it by using two important techniques, which are Rabid Miner and Tableau. Moreover, these data will be filtered based on the most famous account that have highest followers, which are celebrities and make some operator on it. Finally, to conclude these data in better and meaningful way, using visuals and graphs.

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  • Search engines are the major breakthrough on the web for retrieving the information. But List of retrieved documents contains a high percentage of duplicated and near document result. So there is the need to improve the performance of search results. Some of current search engine use data filtering algorithm which can eliminate duplicate and near duplicate documents to save the users’ time and effort.

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  • We describe refinements to hierarchical translation search procedures intended to reduce both search errors and memory usage through modifications to hypothesis expansion in cube pruning and reductions in the size of the rule sets used in translation. Rules are put into syntactic classes based on the number of non-terminals and the pattern, and various filtering strategies are then applied to assess the impact on translation speed and quality. Results are reported on the 2008 NIST Arabic-toEnglish evaluation task. ...

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  • Lucene is a gem in the open-source worldLucene in Action" is the authoritative guide to Lucene. It describes how to index your data, including types you definitely need to know such as MS Word, PDF, HTML, and XML. It introduces you to searching, sorting, filtering, and highlighting search results. Lucene powers search in surprising placesWhat's Inside

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  • We propose a syntactic falter for identifying non-coreferential pronoun-NP pairs within a sentence. The filter applies to the output of a Slot Grammar parser and is formulated m terms of the head-argument structures which the parser generates. It liandles control and unbounded dependency constructions without empty categories or binding chains, by virtue of the uniticational nature of the parser. The filter provides constraints for a discourse semantics system, reducing the search domain to which the inference rules of the system's anaphora resolution component apply. ...

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  • Defining the various tasks required of GDHit was essential before any visual brainstorming was approached. These tasks, once defined, helped clarify perceptions of layout and functionality. The main function of the timeline is to search content chronologically (span a set number of years), filter content (through the classification of various categories), read content (the most important single function of the timeline) and filter contextually rather than linearly (by filtering content through the Tags).

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  • This paper describes a spelling correction system that functions as part of an intelligent tutor that carries on a natural language dialogue with its users. The process that searches the lexicon is adaptive as is the system filter, to speed up the process. The basis of our approach is the interaction between the parser and the spelling corrector. Alternative correction targets are fed back to the parser, which does a series of syntactic and semantic checks, based on the dialogue context, the sentence context, and the phrase context. phrases that are used in the correction process. ...

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  • In this paper, we present a novel backward transliteration approach which can further assist the existing statistical model by mining monolingual web resources. Firstly, we employ the syllable-based search to revise the transliteration candidates from the statistical model. By mapping all of them into existing words, we can filter or correct some pseudo candidates and improve the overall recall. Secondly, an AdaBoost model is used to rerank the revised candidates based on the information extracted from monolingual web pages. ...

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