Secretory vesicles

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  • This multimedia resource offers a complete introduction to histology with superb clear and thoroughly labelled images and illustrations within an elegant navigation structure. Digital Histology is an interactive, annotated digital atlas of over 700 original micrographs, along with an accompanying review text. It is ideal for use as a tool for teaching, self-instruction, and self-assessment, as it was initially designed to replace or augment the laboratory component of graduate and undergraduate courses....

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  • In no department of Pathology has advance been so fitful and interrupted as in that dealing with blood changes in various forms of disease, though none now offers a field that promises such an abundant return for an equal expenditure of time and labour. Observations of great importance were early made by Wharton Jones, Waller, and Hughes Bennett in this country, and by Virchow and Max Schultze in Germany.

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  • Tip growth is a specialized type of polar growth where new cell wall is deposited in a localized region of the cell, the growing tip. These cells show a characteristic zonation, with a high accumulationof secretory vesicles containing cell wall components at the tip, followed by an organelle-enriched zone.MsPG3is a Medicago sativapolygalacturonase gene isolated in our laboratory, specifically expressed during the interaction of this plant with its symbiotic partner Sinorhiz-obium melilotiand which might participate in tip growth processes during symbiosis....

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