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  • “Why me?”, “It is hard to stay focused”, “I am overloaded with work”, “I even have no time to breath!” or “My work is boring and degrading”… These are the phrases we usually hear around the workplace or even from ourselves. They are accompanied by headaches, insomnia…The sign of depression –“stress” in modern life, appears when work and life tense us up and make us tired. For the positions that are constantly put under pressure such as the manager, securities brokerage ...

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  • Finding a solution to structural poverty requires a review of the devel- opment model as well as the macroeconomic policies adopted by gov- ernments. Social development and economic growth must be under- stood as integral parts of the same process. Eliminating the causes of structural poverty requires overcoming the false dichotomy between the social and economic aspects of development. In other words, poverty reduction should be the main objective of macroeconomic policies in the social sectors....

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  • In contrast to investment advisers, brokers make recommen- dations about specific investments like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. While taking into account your overall financial goals, brokers generally do not give you a detailed financial plan. Brokers are generally paid commissions when you buy or sell securities through them. If they sell you mutual funds make sure to ask questions about what fees are included in the mu- tual fund purchase. Brokerages vary widely in the quantity and quality of the ser- vices they provide for customers.

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  • Africa is still undergoing a process of economic stabilization, and many countries are facing specific issues of post-conflict reconstruction that call for emergency social funds interven- tions. The region already has the largest concentration of social funds, with the AGETIP agen- cies of West Africa regrouped within AFRICATIP. The social funds of Eastern and Southern Africa will develop their own network to be called Social Funds NET.

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  • With complaints and inquiries from senior citizen investors concerning financial services and investment fraud increasing, the Missouri Securities Division, a division in the Office of Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, 1 took steps to determine how to best increase protection for those investors.

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  • A major in Finance will offer you a wide range of employment opportunities. Potential careers may be found in corporations, retail and wholesale banking, insurance companies, finance companies, and brokerage houses. Specific jobs include portfolio management, risk management, personal financial planning advisory services, project and investment analysis, treasury operations, foreign exchange and money market dealing, and equity operations. A sample of career possibilities is below along with some of the roles performed in those jobs.

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  • An investor is a party that makes an investment into one or more categories of assets --- equity, debt securities, real estate, currency, commodity, derivatives such as put and call options, etc. --- with the objective of making a profit.  Inviduals  Organizations: Financial entities including Brokerages, Banks, Funds…

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  • Some of those shareholders kept a close watch on the Fund’s holdings and noticed a large position in broker Lehman Brothers. These investors—sensing that the brokerage firm might be in trouble— decided to take their money out of the fund. To meet their redemption requests, the fund sold other securities—with the unfortunate result that the problematic Lehman securities became an ever-larger portion of the remaining assets.

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  • Client brokerage commissions, where applicable, are used as payment for order execution services or research services. The portfolio advisors or Manager may select brokers, including their affiliates, who charge a commissions in excess of that charged by other brokers (“soft dollars”) if they determine in good faith that the commission is reasonable in relation to the order execution and research services utilized. It is the Manager's objective that over time, all clients receive benefits from the client brokerage commissions.

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  • OCC has developed a procedure known as Exercise By Exception to expedite its processing of exercises of expiring options by certain brokerage firms that are Clearing Members of OCC. Under this procedure, which is sometimes referred to as "ex-by-ex", OCC has established in-the-money thresholds and every contract at or above its in-the- money threshold will be exercised unless OCC's Clearing Member specifically instructs OCC to the contrary. Conversely, a contract under its in-the-money threshold will not be exercised unless OCC's Clearing Member specifically instructs OCC to do so.

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  • The Palestinian stock market has a number of key players, including the Palestine Securities Exchange, public listed companies, brokerage firms, the Capital Market Authority (CMA) and shareholders. The Palestine stock market was created in 1996, performing its first deal early in 1997. It evolved quickly in the last ten years, the number of listed companies reaching 35 with a capitalization of US$ 950 million.

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  • Investors must pay brokerage commissions when they buy and sell individual bonds.One exception is that investors may purchase (at no commission) Treasury securities through the Treasury Direct program of the Federal Reserve System. Investing in bond mutual funds While there are significant advantages to purchasing individual bonds,many investors prefer to invest in bond mutual funds.The next section describes how a bond mutual fund works and explains why an investor might choose a bond mutual fund rather than individual bonds....

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  • The stock exchange Statute stipulates the scope of activities of the stock exchange: first, the organization of public tender of securities, which implies con- necting supply and demand for securities, and providing information relating to sup- ply, demand and market price of securities, as well as other data of relevance for securities’ trading. Another task of the stock exchange is to determine the securities’ price quotation lists and to make them public.

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