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  • pring Security 3.1" is an incremental guide that will teach you how to protect your application from malicious users. You will learn how to cleanly integrate Spring Security into your application using the latest technologies and frameworks with the help of detailed examples. This book is centred around a security audit of an insecure application and then modifying the sample to resolve the issues found in the audit.

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  • Paulino Calderón Pale (@calderpwn) is a very passionate software developer and penetration tester from a Caribbean island in México called Cozumel. He learned to write code and administer IT infrastructures early in his life—skills that came handy when he joined the information security industry. Today, he loves learning new technologies, penetration testing, conducting data-gathering experiments, developing software, and contributing to the open source community.

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  • After studying this chapter you should be able to: Define privilege audits, describe how usage audits can protect security, list the methodologies used for monitoring to detect security-related anomalies, describe the different monitoring tools.

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  • Lecture "Database security and auditing - Protecting data integrity and accessibility - Chapter 9: Auditing database activities" presentation of content: Audit server activities with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, audit database activities using Microsoft SQL Profiler, use SQL Server for security auditing. Mời các bạn tham khảo.

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  • Contents Foreword Acknowledgments Author 1 Introduction: How h is Book Will Help You Be Secure and Compliant 2 Hardening the Database 3 Securing the Listener 4 Account Security 5 Cryptography, Oracle Wallets, and Oracle PKI 6 Authentication 7 Encrypting Data-in-Transit 8 Encrypting Data-at-Rest 9 Standard Auditing 10 Mandatory and Administrator Auditing 11 Fine-Grained Auditing 12 Auditing Before/After Values and Monitoring Selected Data 13 Oracle Audit

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  • Learning objectives of this chapter include: Secure the physical installation of and the administrative access to Cisco routers based on different network requirements using the CLI and CCP; configure administrative roles using privilege levels and role-based CLI; Implement the management and reporting features of syslog, SNMP, SSH, and NTP;...

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  • The content chapter 5 include: Access control models, authentication models, logging procedures, conducting security audits, redundancy planning, disaster recovery procedures, organizational policies.

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  • Russ Rogers (CISSP, CISM, IAM, IEM, HonScD), author of the popular Hacking a Terror Network (Syngress Publishing, ISBN 1-928994-98-9), co-author on multiple other books including the best selling Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent (Syngress, ISBN 1-931836-05-1), Network Security Evaluation Using the NSA IEM (Syngress, 1-597490-35-0) and Editor in Chief of The Security Journal; is currently a penetration tester for a Federal agency and formerly the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Offi cer of Security Horizon;...

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  • Auditing is a formal process for examining key issues with a view to establishing accountabilities and securing an improved position. The pressures on all types of organizations mean that there has never been a greater need for effective auditing. The requirement to perform, behave well and account properly for corporate resources has meant that things cannot simply be left to chance.

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  • Perform regularly scheduled tests of your new system. Such tests should be performed by both internal and external parties. You may chose to perform quarterly or bi-annual internal tests and annual audits by an external entity. Of course, no system is perfect, so expect to have areas for improvement discovered as a result of these tests. These areas of improvement lead us to the final step in the security lifecycle.

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  • The selection must be announced at the latest on the day preceding the interview. The audit team may also arrange joint discussions for various actors within the institution concerning key topics in terms of quality management. The visit concludes with a meeting with the management, where the audit team has the opportunity to ask more specific questions about the institution’s quality system. At the end of the meeting, the audit team gives the institution preliminary feedback on the functioning of its quality system based on the observations made during the visit....

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  • The spokes depicted in the diagram are only examples of possible specialty capabilities that may be needed. Spokes are not limited only to specialty areas. If core internal audit resources are required in various geographies or to team with an existing audit unit, a hub and spokes model ensures responsiveness, quality and consistency while eliminating or controlling audit costs. The Hub and Spokes Resource Model, combined with the Flexible Spending Account previously discussed, provide internal audit access to the right skill sets on an as needed basis.

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  • While the basic elements of audit task plans are likely to be similar, the actual contents will differ widely depending on the type of audit (regularity or performance), the audit objective(s) and the auditee. Substantial differences will be found even with similar types of audit. For example, in an audit to give an opinion on the financial statements of an entity that is believed to have reasonably good accounting systems, the methodology is likely to emphasise testing the systems and examining the adequacy of the management controls.

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  • The results of the IS audit are reported to the management of the organisation, the person responsible for IS audits, and the IT Security Officer (see section 4.9) and integrated into the ISMS process. A clearly defined procedure should be available for this purpose that is stated in a guideline for examining and improving the security process (see [BSI2]). Requirements for eliminating deficiencies and improving quality are the result of the evaluation of the IS audit report. The IT Security Officer derives the corresponding follow-up activities from these requirements.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Auditing - A risk based approach to conducting a quality audit" has contents: Auditing the revenue cycle, auditing cash and marketable securities, activities required in completing a quality audit, audit reports on financial statements, advanced topics concerning complex auditing judgments,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Auditing" has contents: Auditing the revenue cycle, auditing cash and marketable securities, activities required in completing a quality audit, advanced topics concerning complex auditing judgments,...and other contents.

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  • Module 12 - Designing responses to security incidents. The following topics are covered in this module: Introduction to auditing and incident response, designing an audit policy, designing an incident response procedure. After completing this module, students will be able to: Describe auditing and incident response, design an audit policy, design an incident response procedure.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Contemporary auditing" has contents: Enron corporation, jamaica water properties, the leslie fay companies, lincoln savings and loan association, new century financial corporation, madoff securities, capitalbanc corporation, campbell soup company,...and other contents.

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  • Network Security: Chapter 9 - Intruders presents about Intrusion Techniques, Password Guessing, Password Capture, Intrusion Detection, Approaches to Intrusion Detection, Audit Records, Statistical Anomaly Detection, Audit Record Analysis.

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  • Lecture Database security and auditing - Protecting data integrity and accessibility - Chapter 8: Application Data Auditing presentation of content Create and implement Oracle triggers, create and implement SQL Server triggers, define and implement Oracle fine-grained auditing,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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