Sediment transport processes

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  • Sediment Transport Processes and their Modelling Applications is a book which covers a wide range of topics. The effective management of many aquatic environments, requires a detailed understanding of sediment dynamics. This has both environmental and economic implications, especially where there is any anthropogenic involvement. Numerical models are often the tool used for predicting the transport and fate of sediment movement in these situations, as they can estimate the various spatial and temporal fluxes.

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  • Sediment transport is a book that covers a wide variety of subject matters. It combines the personal and professional experience of the authors on solid particles transport and related problems, whose expertise is focused in aqueous systems and in laboratory flumes. This includes a series of chapters on hydrodynamics and their relationship with sediment transport and morphological development.

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  • The computed results for flows are calibrated on the base of data measured in Thuan An station in April 1999. The final results from sediment transport model showed that the near shore area from Thuan An to Tu Hien are strongly affected by sediment transport process and the natural flow could change the morphological bed for very long time.

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  • There are three verification cases of the model: verification of the tide-induced current, the wave-induced current and the sediment transportation., The results from the model are good in accordance with the analytical solution. The model is then applied to the coastal zone of Can Gio mangrove forest and Cua Lap estuary (South East of Vietnam). As a result, the trend of sediment accretion and erosion in these two areas are qualitatively in agreement with satellite observation and practical measurement

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học được đăng trên tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: A new approach to investigate the interactions between sediment transport and ecotoxicological processes during flood events

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  • The use of models to provide additional details on contaminant fate and transport has rapidly increased in the past 3 decades. The increasing global recognition of the potential risks associated with surface water or ground water contamination and speciÞc environmental regulations implemented after 1980 have demanded a more accurate understanding of these risks as they relate to human health and the environment.

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  • In this paper a 3D model (FSUM) on tidal flows with sediment transport and bed morphology process taking into account the temperature-salinity exchange in estuaries and coastal zones is introduced in more detail. The implicit finite difference method based on semi-Lagrange splitting is used. The software is coded with FORTRAN 90/95.

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  • This acoustic imaging has identified a canyon system at the slope and a shallow marine fan, which contains shelf incisions extending the İstanbul Strait incision. Multibeam bathymetry, ultra-high resolution seismic profiling and coring correlations on this subaqueous fan area allowed reconstruction of morphology and patterns of sediment distribution indicative of high energy sediment transport processes.

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  • The search for oil occurs in geological sediments, as opposed to volcanic rocks. Several processes are involved in the creation of sediments. First, the inland continental volcanic rock is continuously being weakened and eroded by weathering processes (mechanical (through water, ice and wind) and chemical erosion). Secondly and simultaneously, the eroded material is being transported by water, ice and wind and gradually the material may be broken down into smaller pieces (from boulders to gravel, to sand, to silt and finally to clay).

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  • In case of the control period (1961-1990), the initial and the lateral boundary conditions for the regional model are taken from (i) the ERA-40 reanalysis database (Uppala et al., 2005) using 1° horizontal resolution, compiled by the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), and (ii) the HadCM3 ocean-atmosphere coupled GCM using ~150 km as a horizontal resolution. For the validation of the PRECIS results CRU TS 1.2 (Mitchell & Jones, 2005) datasets were used.

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  • Hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of a seasonally forced tidal inlet system are investigated using numerical models. The ocean forcing including tidal and wave actions and sediment transport is simulated using Delft3D model. Fluvial processes in Delft3D are taken into account as results from SOBEKRURAL model.

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  • Due to their low aqueous solubilities, the PCBs and PAHs lay on the surface of soils and waters. PCBs and PAHs adsorb strongly to the organic fraction of soils (Girvin & Scott, 1997; Hiller et al., 2011). Soils contaminated with PCBs and PAHs are transported directly or indirectly by rivers to the water reservoir and are subsequently converted into the bed sediments. Therefore, soils could be considered as the primary sinks for these organic contaminants. PCBs and PAHs are persistent in the environment, resistant to degradation process, and accumulate in food chain.

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