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  • Microsoft’s ADO.NET Entity Framework, known widely as EF, introduced out-of-thebox Object Relational Mapping to .NET and Visual Studio. Central to Entity Framework was the Entity Data Model, a conceptual model of your application domain that maps back to the schema of your database. This conceptual model describes the core classes in your application. Entity Framework uses this conceptual model while querying from the database, creating objects from that data and then persisting changes back to the database....

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  • Active Learning (AL) is typically initialized with a small seed of examples selected randomly. However, when the distribution of classes in the data is skewed, some classes may be missed, resulting in a slow learning progress. Our contribution is twofold: (1) we show that an unsupervised language modeling based technique is effective in selecting rare class examples, and (2) we use this technique for seeding AL and demonstrate that it leads to a higher learning rate. The evaluation is conducted in the context of word sense disambiguation. ...

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  • Mining bilingual data (including bilingual sentences and terms1) from the Web can benefit many NLP applications, such as machine translation and cross language information retrieval. In this paper, based on the observation that bilingual data in many web pages appear collectively following similar patterns, an adaptive pattern-based bilingual data mining method is proposed.

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  • A minimally supervised machine learning framework is described for extracting relations of various complexity. Bootstrapping starts from a small set of n-ary relation instances as “seeds”, in order to automatically learn pattern rules from parsed data, which then can extract new instances of the relation and its projections. We propose a novel rule representation enabling the composition of n-ary relation rules on top of the rules for projections of the relation.

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  • Many books in the documentation set use the sample schemas of the seed database, which is installed by default when you install Oracle. Refer to Oracle Database Sample Schemas for information on how these schemas were created and how you can use them yourself. Oracle error message documentation is only available in HTML. If you only have access to the Oracle Documentation CD, you can browse the error messages by range. Once you find the specific range, use your browser's "find in page" feature to locate the specific message.

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  • The fruit of tomato (Solanum lycopersicumL.) is a berry: red, fleshy and rich in seeds. Its colour is due to the high content of lycopene whose syn-thesis is activated by the phytoene synthase 1 (PSY1) enzyme, encoded by Psy1which is distinct fromPsy2.

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  • Bowman–Birk serine protease inhibitors are a family of small plant pro-teins, whose physiological role has not been ascertained as yet, while chemopreventive anticarcinogenic properties have repeatedly been claimed. In this work we present data on the isolation of a lentil (Lens culinaris, L., var.

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  • Creating large amounts of annotated data to train statistical PCFG parsers is expensive, and the performance of such parsers declines when training and test data are taken from different domains. In this paper we use selftraining in order to improve the quality of a parser and to adapt it to a different domain, using only small amounts of manually annotated seed data. We report significant improvement both when the seed and test data are in the same domain and in the outof-domain adaptation scenario. ...

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  • As part of the ING Direct Consumer Savings Monitor quarterly tracking, we ask survey recipients to record their current level of outstanding unsecured debts from credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans and hire-purchase agreements. Outstanding debts refer to those remaining after bills have been paid (so credit paid off in full each month would not be included). Using this data we produce a mean average. In tracking debt levels, the mean average gives a better indication of average debt levels among UK people than the median.

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  • A major focus of the World Pneumonia Day effort was engaging political leadership to advance efforts to protect against, prevent and treat child pneumonia, particularly in countries with high disease burden. Event highlights include the following: Pneumococcal Vaccine Introduction Brings New Hope to Malawian Families On World Pneumonia Day, Malawi became the 16th GAVI-eligible country to introduce pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) into its routine immunization program, promising to protect millions of children from pneumococcal pneumonia.

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  • Pisum sativump16 is a protein present in the chromatin of ungerminated embryonic axes. The purification of p16 and the isolationof a cDNAclone ofpsp54, the gene encoding its precursor have been recently reported [Castillo, J., Rodrigo, M. I.,Ma´rquez, J. A., Zu´n˜iga, AandFranco, L. (2000)Eur. J.Biochem.267, 2156–2165]. In thepresentpaper,wepresent data showing that p16 is a nuclear protein.

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  • The fermentation of cassava which normally takes 3-4 days during village processing can be shortened to 24h by seeding a fresh pulp with cassava juice 4 days old. In the work described here, a further attempt has been made to elucidate the nature of biochemical reactions taking place during fermentation, and to establish the optimum conditions which could be utilised in a modern industry based on this process.

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  • Overall, there are marginally more men than women in Europe, with the proportion of women increasing in older age categories. In 2005, there were approximately 15% more women than men among those aged 65-69 and almost two times more women than men aged over 80, leading to a total of 43% more women than men aged 65 and over (EUROSTAT 2008a, 2008b). In all European countries, life expectancy is greater for women than for men, with the largest gap between the sexes in Lithuania (11.7 years) and the smallest in Iceland (3.4) (based on 2006 data). Eurostat predictions indicate that in...

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  • To support IPM training program of our TOT, experiments, field surveys and observations, laboratory experiments and breeding were conducted in Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai and Dak Lac province between July 2006 and March 2008. Data obtained from experiments and field surveys show that • The common insect pests damaging the terminal discharge water, apples and / or nuts as tea mosquito bug, shoot borers, bugs coreid, thrips, apple seeds borers, leaf rollers, leaf miners, aphids and other cores, including tea mosquito bugs, shoot borers, leaf rollers and apple borer, the main grain...

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  • To determine post-harvest losses mainly due to the fact cracked rice, the data were collected systematically based on real farmers and also by experimentations in two seasons (wet 2006, dry 2007). 2007 wet season experiments are being pursued today. The main factors considered in this study during data collection are: • Harvest time before and after the seeds mature • Harvesting methods manual, harvesters, combine harvesters • drying method and cost-sun drying and mechanical drying

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  • Consequently, it is necessary to integrate the information of all the spectral images to classify tissues. Multi-spectral image processing techniques [1-3] are hence employed to collect spectral information for classification and of clinically critical values. In this paper, a new classification approach was proposed, it is called unsupervised Vector Seeded Region Growing (UVSRG). The UVSRG mainly select seed pixel vectors by means of standard deviation and relative Euclidean distance.

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  • Recent work on bilingual Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) has shown that a resource deprived language (L1 ) can benefit from the annotation work done in a resource rich language (L2 ) via parameter projection. However, this method assumes the presence of sufficient annotated data in one resource rich language which may not always be possible. Instead, we focus on the situation where there are two resource deprived languages, both having a very small amount of seed annotated data and a large amount of untagged data. ...

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  • Text mining and data harvesting algorithms have become popular in the computational linguistics community. They employ patterns that specify the kind of information to be harvested, and usually bootstrap either the pattern learning or the term harvesting process (or both) in a recursive cycle, using data learned in one step to generate more seeds for the next.

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  • As an alternative to requiring substantial supervised relation training data, many have explored bootstrapping relation extraction from a few seed examples. Most techniques assume that the examples are based on easily spotted anchors, e.g., names or dates. Sentences in a corpus which contain the anchors are then used to induce alternative ways of expressing the relation. We explore whether coreference can improve the learning process.

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  • Creating labeled training data for relation extraction is expensive. In this paper, we study relation extraction in a special weakly-supervised setting when we have only a few seed instances of the target relation type we want to extract but we also have a large amount of labeled instances of other relation types. Observing that different relation types can share certain common structures, we propose to use a multi-task learning method coupled with human guidance to address this weakly-supervised relation extraction problem. ...

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