Selection structures

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  • Những nội dung chính trong chương này gồm có: Control structures, if selection structure, if/else selection structure, while repetition structure, assignment operators, increment and decrement operators, essentials of counter-controlled repetition, for repetition structure, switch multiple-selection structure,...

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  • Sequential execution: Statements executed in order. Transfer of control: Next statement executed not next one in sequence. 3 control structures (Bohm and Jacopini): Sequence structure. Programs executed sequentially by default. Selection structures. if, if/else, switch. Repetition structures. while, do/while, for.

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  • Control Structures • Sequential execution – Statements executed in order • Transfer of control – Next statement executed not next one in sequence • 3 control structures (Bohm and Jacopini) – Sequence structure • Programs executed sequentially by default – Selection structures • if, if/else, switch – Repetition structures • while, do/while, for

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  • It has long been recognised that an appreciation of the role of structure is essential to the understanding of architecture. It was Vitruvius, writing at the time of the founding of the Roman Empire, who identified the three basic components of architecture as firmitas, utilitas and venustas and Sir Henry Wooton, in the seventeenth century1, who translated these as ‘firmness’, ‘commodity’ and ‘delight’.

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  • A comprehensive treatment focusing on the creation of efficient data structures and algorithms, this text explains how to select or design the data structure best suited to specific problems. It uses C++ as the programming language and is suitable for second-year data structure courses and computer science courses in algorithmic analysis.

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  • Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Edition 3.2 (Java Version) a comprehensive treatment focusing on the creation of efficient data structures and algorithms, this text explains how to select or design the data structure best suited to specific problems. It uses Java as the programming language and is suitable for second-year data structure courses and computer science courses in algorithmic analysis.

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  • We propose a novel technique of learning how to transform the source parse trees to improve the translation qualities of syntax-based translation models using synchronous context-free grammars. We transform the source tree phrasal structure into a set of simpler structures, expose such decisions to the decoding process, and find the least expensive transformation operation to better model word reordering.

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  • Computing problems Solved by executing a series of actions in a specific order Algorithm a procedure determining Actions to be executed Order to be executed. Example: recipe Program control Specifies the order in which statements are executed

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  • In recent years the subject of computer programming has been recognized as a discipline whose mastery is fundamental and crucial to the success of many engineering projects and which is amenable to scientific treatement and presentation. It has advanced from a craft to an academic discipline. The initial outstanding contributions toward this development were made by E.W. Dijkstra and C.A.R. Hoare.

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  • This paper presents the calculations using LITPACK models, aiming to select the restoration solution for Cua Tung beach, severely eroded in recent years. The results are just the preliminary, but they are useful to direct the optimal measures to bring the beach back to its original state serving the social and economic development in Quang Tri province. Keywords: MIKE, LITPACK, erosion, cross-sections, sediment, coastline. 1. Introduction∗ Cua Tung beach of Quang Tri province was one of the most beautiful ones, attracting many...

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  • Antibodies and their fragments are attractive binding proteins because their high binding strength is generated by several hypervariable loop regions, and because high-quality libraries can be prepared from the vast gene clus-ters expressed by mammalian lymphocytes. Recent explorations of new genome sequences and protein structures have revealed various small, nonantibody scaffold proteins.

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  • Somatic angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) contains two homologous domains, each bearing a functional active site. Studies on the selectivity of these ACE domains towards either substrates or inhibitors have mostly relied on the use of mutants or isolated domains of ACE.

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  • In this paper, we investigate an approach for creating a comprehensive textual overview of a subject composed of information drawn from the Internet. We use the high-level structure of human-authored texts to automatically induce a domainspecific template for the topic structure of a new overview. The algorithmic innovation of our work is a method to learn topicspecific extractors for content selection jointly for the entire template.

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  • Onconase (ONC) is an amphibian member of the pancreatic ribonuclease superfamily that is selectively toxic to tumor cells. It is a much less efficient enzyme than the archetypal ribonuclease A and, in an attempt to gain fur-ther insight, we report the first atomic resolution crystal structure of ONC, determined in complex with sulfate ions at 100 K.

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  • Phage display technology is a powerful selection approach to identify strong and specific binders to a large variety of targets. In this study, we compared the efficacy of a phage library displaying human heavy chain complementarity determining region 3 (HCDR3) repertoires with a set of conventional random peptide libraries for the identification of CXCR4

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  • Plant family 32 glycoside hydrolase enzymes include hydrolases (cell wall invertases, fructan exohydrolases, vacuolar invertases) and fructosyltrans-ferases. These enzymes are very similar at the molecular and structural levels but are functionally different. Understanding the basis of the func-tional diversity in this family is a challenging task.

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  • Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) are integral membrane proteins and prototypic members of the ligand-gated ion-channel superfamily, which has precursors in the prokaryotic world. They are formed by the assembly of five transmembrane subunits, selected from a pool of 17 homologous polypeptides (a1–10,b1–4,c, d, and e).

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  • Aryl-alcohol oxidase provides H2O2 for lignin biodegradation, a key pro-cess for carbon recycling in land ecosystems that is also of great biotechno-logical interest. However, little is known of the structural determinants of the catalytic activity of this fungal flavoenzyme, which oxidizes a variety of polyunsaturated alcohols.

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  • Rapid evolution driven by positive Darwinian selection appears in toxins of vipers, scorpions, and marine snails. Although the vast phylogenetic distan-ces between these animals suggest that this phenomenon is common, the recent release of the genome ofNematostella vectensis(Starlet anemone) as a collection of contigs portrays another extreme.

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  • Bacterial phytochromes (Bphs) are ancestors of the well characterized plant photoreceptors. Whereas plant phyto-chromes perform their photoisomerization exclusively via a covalently bound bilin chromophore, Bphs are variable in their chromophore selection. This is demonstrated in the cyanobacterium CalothrixPCC7601 that expresses two Bphs, CphA and CphB. CphA binds phycocyanobilin (PCB) covalently, whereas CphB, lacking the covalently binding cysteine of the plant phytochromes, carries biliver-din IXa (BV) as the chromophore....

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