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  • Self-confidence is the inner feeling of certainty. It is a feeling of certainty about who you are and what you have to offer to the world. It is also the feeling that you are worthwhile and valuable. Everyone craves to possess self-confidence because it makes life so much easier and so much more fun. Selfconfidence gives us the energy to create our dreams. Selfconfidence is an essential element to being able to create powerfully.

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  • A Great Sketch Results in a Great Painting How to use the Grid Method to Achieve Accurate Shape and Perspective in Art Failure to achieve accurate shape and perspective in a finished work of art is why many of us give-up and declare ourselves "non-artists." There's nothing worse for a student's artistic selfconfidence than having a painting of a horse turn-out looking more like a dog. Yet there is a simple method of ensuring that the finished work will have proper shape and perspective. Artists dating back to the ancient Egyptians knew of a technique to break down a...

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  • Implant dentistry today focuses more on the patient’s overall appearance than ever before, contributing not only to enhanced social interaction but also to selfconfidence and self-esteem. As a result, esthetic implantology procedures are expected to become a more integral part of modern dentistry, encompassing quality of life along with routine functional establishment.

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  • .The biggest problem I see with new investors is that they know the "technical side of the business", but not the deal closing side. These investors own dozens of courses on wholesaling and can tell you everything you would want to know about assigning a contract, however, they don't know how to go to a sellers house and close the deal. All of that knowledge is useless if you can't walk into a seller's house and have the selfconfidence and sales skills to walk out with a signed contract in 30 minutes or less. Lack of sales skills also means...

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