Semi-arid climate

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  • This study proposes that in this climate dominated by small storms, planting C. arizonica is preferable to planting P. eldarica. However, the differences in the transpiration of these species should be quantified. Our results also indicated that the I value in this semiarid climate was higher than that of a humid climate.

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  • The rainfall erosivity index is one of the most important factors influencing soil erosion. For this reason, investigating the accuracy of rainfall erosivity indices is very important in different climatic regions. The objective of this research was to investigate different rainfall erosivity factors and determine the most appropriate ones for use in the central and northeastern parts of Iran.

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  • Over the past decade, our understanding of plant adaptation to environmental stress, including both constitutive and inducible determinants, has grown con- siderably. This book focuses on stress caused by the inanimate components of the environment associated with climatic, edaphic and physiographic factors that substantially limit plant growth and survival. Categorically these are abiotic stresses, which include drought, salinity, non-optimal temperatures and poor soil nutrition.

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  • The present research study was carried out during the years 2009–2010 and 2010–2011 to identify the relationship between carbon isotope discrimination (∆) of grain and leaf, yield of winter wheat, and irrigation water productivity (IWP) under different water conditions in a semiarid climate.

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  • The great nations of antiquity lived and prospered in arid and semiarid countries. In the more or less rainless regions of China, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Egypt, Mexico, and Peru, the greatest cities and the mightiest peoples flourished in ancient days. Of the great civilizations of history only that of Europe has rooted in a humid climate. As Hilgard has suggested, history teaches that a high civilization goes hand in hand with a soil that thirsts for water. To-day, current events point to the arid and semiarid regions as the chief dependence of our modern civilization.

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