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  • Teachers and educational leaders are extraordinarily busy, inundated with demands for more work and better results with fewer resources—and less time. You will decide within the next few paragraphs whether this book is worth your time. Let me come straight to the point. Accountability for Learning equips teachers and leaders with the ability to transform educational accountability policies from destructive and demoralizing accounting drills into meaningful and constructive decision making in the classroom, school, and district.

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  • Organizations such as the United States Air Force, which encompass a wide variety of operational, technical, and business-oriented activities, are complex. And the task of ensuring the continued availability of individuals having the competencies required to lead those activiti

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  • As the array of expertise required to be a successful leader in the U.S. Navy has become more complex, Navy leaders have become increasingly concerned that senior officers need additional kinds of expertise, beyond those traditionally developed in naval officers, to be successful in commanding, leading, and managing the

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  • Defense Department officials have expressed concern about the fact that officers who reach the top ranks of the military tend to come from career fields that are disproportionately occupied by whites. The relative lack of minorities in these fields has a significant impact on the diversity of the senior leadership. The authors examine

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  • The research was a qualitative study using a narrative inquiry research design as a means to elicit the lived experience of some respected female education leaders in VNU. However, a higher number of male leaders than female ones still fills senior management roles in Vietnamese higher education.This study explores of perspective the leadership styles of women leaders who want to positions of leadership in higher education.

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  • This book is about broadening your defi nition of what constitutes effective leadership. As we interviewed senior executives and listened to their reactions to the lessons in the book, we frequently heard, “I wish I’d heard these earlier in my career.” We hope that this book can accelerate your leadership development by removing some of the serendipity that is often required to learn important life lessons.

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  • During the past decade, consultation activities that focus on managers and senior leaders in organizations have increasingly been referred to as executive coaching. This term has begun to take on a technical meaning within the field of organization development, yet the area of practice has suffered significantly from a relative lack of specific attention to it in the professional literature.

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  • This book provides a hugely important contribution to a complex and vital area of international criminal law. For the courts and tribunals which are charged with the responsibility of trying the most serious cases in the criminal calendar, there can be few subjects of greater concern than the approach that should be taken when dealing with the alleged responsibility of those who are seemingly ‘in control’ when the worst international crimes are committed.

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  • The Malouf Report provided much of the guidance for our existing management approach, for example, the ban on the commercial hunt of whitecoats (harp seals) and bluebacks (hooded seals) and on the use of large vessels more than 65 feet long. The commercial hunt is now carried out largely from inshore boats owned and operated by coastal residents. With a plentiful and sustainable seal resource hunted well below its TAC for many years, DFO has concentrated on improving and enforcing hunting practices and regulatory and licensing requirements.

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  • Based on public hearings about the NHII vision, NCVHS has determined that the most important missing ingredient, which could accelerate and coordinate progress on the NHII, is leadership, specifically, Federal leadership. Public- and private-sector representatives testified that the lack of a strong Federal presence to guide the development of the NHII is a major gap. They urged immediate Federal leadership to bring about collaboration between stakeholders in the private and public sectors and among all levels of government.

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  • The Global Farming Systems Study was conducted by FAO under the overall coordination of S. Funes (Director, Rural Development Division) and the technical leadership of J. Dixon (Senior Officer, Farming Systems, Farm Management and Production Economics Service, Agricultural Support Systems Division) and A. Gulliver (Economist, Investment Centre Division).The Study benefited from the guidance of D. Forbes Watt (Director, Investment Centre Division), J. Monyo (Director, Agricultural Support Systems Division), D. Baker (Chief, Farm Management and Production Economics Service,AGS) and A.

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  • Much of the content is based on the work done by WSP’s global rural sanitation team. Without their hard work and dedication on the ground, this publication would not have been possible. Contributions from Eduardo Perez, task team leader for WSP’s Scaling Up Rural Sanitation, Yolande Coombes, senior water and sanitation specialist, and Ian Moise should also be acknowledged.

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  • Training related to all levels of management, including senior DARD and GRRC administrators and scientists, DARD and the GRRC technicians and extension workers, communal leaders as well as farmers. Two groups of farmers were trained, who farms the new technology has been applied, and farmers from outside the project to be interested to learn more about goats and apply new technologies to farm his.

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  • A companion report, An Executive Perspective on Workforce Planning, MR-1684/2-OSD, completes the context for this work and describes the critical role that corporate and line executives play in the workforce planning activity. This report will be of interest to corporate and business unit executives and to line and functional managers in the DoD acquisition community and to DoD human resource management professionals,

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  • Marketing gets no respect in the nonprofit world. Program people tend to hold the most senior positions in nonprofits and accordingly have the most status. Fundraisers are often viewed as necessary evils, as are operations staff, including those who labor in the communications and marketing departments. Several factors account for the suspicion or disdain with which many nonprofit managers view the marketing function. Mostly, it’s a matter of ignorance.

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  • Founded in 1883, the HeC alumni association is one of the largest in France with more than 45,000 members in 113 countries. it provides a platform for the exchange of experiences, ideas and information, facilitates entry into the professional world and accompanies career advancement. Services and events include career guidance, personal coaching, career fairs and seminars, monthly meetings with business leaders and an annual international management forum drawing together major senior business executives, experts and international business personalities.

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  • As the global leader in pool and spa equipment, Pentair has made a strong commitment to develop and offer the most environmentally responsible products available. The Eco Select brand is the keystone of this green program to meet the dual objectives of a growing number of pool owners—to save money and make more eco-friendly choices. It starts with product development. We have dedicated senior staff whose sole mission is to assure that new and re-engineered products are the most eco-friendly and economically attractive on the market.

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  • issues addressed will be of interest to senior military and civilian leaders with responsibilities for homeland security. The TRADOC Deputy Chief of Staff for Doctrine sponsored this research. It was conducted in the Arroyo Center’s Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program. The Arroyo Center is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the United States Army.

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  • Shifting demographics, rapidly evolving technology, and generational and multicultural issues in the workplace are demanding new leadership styles and management skills. In FY 2013, CPB will support professional development in diversity, leadership, content creation and station capacity.

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  • Despite tight economic conditions, organizations have been and will continue to increase their focus on benefits realization (in addition to cost and time) as a project and program success metric. Research conducted with senior project management leaders on PMI’s Global Executive Council found that the most important skill for managing today’s complex projects and programs is the ability to align the team to the vision of the project and design the project’s organizational structure to align people and project objectives.

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