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  • The aim of Caffeine and chlorogenic acid separation from raw coffee beans using supercritical CO2 in water was to develop new process for extracting and separating hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds from coffee beans using supercritical CO in water. In this work, experiments and simulation of the process has been conducted. Chlorogenic acid and caffeine from coffee beans were used as model compounds of hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, respectively.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Underdetermined Blind Audio Source Separation Using Modal Decomposition

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Chiral separation techniques" has contents: Techniques in preparative chiral separations; method development and optimization of enantiomeric separations using macrocyclic glycopeptide chiral stationary phases; method development and optimization of enantiomeric separations using macrocyclic glycopeptide chiral stationary phases;...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Chiral separation techniques" has contents: Membranes in chiral.Separations; enantiomer separations using designed imprinted chiral phases, enantiomer separations using designed imprinted chiral phases, nonchromatographic solid phase purification of enatiomers,...and other contents.

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  • These accounts ultimately provide the same benefits as other investment packages—growing capital in a systematic process using professional investment managers to help people achieve their financial objectives—but they may do so with greater satisfaction.The real issue is not whether they provide benefits (they do), but how and for whom they should be employed.

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  • Natural gas has traditionally been used as a feedstock for the chemical industry, and as a fuel for process and space heating. Recent advances in exploration, drilling techniques and hydraulic fracturing have made it possible for natural gas to become available in abundance (as of 2012). As natural gas displaces traditional petroleum use in various sectors, a certain amount of disruption is likely.

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  • This paper presents a method that assists in maintaining a rule-based named-entity recognition and classification system. The underlying idea is to use a separate system, constructed with the use of machine learning, to monitor the performance of the rule-based system. The training data for the second system is generated with the use of the rule-based system, thus avoiding the need for manual tagging. The disagreement of the two systems acts as a signal for updating the rule-based system.

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  • We present an architecture and an on-line learning algorithm and apply it to the problem of part-ofspeech tagging. The architecture presented, SNOW, is a network of linear separators in the feature space, utilizing the Winnow update algorithm. Multiplicative weight-update algorithms such as Winnow have been shown to have exceptionally good behavior when applied to very high dimensional problems, and especially when the target concepts depend on only a small subset of the features in the feature space. ...

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  • Essential oils (also called volatile oils) generally extracted by distillation from plants are hydrophobic liquids containing volatile aromatic compounds. The essential oils are widely used in perfumes, cosmetics as well as in food and drink as flavor additives. Some essential oils show multiple pharmacological activities and have been considered as the major active fractions of herbal medicines [1–3].

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  • The central questions are: How useful is information about part-of-speech frequency for text categorisation? Is it feasible to limit word features to content words for text classifications? This is examined for 5 domain and 4 genre classification tasks using LIMAS, the German equivalent of the Brown corpus. Because LIMAS is too heterogeneous, neither question can be answered reliably for any of the tasks. However, the results suggest that both questions have to be examined separately for each task at hand, because in some cases, the additional information can indeed improve performance. ...

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  • Most previous corpus-based algorithms disambiguate a word with a classifier trained from previous usages of the same word. Separate classifiers have to be trained for different words. We present an algorithm that uses the same knowledge sources to disambiguate different words. The algorithm does not require a sense-tagged corpus and exploits the fact that two different words are likely to have similar meanings if they occur in identical local contexts.

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  • Many errors produced by unsupervised and semi-supervised relation extraction (RE) systems occur because of wrong recognition of entities that participate in the relations. This is especially true for systems that do not use separate named-entity recognition components, instead relying on general-purpose shallow parsing. Such systems have greater applicability, because they are able to extract relations that contain attributes of unknown types. However, this generality comes with the cost in accuracy.

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  • All code goes in some namespace Unless specified  global namespace, No need for using directive. Global namespace always available, Implied "automatic" using directive

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  • Project name "Use Case Model" provide a short description of the software being specified and its purpose, including relevant benefits, objectives, and goals. Relate the software to corporate goals or business strategies. If a separate vision and scope document is available, refer to it rather than duplicating its contents here.

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  • Whether the phrase is used mechanically, as part of the daily ritual, whether it is used ironically, sadly or even cruelly is not specified. On a stage, the actor and director would come to a decision about how to interpret the phrase based on their concept of characterization and of the overall meaning and structure of the play.

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  • This book is separated into three main parts: Part I, “Lighting Theory,” Part II, “3ds max Lighting Tools,” and Part III, “Creating Lighting.” Part I covers the fundamentals of what light is, how it acts and reacts in our world, and what those reactions look like. Part II covers the virtual lighting equipment available to achieve your 3ds max lighting goals. Part III deals with how to use those tools to create the lighting we desire. Theory is first in this book because it is fundamental to using the tools.

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  • 4.2.3 MTMF MTMF combines the best parts of the Linear Spectral Mixing model and the statistical Matched Filter model while avoiding the drawbacks of each parent method (Boardman, 1998). It is a useful Matched Filter method without knowing all the possible endmembers in a landscape especially in case of subtle, sub-pixel occurrences. Firstly, pixel spectra and endmember spectra require a minimum noise fraction (MNF) (Green et al., 1988, Boardman, 1993) transformation. MNF reduces and separates an image into its most dimensional and non-noisy components.

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  • You can use these exercises for extra practice after you have studied and practiced the grammar in the units concerned-CD Rom The book is sold with or without a CD Rom. On the CD Rom you will find more exercises on all the units (different from those in the book). There arc also 1,700 rest questions, and you can use these to make your own tests. The CD Rom can also be bought separately.

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  • Spirulina are multicellular and filamentous blue-green microalgae belonging to two separate genera Spirulina and Arthrospira and consists of about 15 species. Of these, Arthrospira platensis is the most common and widely available spirulina and most of the published research and public health decision refers to this specific species. It grows in water, can be harvested and processed easily and has significantly high macro- and micronutrient contents. In many countries of Africa, it is used as human food as an important source of protein and is collected from natural water, dried and eaten....

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  • This handbook emphasizes the use of synthetic membranes for separations involving industrial or municipal process streams. Little will be said concerning the use of membranes in medical applications as in artificial kidneys or for controlled drug release. Most of the membrane processes are pressure driven. The notable exception to this is electrodialysis (ED) by which ions are separated under the influence of an electric field. In addition, the chapter on coupled transport covers processes which are driven under the influence of a concentration gradient....

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