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  • In this paper, a variable separation method for determining the reliability of construction is proposed. Therefore, the reliability is a multiflication of two probabilities: The probability of the occurrance of load and the probability of construction in the condition the load has a determined value.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Chiral separation techniques" has contents: Techniques in preparative chiral separations; method development and optimization of enantiomeric separations using macrocyclic glycopeptide chiral stationary phases; method development and optimization of enantiomeric separations using macrocyclic glycopeptide chiral stationary phases;...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Analytical chemistry handbook" has contents: Preliminary operations of analysis, preliminary separation methods, statistics in chemical analysis, gravimetric and volumetric analysis, chromatographic methods, infrared and raman spectroscopy,...and other contents.

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  • The term DNA sequencing refers to methods for determining the order of the nucleotides bases adenine,guanine,cytosine and thymine in a molecule of DNA. The first DNA sequence were obtained by academic researchers,using laboratories methods based on 2- dimensional chromatography in the early 1970s. By the development of dye based sequencing method with automated analysis,DNA sequencing has become easier and faster.

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  • This book is dedicated to the rapidly grown field of microporous ceramic membranes with separating layers of pore diameter less than 2 nm. In spite of the recent rapid growth of the research effort directed towards the development of microporous ceramic membranes the field is still considered to be at its infancy and exhibits a significant future growth potential.

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  • Flow measurement is a basic tool in industry, engineering and research. The existing applications reveal the evolution and development of new methods and devices through the years. Some of the latest emerging technologies, such as microelectronics and nanotechnology, have put forward new challenges in the flow measurement and are treated at the beginning of this book. This book comprises 8 chapters divided into 4 sections, starting with “microflows”, followed by the “biphasic” and “gas flow”.

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  • Details of included studies, livestock products analysed, laboratory methods and units of measurement, and dot plots of results, are presented by nutrient category in Appendix 13. Analyses excluded extreme outliers and graphically reported data (listed in Appendix 15). Summary results of the analysis comparing the content of nutrients and other substances from organically and conventionally produced livestock products are presented in Table 3 (results presented for all studies and for satisfactory quality studies separately). ...

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  • An appropriate liquid-liquid phase separation is critical for the preparation of nanofibers and does not occur in all solvents that’s why selection of solvent and phase separation temperature is crucial for the formation of nanofibers. When the condition are favourable, liquid-liquid phase separation produce three dimensional fibrous structure with nano scaled architecture similar to that of collagen type I, and used in various biomedical applications.

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  • This article presents a method to identify good and bad grain and then they will be classified and processed. The algorithm mentioned here will determine the good and bad grain at high speed frame (18500 frames/s), and determine the speed of rice moving.

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  • The following chapters discuss architects who have honed digital-fabrication techniques on pecific projects. Each discussion is accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the fabrication technique, providing insight into the recent projects featured in ach chapter. These are projects that concentrate on he fertile realm of one-to-one-scale experimentation, which demands reciprocity between design and mpirical innovation. The final outcomes hinge on he ability to reconcile the developmental shifts in material and working method.

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  • The aim of this study was to evaluate the biomass separation of the small size microalgae Chlorella sp. by electrochemical flotation process with rectangle electrodes using aluminum or iron plates.

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  • In this study, we investigated two methods for the separation and purification of alkaloid Murrayafoline A from the roots of the Vietnamese plant Glycosmis stenocarpa and developed an HPLC method for the determination of its contents in plant materials and the methanol extract.

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  • In this work, we suggest simple setups, which resort to neither any extra quantum resources nor controlled-Hadamard gates, to observe such superpositions as well as entanglement-separability superpositions with tunable entanglement degree. The suggested setups can also serve as an interaction-free method to detect partially absorbing objects.

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  • The state of stress of rock foundation is defined by gravitational and tectonic force fields. The gravitational force field can not be separated from the rock materials.

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  • In this work, the final binary SAMs composed of 11-aminoundecanethiol (AUT) domains and 10-carboxy-1- decanethiol (MUA) domains on Au(111) substrate was used for immobilizing chicken liver sulfite oxidase (CSO) to study the direct electron transfer and detect sulfite anions. Scanning tunneling microscope images clearly showed the phase separation between AUT and MUA domains in the final binary SAMs prepared by the electrochemically selective replacement method.

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  • The standard way to solve the static economic dispatch problem with transmission losses is the penalty factor method. The problem is solved iteratively by a Lagrange multiplier method or by dynamic programming, using values obtained at one iteration to compute penalty factors for the next until stability is attained. A new iterative method is proposed for the case where transmission losses are represented by a quadratic formula (i.e., by the traditional B-coefficients).

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  • For many years, the stock and futures markets have been consid- ered separate and distinct entities. Stocks (securities) have been the backbone of capitalism and are still regarded as such today. Stocks are considered the “stuff” of which all “good investments” are fash- ioned. Not only has stock and bond trading been considered neces- sary for the survival of industry and business in a capitalist society, but it has also been regarded as the single most viable form of in- vesting for the general public.

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  • The primary focus of this chapter in on general approaches and considerations toward development of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods for separation of pharmaceutical compounds, which may be applied within the various functions in the drug development continuum. It is very important to understand the aim of analysis and the requirements for a particular method to be developed. The aim of analysis of each HPLC method may vary for each developmental area in the drug development process and specific examples are given in Section 8.2.

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  • Written by a multidisciplinary group of scientists from around the globe Environmental Restoration of Metals-Contaminated Soils provides a summary of the current environmental remediation technology.

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  • Choice of Stationary Phase Ideally for a reversed-phase separations, the retention factors (k) for all com- ponents in a sample should lie between 1 and 10 to achieve separation in a reasonable time. For a given stationary phase the k of a particular component can be controlled by changing the solvent composition of the mobile phase. However, the impact of eluent composition will depend on the type of sta- tionary phase and the nature of the components in the mixture.

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