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  • The international Colloquium “Open Issues in Local Star Formation and Early Stellar Evolution” was held in Ouro Preto (Brazil) from April 05 to 10, 2003. The Colloquium took place in the “Parque Metal´urgico”, an old iron industry that has been transformed into a nice modern conference center. Ouro Preto is a 18th century colonial city that has been declared a Cultural Heritage of Mankind in 1980. It is situated in the hills of the State of Minas Gerais at about 100 km from Belo Horizonte....

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  • Data is increasingly generated by instruments that monitor the environment – telescopes looking at the heavens, DNA sequenc- ers decoding molecules, bar-code readers watching passing freight-cars, patient monitors watching the life-signs of a person in the emergency room, cell-phone and credit-card systems look- ing for fraud, RFID scanners watching products flow through the supply chain, and smart-dust sensing its environment. In each of these cases, one wants to compare...

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  • It is assumed that protein fibrils manifested in amyloidosis result from an aggregation reaction involving small misfolded protein sequences being in an ‘oligomeric’ or ‘prefibrillar’ state. This review covers recent optical spectroscopic studies of amyloid protein misfolding, oligomerization and amyloid fibril growth.

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  • Neuronal PAS domain protein 2 (NPAS2) is an important transcription factor associated with circadian rhythms. This protein forms a heterodimer with BMAL1, which binds to the E-box sequence to mediate circadian rhythm-regulated transcription. NPAS2 has two PAS domains with heme-binding sites in the N-terminal portion. In this study, we overexpressed wild-type and His mutants of the PAS-B domain (residues 241–416) of mouse NPAS2 and then purified and characterized the isolated heme-bound proteins....

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