Serious competition

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  • The members of every generation believe the business environment in which they work is tougher than ever before. Today we are no exception. Those who follow us will likely be no exception. Well, guess what? Everybody’s right! Managing a Company in Today’s Business Environment As business gets more competitive, more global, more technologically driven, it gets easier for others to compete with you. It gets harder to be successful by just doing OK. It gets harder to launch a good product and enjoy the benefits of your innovation for a long time without serious competition.

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  • Only a few years ago professional football in England was in a state of serious decline. Attendances were falling, revenues were stagnant and the image of the game wasmarred by hooliganism.Academic economists and the business and finance community paid very little attention to the sector, and most of the publicity surrounding the sport was bad. Since the start of the 1990s, however, professional football in England and elsewhere has experienced an astonishing transformation.

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  • The confluence of two seemingly unconnected and important aspects of collegiate culture combine to create an interesting phenomenon: the distribution of financial aid for athletic ability by a huge majority of America’s colleges. Soon after athletic competitions between schools began, it became clear that the student bodies of the schools took the contests quite seriously and they preferred winning as opposed to losing, no matter how much sportsmanship the athletes on the fields of competition exhibited.

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