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  • SOA Patterns provides architectural guidance through patterns and antipatterns. It shows you how to build real SOA services that feature flexibility, availability, and scalability. Through an extensive set of patterns, this book identifies the major SOA pressure points and provides reusable techniques to address them. Each pattern pairs the classic problem/solution format with a unique technology map, showing where specific solutions fit into the general pattern.

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  • Trong phần tiếp theo này, chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu cho các bạn thủ tục tạo một AD LDS instance và partition thư mục ứng dụng tương ứng. Trong phần trước của loạt bài này, chúng tôi đã giới thiệu cho các bạn về cách cài đặt Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service. Trong phần này, chúng tôi muốn tiếp tục thảo luận bằng cách giới thiệu cho các bạn cách tạo một AD LDS instance. Khái niệm một instance mang tính duy nhất đối với AD LDS (trái với Active Directory). ...

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  • Trong phần 4 này chúng tôi sẽ tiếp tục giới thiệu cho các bạn về thủ tục tạo bản sao AD LDS instance. Trong phần trước của loạt bài này, chúng tôi đã giới thiệu cho các bạn cách tạo một Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service (AD LDS) instance. Mặc dù một AD LDS instance tự bản thân nó làm việc khá tốt, tuy nhiên nó rất có thể trở thành một điểm lỗi.

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  • You are a Web developer for TestKing. You create an ASP.NET application that accesses sales and marketing data. The data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database on a server named TestK01. The company purchases a factory automation software application. The application is installed on TestK01, where it creates a second instance of SQL Server 2000 named Factory and a database named FactoryDB. You connect to FactoryDB by using Windows Integrated authentication. You want to add a page to your ASP.NET application to display inventory data from FactoryDB.

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  • •Khi có một context nào đó gọi startService() để start service mong muốn. Nếu service đó chưa được tạo thì sẽ gọi onCreate() rồi gọi tiếp onStart() và khi đó service chạy nền bên dưới. •Nếu sau đó lại có một context muốn start service này mà service đã đang chạy, chỉ có phương thức onStart() của service được gọi. •Dù service có được gọi start bao nhiêu lần thì cũng chỉ có 1 instance của service và chỉ cần gọi stopService() một lần để kết thúc service....

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  • With SMS, several modes are possible for addressing message recipients. The most common addressing mode consists of using the Mobile Station ISDN Number (MSISDN) in the [ITU-E.164] format (e.g., þ33612345678). However, other less commonly used addressing modes are available such as Email addressing, as defined by the IETF in [RFC-2822], or operator specific numbering schemes (short codes for instance). An optional addressing feature of SMS consists of conveying sub-addressing information as part of a message.

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  • The Ministry would like to acknowledge the many educators who have contributed over time to the creation of the following (published and unpublished) documents. These served as points of reference and as sources of information for the ESL specialists who helped develop this resource. In some instances, material from these documents has been adapted for inclusion in the present publication.

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  • Chương 3. Giới thiệu bộ Globus Toolkit phiên bản 3.2 cách ứng dụng với các cấu hình môi trường thực thi cụ thể. Container cũng điều khiển chu kỳ sống của các Grid service, và phân phối các yêu cầu đến các service instance. Container mở rộng cũng như bao gồm các interface chuẩn của một Web Service Engine (WSE), WSE chịu trách nhiệm xử lý các thông điệp XML.

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  • Availability of fossil fuels became readily and abundantly available during the mid to latter part of the 20th century, and building design responded with mechanical and electrical systems that in many instances consumed the fuel excessively. Large single glazed areas caused over-heating, glare and solar discomfort in the summer, combined with cold draughts and high heat losses in the winter. Thermostatic control was often rudimentary and compensated by opening and closing windows accordingly.

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  • Working with technology is a funny thing in that every time you think you have it cornered . . . blam! Something pops out of nowhere that leaves you at once both bewildered and excited. Web development seems to be particularly prone to such surprises. For instance, early on, all we had to deal with was plain old HTML, which, aside from the never-ending table-wrangling, was easy enough. But soon, the simple web site began to morph into a complex web application, and accordingly, scripting languages such as PHP became requisite knowledge.

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  • Full sector analysis modelling of the LCEGS sector involves identifying economic activities at the lowest  possible level of analysis (at the equivalent of a six or seven digit SIC code) and then aggregating them  so that they can be reported upon more conveniently. In this report, LCEGS activities are recorded at  five  hierarchical  levels  but  the  data  is  analysed  at  Levels  1  (Sector),  2  (sub‐sector)  and  3  (sub  sub‐ sector) only.

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  • Around one third of our visits were to firms for whom financial services is not their main line of business and sell PPI as a tertiary product. Of these nearly a half had not properly engaged with their regulatory responsibilities and had in general failed to meet the standards of TCF and ICOB. Motor retailers have shown some of the biggest improvements since our earlier work, for instance, they have been proactive in changing their sales processes to better align them with TCF objectives.

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  • These accounts measure the capacity or potential of ecosystems to deliver ecosystem services in a sustainable way. Typical indicators are Landscape Ecosystem Potential (LEP), Green Accessible Landscape Infrastructure (GALI) and Rivers Ecosystem Potential (REP).

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  • Second, China is a developing country, and lacks strong purchasing power for foreign goods. Expanding exports to China depends on the healthy development of Chinese economy and the country's balance of payments situation. China' wool imports, for example, made a record of NZ$ 522 million in 1988, then fell to a low of NZ$ 70 million in 1990 because of the economic retrenchment in China, but subsequently recovered in 1991. Demand from China depends very much on the domestic economy. Third, some of New Zealand products are not fully suitable to the needs of China.

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  • The last point, which is in some ways the most important, is the need for consistency across projects in the same sector. The Portfolio Review found from the experience in sectoral projects, for example water and sanita- tion, that in some cases communities, even very poor communities, have been willing, indeed anxious, to contribute to a service that would meet their needs and that they knew they would receive.

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  • The two global initiatives alluded to above – Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) and the Global Plan – recognise the importance of strong health workforces and call for additional commitments on human resources to be made. EWEC, for instance, calls upon countries to strengthen health systems to deliver integrated, high quality services, and calls upon partners to work together to address critical shortages of health workers at all levels. The Global Plan has embedded in its approach the need to strengthen the human resources for health.

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  • Products and services named in this book are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. In all instances where Smiley Micros is aware of a trademark claim, the product name appears in initial capital letters, in all capital letters, or in accordance with the vendor’s capitalization preferences.

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  • The Oracle Real Application Clusters Administrator's Guide also describes how to use the Server Control (SRVCTL) utility to start and stop the database and instances, manage configuration information, and to delete or move instances and services. You can also use the appendix to resolve various RAC tools error and informational messages. A troubleshooting section describes how to interpret the content of various RAC-specific log files.

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  • My first encounter with SQL Server, at least from an administrative perspective, came while I was still at college, working in a small web development shop. We ran a single SQL Server 6.5 instance, on Windows NT, and it hosted every database for every client that the company serviced. There was no dedicated administration team; just a few developers and the owner.

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  • Selective taxes on goods and services, often referred to as excise taxes, are among the oldest forms of taxation in the world.1 The salt excise, for instance, was considered a goldmine for the European sovereign during theMiddle Ages, because sources of supplywere few and could be easily controlled. Interestingly, the prominence of excise taxation in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries owed much to the Dutch, whose duties on beer, sugar, salt, spirits, and other goods were called excijsen.

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