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  • The main focus of the book is the advances in telecommunications modeling, policy, and technology. In particular, several chapters of the book deal with low-level network layers and present issues in optical communication technology and optical networks, including the deployment of optical hardware devices and the design of optical network architecture. Wireless networking is also covered, with a focus on WiFi and WiMAX technologies.

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  • As part of the oral evidence session with the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, the UK Parliament’s Education Select Committee used Twitter to reflect the publics’ main concerns about education in the UK. They asked one question: ‘What one education policy question do you think the committee should ask Michael Gove?’ and respondents were asked to use the hashtag ‘AskGove’ in their response (Figure 15). The committee received 5,081 responses in five days, the majority of which were substantive ques- tions on education policy.

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  • Typically, participants arrive on a Sunday afternoon, register and meet the staff and their colleagues. Class sessions are held in the afternoon and evening and syndicate groups are established. The rest of the week comprises a variety of activities in morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Each residential is different. However they all offer a range of activities that incorporate experiential learning and engagement with practitioners and industry experts. There is usually syndicate group work and visits to businesses or other organisations.

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  • When the EFM arrived at Post, he immediately met someone who was interested in art lessons for her children, which led to a weekly art session. He was introduced to the Cultural Attaché at the Embassy, who provided him with a list of galleries in Rome which he could contact to potentially exhibit his work. Loretta then introduced him to the son of Norman Rockwell, a renowned sculptor, to seek his advice after his 30 plus years of living in Rome. She also put him in contact with a photographer/artist who was seeking an assistant. “In just a...

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  • Departure of Colonel House for Paris to represent the President on Supreme War Council October 17, 1918 Signature of Armistice, 5 A.M.; effective, 11 A.M. November 11, 1918 Departure of President and American Commission for France December 4, 1918 Arrival of President and American Commission in Paris December 14, 1918 Meeting of Supreme War Council First Plenary Session of Peace Conference January 12, 1919 January 25, 1919

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  • The consultations of May 29 enabled the different constituencies—social funds’ directors, NGO representatives, municipal representatives, and international development agencies officials— to discuss the initial outcomes of the workshop, to elaborate upon common strategies for the promotion and improvement of social funds, and to arrive at recommendations that were then presented at the final plenary session.

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