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  • Querying Data Now that you can control access to your application, you can turn your attention to querying and maintaining data. You will useWeb Server Data controls to connect to the database, query data, and maintain the data

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  • Query segmentation is essential to query processing. It aims to tokenize query words into several semantic segments and help the search engine to improve the precision of retrieval. In this paper, we present a novel unsupervised learning approach to query segmentation based on principal eigenspace similarity of queryword-frequency matrix derived from web statistics.

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  • An easy way of translating queries in one language to the other for cross-language information retrieval (IR) is to use a simple bilingual dictionary. Because of the generalpurpose nature of such dictionaries, however, this simple method yields a severe translation ambiguity problem. This paper describes the degree to which this problem arises in Korean-English cross-language IR and suggests a relatively simple yet effective method for disambiguation using mutual information statistics obtained only from the target document collection. ...

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  • We query Web Image search engines with words (e.g., spring) but need images that correspond to particular senses of the word (e.g., flexible coil). Querying with polysemous words often yields unsatisfactory results from engines such as Google Images. We build an image search engine, I DIOM, which improves the quality of returned images by focusing search on the desired sense. Our algorithm, instead of searching for the original query, searches for multiple, automatically chosen translations of the sense in several languages. ...

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  • Searching for a person name in a Web Search Engine usually leads to a number of web pages that refer to several people sharing the same name. In this paper we study whether it is reasonable to assume that pages about the desired person can be filtered by the user by adding query terms. Our results indicate that, although in most occasions there is a query refinement that gives all and only those pages related to an individual, it is unlikely that the user is able to find this expression a priori. ...

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  • This paper presents the use of Support Vector Machines (SVM) to detect relevant information to be included in a queryfocused summary. Several SVMs are trained using information from pyramids of summary content units. Their performance is compared with the best performing systems in DUC-2005, using both ROUGE and autoPan, an automatic scoring method for pyramid evaluation.

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  • This paper introduces a statistical model for query-relevant summarization: succinctly characterizing the relevance of a document to a query. Learning parameter values for the proposed model requires a large collection of summarized documents, which we do not have, but as a proxy, we use a collection of FAQ (frequently-asked question) documents.

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  • preconstructed dictionaries or thesauruses. Even in this relatively simplified environment one does not normally undertake a linguistic analysis of any scope. In fact, syntactic and semantic analysis have been used in b i b l i o g r a p h i c information retrieval only under special circumstances to analyze query phrases [22], to process structured text samples of a certain kind, [7,15], or finally to process texts in severely restricted topic areas. [2] Where s p e c i a l conditions do n o t o b t a i n , the preferred approach in...

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  • A Microsoft Access query is a question about the information stored in Access tables. Your query can be a simple question about data in a single table, or it can be a more complex question about information stored in several tables. After run query, Microsoft Access returns only the information you requested.

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  • We had several goals in mind for this book. Many of them were derived from think-ing about that mythical perfect MySQL book that none of us had read but that we kept looking for on bookstore shelves. Others came from a lot of experience helping other users put MySQL to work in their environments.

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  • KÍCH THƯỚC TỐI ĐA CỦA 1 TABLE (bảng)LÀ BAO NHIÊU ? Cơ sở dữ liệu được dùng trong Access là dạng CSDL gì? Tổng số ký tự trong field (trường) kiểu text là bao nhiêu? Tổng số ký tự trong thuộc tính validation text là :Muốn cập nhật dữ liệu trong bảng (table) ta dùng truy vấn (Query) Trong quan hệ 1-n (một - nhiều) ta muốn xóa dữ liệu trong bảng cha, thì dữ liệu trong bảng con cũng xóa theo, ta chọn:

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  • In this lesson we will learn much more about the usage of tables, including how to build them from scratch. You now should be familiar with the views and the terminology within access. W weshould have our database all planned out. You should be very familiar with the components of tables by now. We know a table is made up of several records each containing fields with data. Access also makes it easy to build and modify any component of a table using Design view, which we will cover later in this manual....

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  • LINQ to SQL allows querying a relational structure by converting the LINQ query into a native SQL query. This means… that the queries that you write in code generates appropriate queries to access theactual database, AUTOMATICALLY! There are several concepts that you will come to know in this module

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  • The Family Health Survey sampling frame consists of all Wisconsin households with a working landline telephone. In 2008, the sample design for selecting telephone numbers for the survey divided the state into eight sample strata, seven of which were defined geographically. Five strata were comprised of regional county groupings and two strata were defined as Dane and Brown counties. Telephone area code/prefix combinations from these seven strata were randomly sampled at varying rates, designed to provide a useable sample for several parts of the state.

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  • Among the methods to control weeds, the use of herbicides or weed killers has become the most reliable and least expensive tool for weed control in places where highly mechanized agriculture is practiced. Since the introduction of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) in 1946, several classes of herbicides were developed that are effective for broad-spectrum of weed control (Böger et al, 2002; Cobb, 1992; Ware, 2000). It is well know that various compounds can interfere with photosynthetic electron transport....

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  • A natural approach to implementing such systems is to use an existing query-based data collection system for sen- sor networks. Through queries, a user can ask for the data he or she is interested in without concern for the technical details of how that data will be retrieved or processed. A number of research projects, including Cougar [31], Di- rected Diffusion [12], and TinyDB [19,20] have advocated a query-based interface to sensornets, and several imple- mentations of query systems have been built and deployed.

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  • On an annual basis, the Great Lakes Commission - the repository for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River Water Use Database - sends an e-mail request for the pervious year’s water use data in the fall to states and provinces. All data are submitted to the repository in a Microsoft Excel or Access format then compiled into a single Microsoft Access database. All data are in one of two unit measures—millions of U.S. gallons per day (mgd) or millions of liters per day (mld)—and values are initially set to zero. Numeric values are required for all...

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  • Whether there ever was, is, or will be, an industrious nation poor, or an idle rich? 2. Qu. Whether a people can be called poor, where the common sort are well fed, clothed, and lodged? 3. Qu. Whether the drift and aim of every wise State should not be, to encourage industry in its members? And whether those who employ neither heads nor hands for .the common benefit deserve not to be expelled like drones out of a well-governed State? 4. Qu. Whether the four elements, and man's labour therein, be not the true source of wealth? 5. Qu. Whether...

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  • This paper proposes a density optimal method, named as DO-TPR*-tree, which improves the performance of the original TPR*-tree significantly. In this proposed method, the search algorithm will enforce firing up MBR adjustment on a node, if the condition, based on density optimal for the area of its MBR, is satisfied at a query time.

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  • Microsoft Visual C# is a powerful but simple language aimed primarily at developers creating applications by using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It inherits many of the best features of C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic but few of the inconsistencies and anachronisms, resulting in a cleaner and more logical language. With the advent of C# 2.0 in 2005, several important new features were added to the language, including generics, iterators, and anonymous methods. C# 3.

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