Severe ulcerative colitis

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  • Besides assembling a wide assortment of products, the wholesaler also may extend short-term credit to buyers. Often he assists retailers in solving merchandising problems. Sometimes wholesalers prepackage products. Retailing is the final link in the distribution chain. Several hundred thousand retail foodstores and additional thousands of department, dry goods, and cigar stores and other specialty stores throughout the country satisfy day-to-day consumer requirements for food and other products of agricultural origin. ...

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  • A natural approach to implementing such systems is to use an existing query-based data collection system for sen- sor networks. Through queries, a user can ask for the data he or she is interested in without concern for the technical details of how that data will be retrieved or processed. A number of research projects, including Cougar [31], Di- rected Diffusion [12], and TinyDB [19,20] have advocated a query-based interface to sensornets, and several imple- mentations of query systems have been built and deployed.

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  • Information technology is another approach to transfer skills. Hiekata et al. (2005A, 2005B, 2006, 2007) developed knowledge transfer system, which can be applied effectively to acquire knowledge of elder experts. The characteristics of each job were revealed through questionnaire and structured interviews, and the job process is analysed and represented by workflow and related documents, where tacit knowledge of some tasks can be turned to explicitly documented knowledge.

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  • In toxicology the effects are normally correlated to the quantity of product to which individual animals or humans are exposed. The greater the mass absorbed, the greater the effect. In the case of NP, it has been clearly shown that the measured effects are not linked to the mass of the product, which challenges our entire approach to the classical interpretation of toxicity measurement. It is clearly shown that at equal mass, NP are more toxic than products of the same chemical composition but of greater size.

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  • Some of the poorest countries have significantly reduced maternal and newborn mortality and improved women’s and children’s health. Innovative approaches can achieve even more, eliminating barriers to health and producing better outcomes. These approaches need to be applied to all activities: leadership, financing (including incentives to achieve better performance and results), tools and interventions, service delivery, monitoring and evaluation.

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  • The general meaning of gene therapy is to correct defective genes that are responsible for disease development. The most common form of gene therapy involves the insertion, alteration or removal of genes within an individual's cells and biological tissues. Many of gene transfer vectors are modified viruses. The ability for the delivery of therapeutic genes made them desirable for engineering virus vector systems. Recently, the viral vectors in laboratory and clinical use have been based on RNA and DNA viruses processing very different genomic structures and host ranges.

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  • Overall development objectives may include employment creation, productivity, competitiveness, GDP growth, price stability; and external payments equilibrium; as well as social, sectoral and regional equality including poverty reduction. Positioning SME development policy against national targets makes it easier to co-ordinate the relevant activities of different ministries and to prioritise goals. It also establishes the basis for a tighter process of decision-making.

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  • My motivation for the transition was the opportunity to develop and launch innovative, efficient energy technologies that have minimal impact on the environment yet still provide the reliability our society demands. I’m a true believer that global climate change is an immediate concern, so I manage my career accordingly. I am thrilled to be at UTC Power, a world leader in providing environmentally responsible power solutions.

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  • Poverty is higher in remote rural areas and in inner cities, but the rural elderly are much more likely to be poor than those living in urban areas. Thirteen percent of rural elders 60 years and older were poor in 2000, compared with nine percent of elders living in a metro area [20]. Thus we expect to find the most evidence of impeded access for the poor elderly who reside in rural areas. We interact the proportion of elderly in poverty with the proportion in rural areas to include in the model.

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  • The commercial success of independent youth-oriented pictures such as those of AIP was matched by that of some more edgy and disturbing independent productions in the same generic territory, especially horror.

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  • The response of Hollywood was to embrace some of this material. A landmark move was the decision by Columbia to distribute Easy Rider (1969), a project originally destined to become another biker picture for AIP. The success of Easy Rider helped convince the studios to invest in a new generation of filmmakers seen to be more in touch with the youth audience affected by the 1960s counterculture. Hollywood learned other lessons from the independents in this period.

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  • early half of providers indicated their interest in participating but limited time availability resulted in them completing both the baseline questionnaire and interview by email or mail. Results from the baseline questionnaire were for only descriptive purposes and were not further analyzed. Findings from the transcripts of the phone interviews were analyzed to identify common themes and experiences. Our final sample included 5 Planned Parenthood affiliates and 16 non-PPFA or “alternative” providers (although one did not complete the baseline profile).

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  • As the entertainment industry has become an increasingly global enterprise in recent years, Hollywood continues to occupy the central role in the production and commercialization of culture. Just as classi- cal Hollywood’s domination of the movie industry a half-century ago induced critic Gilbert Seldes (1978) to say that “the movies come from America,” so might one argue today that “entertainment comes from America”—and, more specifically, from Hollywood.

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  • We start by considering the role of sovereign debt problems. Are the baseline results picking up greater-than-expected effects of sovereign debt problems rather than the effects of fiscal consolidation? As Table 2 reports, the results are robust to controlling for the initial (end- 2009) government-debt-to-GDP ratio, for the initial fiscal-balance-to-GDP ratio, and for the initial structural fiscal-balance-to-GDP ratio.

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  • Benzene is a colourless, liquid, flammable, aromatic hydrocarbon that is a component of petrol, or may result from incomplete combustion of fuels. Benzene, a natural component of crude oil, is emitted from a range of industrial and combustion sources. The major source of benzene is motor vehicles—both vehicle exhaust (contributing approximately 75% to 80% of emissions) and evaporative emissions (including evaporation losses from motor vehicles and evaporation losses during the handling, distribution and storage of petrol).

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  • Peer-to-peer systems and applications are distributed systems without any centralized control or hierarchical organization, in which each node runs software with equivalent functionality. A review of the features of recent peer-to-peer applications yields a long list: redundant storage, permanence, selection of nearby servers, anonymity, search, authentication, and hierarchical naming. Despite this rich set of features, the core operation in most peer-to-peer systems is efficient location of data items.

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  • Before deciding whether to buy a good or service, consumers often have the opportunity to gather information or simply spend time thinking about how much they would enjoy the good. Gathering or processing information is costly, in terms of money, time, and e¤ort. A …rm, through its advertising, product design, and marketing strategies, can a¤ect these costs and make it easier or harder for consumers to assess whether a product is a good match for their needs or preferences.

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  • Sweden's government has published its budget proposal for 2005 re-confirming its "strategy for transforming Sweden into an ecologically sustainable society". The budget's key environmental feature is a continuation of the country's ambitious green tax shift program. In 2005, the increase in environmental taxes will total about SKr 3.3 billion (€364m). Many of these will fall on road transport, including increases averaging SKr 340 and SKr 100 in vehicle taxes on petrol-driven and diesel-driven cars respectively. Vehicle taxes on light trucks and light buses will rise by 40%.

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  • Our explicit objective is to promote further research, discussion and action to promote cleaner and more efficient vehicles worldwide. We intend that this work will be intensely practical, and focused on making a real difference - from working with governments and their partners in developing policies to encourage fuel economy improvement for vehicles produced or sold in their countries, to supporting regional awareness initiatives that provide consumers and decision makers with the information they need to make informed choices.

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  • In Europe, economic sentiment resumed its decline, dropping significantly in the summer months. After stagnation in the first quarter of 2012, the EU and euro-area economies contracted in the second quarter reflecting a decrease in domestic demand and lower net export growth. Unemployment increased further, in particular in the countries that were hardest hit by the sovereign- debt crisis. Available hard data and leading indicators point to a weak second half of the year. For 2012 as a whole, GDP is now expected to contract by ¼% in the EU and almost ½% in the euro area. ...

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