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  • The present investigation, a field survey experiment was conducted during summer season of 2015 in Karnal district of Haryana by Department of Soil Science, Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar. The treatments consisted of six irrigation sites; in which five irrigations sites with sewage and industrial effluents and one irrigated site with tube well water.

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  • Nitrogen is the key nutrient factor that influences soil fertility and productivity. It is the mineral nutrient that exists in different forms, but nitrate form is the most preferred form by plants. Irrespective of the form in which N is applied to soil, it undergoes transformation viz. mineralization (ammonification, nitrification), denitrification etc. by enzymes produced by micro organisms.

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  • In recent times river pollution is a serious and growing problem in most developing countries. Industrial effluents and sewage entering the water bodies are one of the major sources of environmental toxicity, which endangers aquatic biota and deteriorates water quality. Biological methods for the removal of heavy metals from industrial waste may provide an attractive alternative to the physiochemical process. Biosurfactants are one of the compounds that help in alleviating the heavy metals.

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  • The aim of this work was to detect the presence of bacterial species in Yamuna river water from six different sites namely (S1) Mahewa Ghat, (S2) Gau Ghat, (S3) Old Naini Bridge, (S4) New Naini Bridge, (S5) Arail Ghat, (S6) Saraswati Ghat. Total 36 samples of water were used for isolation purpose. Salmonella were detected in 5 samples with highest ranking (13.9%). Salmonella spp. isolates belonged to the species S. typhi (two isolates), S. enterica, S. choleraesuis, S. gallinarum while Vibrio were detected in 4 samples (11.2%). Vibrio spp. isolates belonged to the following species V.

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  • Phenol and its components are extremely toxic and can easily be isolated from different industrial sewage such as oil refinery, petrochemical industry and mines, especially chemical factories causing pollution in water bodies. Rivers and oceans are contaminated on a large scale with these toxic compounds. In the past, physicochemical method was used for the elimination of phenol and its compounds, but today, bioremediation is preferable.

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  • Topographical and other constraints further limit the utilizable quantity of water which rapid growth in the demand for water due to rise in population, increased pace of urbanization and industrialization is posing serious challenges in providing food and water security. King Dalpatdev Kaktiya was a king from the Kakatiya dynasty who made reservoir in north-west part of Jagdalpur and named Dalpatsagar is now being affected badly by city expansion and draining sewage into the reservoir.

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  • Organic pollutants in industrial and agricultural sewage are a serious threat to the environment and human health. Achieving continuous photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants under light and dark conditions would have exciting implications for practical sewage treatment. In this paper, CuS/gC3N4 composite catalysts with CuS nanoparticles anchored on g-C3N4 sheets were successfully fabricated via a simple solvothermal reaction.

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  • It has been demonstrated that most heavy metals that are in the fuels or raw materials used in cement kilns are effectively incorporated into the clinker, or contained by standard emissions control devices (WBCSD 2002; European Commission (EC) 2004; Vallet January 26, 2007). A study using the EPA’s toxicity characteristic leaching procedure to test the mobility of heavy metals in clinker when exposed to acidic conditions found that only cadmium (Cd) could be detected in the environment, and at levels below regulatory standards (5 ppm) (Shih 2005).

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  • Forty undergraduate students from three different faculties were recruited for the study. Using official IELTS Test results obtained by the students at the beginning of their study in Australia and towards the end, as well as interviews with most of the students, the study investigated patterns of improvement, as well as lack of improvement among the 40 students. While most of the students in the study did achieve a higher score in the IELTS Test taken towards the end of their study in Australia, only a small number were able to achieve an Overall score of 7.0, with at least...

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  • The extent to which the national statistical organization can communicate effectively with and through the media has an enormous impact on how well it can achieve these objectives. Thus, it is in the best interest of the national statistical organization to build a strong working relationship with the media, to promote the news value of its latest releases and to make it easy for the media to report on them in an accurate, timely and informative manner.

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  • These talks are really helpful to show you the competition among Ph.D. graduates, and they may also give you an idea of the recent research topics in economics. Another option that always comes in handy is to go over recent issues of some journals just to relax and/or see what is going on in economics nowadays, especially articles or working papers published by your current professors. Since professors often like to put their own “special touch” to their classes (i.e., show samples or their research on the core economics courses), chances are you may end up getting another point...

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  • The first of these contextual factors, the three meta-narratives, show a degree of systematic macro-scale variation across Europe, and can therefore be described within the framework of the EDORA typologies. The second (assets and capacity) varies in a more unsystematic way across Europe. Its impact can therefore only be adequately assessed through some form of local or regional audit, as part of a neo-endogenous process for specifying intervention “mixes” at a region level.

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  • Contemporary perspectives in psychology and education characterize ideal students as rational and in control of their thinking and actions. The good student is often described as intentional, cognitive, metacognitive, critical, and reflective. I begin with a brief history of control and ratio- nality to establish how “The Tradition” is deeply rooted in philosophy, religion, and, in gen- eral, the story of Western civilization.

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  • Bush posited Memex as “a device in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory.” Memex was to be built into a desk with a keyboard, microphone, and display surfaces. Its interface could copy photos or papers, or could be written on. However, “most of the Memex contents are purchased on microfilm ready for insertion.” In a typical use scenario, the user “moves about and observes, he photographs and comments.

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  • A more engaging movie experience depends on sitting closer to the screen. But how close is close? The answer varies by screen size. The same viewing distance that is “close” for a 70-foot screen is “far” for a 20-foot screen. To account for screens of different sizes, we need a special way to measure viewing distance. That’s why engineers consider viewing distance as a multiple of Picture Height (PH). Based on widely-accepted measures for the threshold of visual acuity, 2K presentation will satisfy audience members with 20/20 vision who sit at distances of 3.16 Picture.

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  • The earth’s surface is two-thirds water, yet most of this is undrinkable or unusable because it is either seawater or ice. Of the 1% that is available as fresh water, most is used for farming or industry. Fresh water pollution is the major problem because many rivers and streams are being polluted with pesticides, industrial waste, and sewage. In poor and developing countries, the addition of sewage to the sources of water leads to diseases, and even death. A United Nations’ report estimates that more than 78% of people drink from polluted water supplies.

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  • How can local, national, and international governments be made answerable to the people they govern instead of just the power elites? When major polluters of the atmosphere use political muscle to escape environmental controls, what can be done by the people who have to breathe the polluted air? When municipal sewage dumping or industrial waste fouls water that is vital to human health, how can people protect .

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  • The ScrumMaster is one of the most important elements of Scrum success. The ScrumMaster does whatever is in their power to help the team be successful. The ScrumMaster is not the manager of the team; instead, the ScrumMaster serves the team, protects the team from outside interference, and guides the team’s use of Scrum. The ScrumMaster makes sure everyone on the team (as well as those in management) understands and follows the practices of Scrum, and they help lead the organization through the often difficult change required to achieve success with Agile methods.

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  • The accounting treatment of investments in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets entails the use of estimates to determine the useful life for depreciation and amortization purposes and to assess fair value at their acquisition dates for assets acquired in business combinations. Determining useful life requires making estimates in connection with future technological developments and alternative uses for assets.

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  • Some industrial facilities generate ordinary domestic sewage that can be treated by municipal facilities. Industries that generate waste water with high concentrations of conventional pollutants (e.g. oil and grease), toxic pollutants (e.g. heavy metals, volatile organic compounds) or other non conventional pollutants such as ammonia, need specialized treatment systems. Some of these facilities can install a pre-treatment system to remove the toxic components, and then send the partially-treated waste water to the municipal system.

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