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  • Viewed from above, the city of Mataram appears as a patchwork of green fields, and red and brown rooftops, strategically clustered around gleaming white mosques. Plots of water spinach and wet rice are dotted throughout the city and still feed many of its people, despite the steady encroachment of housing and commercial developments. Horse-drawn carts carry people along dusty laneways, to and from school, work and the neighbourhood markets, and up to the main thoroughfares where mini buses run the length of the city. Mataram is hot and humid, or hot and wet.

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  • Learning behavioral science is an important part of becoming physicians.More and more, professional and accrediting organizations are explicitly endorsing the necessity of physicians being skilled and well trained in these areas.

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  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the worst indicators of women’s health—particularly of reproductive health—of any world region. These indicators include the highest number of HIV-positive women and the highest infant, maternal, and HIV-related death rates worldwide. The ability of a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body and her reproductive life are key to improving these indicators.

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  • In the year 2005, only 2.9% of the global population were migrants, but migration is unequally distributed throughout the world. In past years, migration flows have shifted and in some cases, international migration is actually decreasing. Only two areas in the world have seen an increase in migration – North America and the Former Soviet Union (FSU) (International Organization for Migration, 2005). Germany has long been a country of immigration. At present, there are two big groups of migrants, the Turks and ethnic Germans from countries of the FSU.

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  • Healthcare professionals should discuss all relevant management options recommended in this guideline with men with prostate cancer and their partners or carers, irrespective of whether they are available through local services. Healthcare professionals should ensure that mechanisms are in place to allow men with pros- tate cancer and their primary care providers to gain access to specialist services throughout the course of their disease.

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